[RECIPE] Cocktail with Bintang Radler

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Hmm.. How should I start this post.. 

Well, It was all happened when I have got this Boston Shaker from one of my best friend as birthday present. He knew that I really love cocktail and always have liquors in my room. He also knows that I always admire bartender.

A bartender is a person who serves usually alcoholic beverages behind the bar. Well, I am amazed with Bartender's multi tasking skills. They make a few drinks, chat with people and maybe even get to dance a bit. To be noted, each and every drink has to be precisely measured and processed.

But I also know that bartending is not always fun. They have the responsibility to take care of their customers; they are the one who tell customer has had enough. I have once heard that one of their responsibilities is to step in when they witness domestic situation, someone attempting to drug another person or someone taking advantage of someone who has had too much to drink. I just thought that stopping someone from hurting themselves or others is a noble thing to do.

OK, back to my story.

My heart soars like an eagle when I found out that he give me a Boston Shaker Set. I have made a promise to him that I will learn how to make a good cocktail and give him the first glass to enjoy it.

When I asked him what is his preference, he said that he is not a biggest fan of bold tasting liquor and he is not into a milky or creamy stuff. So, I just thought that I think I am going to make a cocktail by using Bintang Radler.

I know Bintang Radler has already a great taste and indulging sweetness. But I think I am going to make beverages that can lift up the lemony taste and freshness.

If you want to find out about Bintang Beer you can go to their website at

On mid 2014, PT Multi Bintang Indonesia Tbk was announced their youngest child on their beer family, Bintang Beer Radler.

Just like it's called, Bintang Radler has 50:50 mixtures of beer and sparkling lemon soda. This Bintang Radler has a strong citrusy flavor and it taste quite sweet and refreshing. For me, this beer was very fit for Indonesians that has a tropical climate.

I have found a situation where some people cannot handle a beverage that had high percentage of alcohol. But sometimes for business or social needs, they have to drink alcohol. Bintang Radler is the best choice for them because its low alcohol percentage (only 2%). 

OK, without any further story here are my experiments:


- Story -
My idea for making this drink was inspired with Italian soda.
I have tried several syrups to be mixed with Bintang Radler. For me, melon syrup has the most beautiful collaboration with the lemony taste of Bintang radler.

- Ingredients -
1 bottle of Bintang Radler
30ml Melon Syrup

- Directions -
Pour the melon syrup on tall glass (beer glass)
Put some Ice
Pour the Bintang Radler

- Taste -
Really suit for light and sweet lover drinks; it has a beautiful combination between melon and lemon. Both of them were complimenting each other and make a wonderful symphony on your taste bud.
It was so refreshing and really suitable for a thirst-quencher from Jakarta's heat.

- Tip -
For more kick, you can change the melon syrup with muskmelon-flavored liqueur


- Story -
To have something that dipped into your drinks for garnish will be more delightful if edible. From that kind of thought I just want to use marshmallow as the garnish. Because Bintang Radler already has sweet indulgent, I think I am going to use bourbon as the additional ingredient.

- Ingredients -
3 Oz Bintang Radler
Mint leaves
1.5 Oz Bourbon
3 Oz Orange Juice

- Directions -
Put the mint leaves into the Boston Shaker
Add the Bourbon into the shaker
Mashed the mint leaves
Add the orange juice
Add some ice cube
Shake it around 15 sec
Pour into an old fashion glass
Topped with Bintang Radler
Garnished with the marshmallow and ready to serve

- Taste -
It was so refreshing! The orange Juice was blended harmoniously with the Bintang Radler. The strong and tough scent and taste mixed perfectly and not overpowering the drink. The mint adds some cold aftertaste on your mouth and the marshmallow that has been dipped into the beverage, really pampering you to the fullest.

- Tip -
For more kick, you can change the orange juice with triple sec


- Story -
For this drink, I just want to make a tropical cocktail that really suit with Jakarta's weather. Well, I think about pineapple and with a vanilla fragrant. For presentation, i want to bring the color of summery bright and cheerfulness. So I played a splash of grenadine syrup to bring that sensation. 

- Ingredients -
3 oz of Bintang Radler
1.5 oz of vanilla vodka
3 oz of pineapple juice
splash of grenadine syrup 

- Directions -
Pour the Vanilla Vodka into the Shaker
Add the pineapple Juice
Add the Grenadine Syrup
Add some Ice
Shake it around 15 sec
Pour it on the Old Fashion Glass with an Ice Cube
Topped with Bintang Radler and ready to serve

- Taste -
You can taste the tropical sensation on your mouth. Pineapple and Lemon really fit for a thirst-quencher drink. The indulging scent of vanilla really makes your day become brighter and joyful. 

Overall, my experiments went success! My friend really loves all the drinks that I have made for him. I am so grateful that he loves the drinks. Well, I am not a bartender and I only learned from trial and error.... but when I saw his satisfied face.. It really makes me want to make another experience in the future. 

Oh, for your information, you can check Bintang Radler's Website and social media. 

Facebook: bintangradler
Twitter: @bintangradler
Instagram: @bintangradler

Well, Have a great day and Godspeed everyone!

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My most favorite holiday is coming. Since the beginning of December, you can feel a wonderful atmosphere, where red and green showered on the decoration and toffee nut latte fragrance is spreads on the air.

Each and every years, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta held a beautiful ceremony named Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, where over than 200 clients, in house guests, media persons and partner were invited to join the festivity and show appreciation for their cooperation. Usually, this ceremony was followed with the celebration and party. 

This year, on 2 December 2014, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta has set up a gigantic 6-metre Christmas tree decorated in traditional red, gold and bronze ornaments at the Lobby Lounge.  A gingerbread house filled with Christmas goodies and sweets also add to the holiday feel. 

During the ceremony, the hotel presented the professional choir, The Voice of Indonesia, and a students’ choir from the hotel’s CSR beneficiary, SMPN 181 Jakarta, to perform carols. Until the peak of the event,  Jürgen Dörr, Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta General Manager gives some speech before he turn on the christmas tree on Lobby Lounge.

Jürgen Dörr said that Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta very grateful to all clients, business partners, media and guests who have cooperated with Shangri-La in the year 2014. "We hope that this good partnership will continue in the future,” he added.

The Client Appreciation Party was held on Blu, the newest and hottest pop-up lounge at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. At Blu, the guests were entertained by an “Ice and Fire” party.  The lounge wall was changed into a big screen showing ice and snow, while the garden was lit up with fire from the torches.  Dramatic floating candles on the pool enhanced the night’s ambiance.

The guests were also entertained with special performances by fire dancers, Bali Finger Dancers and various DJs.  The hotel’s culinary team also prepared an “Ice and Fire” experience through the food and drinks provided.

I really enjoyed the ceremony and the celebration. I can meet with awesome people there and enjoy the evening with bottomless drinks and food. But the indulgences were not finished yet.

Another indulgence from Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Lovely hamper with assorted delicacies from Sato Deli Shop was given to me. It really makes my heart soar and joyful. Thanks to Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta for everlasting Christmas experience.

Well, if you happened want to send your good thoughts and well wishes with Shangri-La's range of luxurious holiday hampers. 

Shangri-La Satoo Deli Shop's hampers collection: 
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Rudolph’s Surprise                 Rp. 1,088,000+
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The Jolly Santa                       Rp. 2,688,000+

To order, please call (021) 2939 9562 or click Shangri-La Satoo Deli Shop's online order form here

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DJAKARTA WAREHOUSE PROJECT (DWP) Give Away- Tapas Movida & Zomato

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Hi guys!

For Rave Party lover, there is a great news to get 
2 Day Pass Ticket to Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP) 2014

The quiz was held because of Tapas Movida and Zomato

To win this ticket, just follow this simple instructions:

- I -
Sign up on Zomato

- II -
Connect your Zomato account to your IG account

- III -
Answer this question "Which the best dish for you in Tapas Movida?"

- IV -
Post the pic of your favourite dish with mention @Zomato @TapasMovidaJkt @syanagawa and hashtag #DWPGiveAway #Zomato #TapasMovida #soyavsfood

- V -
The most Interesting picture will win Djakarta Warehouse Project 2 Day Pass Ticket.

- VI -
From 20 Nov - 5 December 2014, everyone is allowed to post your best dish in Tapas Movida.

- VII -
I will tell you the most interesting picture as the winner on 7 December 2014, 
Ouw... my decision is absolute and cannot be contested. 

So What are you waiting for?

See you on Djakarta Warehouse Project 2014!

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