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I am very grateful that I was invited to "Love of French Patisserie"event that Torta Dolce Cake and Next Digital Indonesia held. The venue of this event was at the rooftop of PT. Anggana Catur prima's building.

Torta Dolce Cake is an online shopping for French Patisserie. They also provide catering service for wedding, corporate's coffee break, high teas, birthday party and other events. Established in 2011, Torta Dolce Cake was born from the love of French patisserie, which demand complexity and perfection. 

Torta Dolce Cake's philosophy is striving to give customers the experience of the best products and services. They are using the best quality and finest ingredients. As you can see, they are using Valhorna Chocolate for their chocolate cakes and macaroons. 

Torta Dolce Cake was managed by PT. Anggana Catur Prima. For your information, PT Anggana Catur Prima is a distributor company for PT Gunacipta Multirasa's products. Their products are the famous and super brands Dua Belibis chilly sauce and Koepoe-Koepoe herbs and ingredients.

I have met with Mr. Harry the President Director of PT Anggana Catur Prima, and I am really glad that he is so kind and friendly. He patiently answered all of my questions. While we are having a conversation, actually I really admire his broad-minded and supple. 

Just like what I have said above, the event was held on the rooftop. I am so envy to the employee of this company. They have a gorgeous place to have lunch, completed with a giant screen and pampering audio. But the most enviable thing is they have beautiful scenery. But not just that, Harry said that they also provide gym and fitness center. 

When we arrived to the 4th Floor, our jaws dropped. We were amazed with their table, filled with assorted desserts. Well, you can see their treats for us below. But I am warning you.... prepare to drool..

YUP, those are the treats that Torta Dolce Cake serve. It was a tea party and they put all the delicacies into a buffet. All of them are not only beautiful to see but it also delicious and melts your heart. Jealous much? hehe... But it still far from finish.

Andi from Next Digital Indonesia opened the event. He introduced us to Mrs. Fanny the owner of Torta Dolce Cake and Chef Bungkus. Even though Mrs Fanny is the owner, she often to take in charge on Torta Dolce Cake's production. 

On this event, Torta Dolce Cake wants to promote their newest menu, which is Croido - the Croissant Doughnut.

Different from the others, Torta Dolce Cake provide 11 flavors of Croido, and they were:

| Chocolate Peanut Butter | Rose | Oreo | Salted Caramel Pop Corn |
| Chocolate Orange | Strawberry | Coffee | Cinnamon | Lemon | Original | Maple Cheese |

On this event, Chef Bungkus also tells us about the process to make their croido.


Chef Bungkus already have the Croido's dough that he already rested for overnight in the fridge. He said that we have to wait about 20 minutes to see the dough rise after molded into the doughnut's shape. 

When the dough has risen, He deep-fried it. After the croido was cooked well, he chilled them into the room's temperatures. Now, the fun part begins...  it is time to inject the fillings and glaze them. Voila, the croido is ready to be eaten.

Torta Dolce Cake has 11 different flavors, but here is the top 5-bestseller croido:

IDR 20,000

It doesn't take a genius to know that this original croido from Torta Dolce Cake is so delicious. The croido is made from thin layers of flaky croissant dough that are deep-fried and then carefully injected with the filling cream. The crunchy texture on the outside and soft on the inside, added with delicious filling, makes this croido is really hard to resist. Torta Dolce Cake is generously give the filling cream abundantly. Mrs. Fanny said that Torta Dolce Cake have imported the filling cream base from Japan. 

The filling cream itself has a silky texture and beautiful fragrant. Sweet, savory and sour combined perfectly and will give you a gracious sensation when you eat it.

IDR 20,000

Don't judge the book by its cover! When all croido was beautifully decorated, this cinnamon croido looks so humble. But actually, this croido doesn't need another flavor or a festive decoration. The humbleness from the cinnamon is so indulging; it can easily make us carried away by its deliciousness.

Salted Caramel Pop Corn
IDR 20,000

This salted caramel popcorn croido is the most favorite by a lot of people. The crunchiness from the popcorn, the savory-sweet taste from the caramel and indulging filling cream makes this croido have put a memento into everyone that have tried this croido. The salted caramel popcorn really compliments the croido with the richness of texture, taste and aroma.

Maple Cheese
IDR 20,000

I love cheese! This maple cheese croido is on my number 2 top lists. This croido was injected with the cream cheese and topped with abundantly shredded cheese. It taste a little bit more savory than sweet, that is why I really love it. 

Chocolate Peanut Butter
IDR 20,000

Well, last but not least, my number 1 favorite croido from Torta Dolce Cake is Chocolate Peanut Butter croido. I love chocolate and Torta Dolce Cake is so generous by filling the croido with abundant chocolate peanut butter cream. They sprinkled the peanut to add more texture so you can have so much fun when you eat their croido.

Finally, I have got the opportunity to take picture with Moniq & Andi from Next Digital Indonesia and Mr. Harry & Mrs. Fanny from Torta Dolce Cake

Are we finished? NOT YET!!

Torta Dolce Cake didn't stop to indulge us with their treats. They give us a their Christmas Package. and here it is:

Torta Dolce Cake gave us a simple yet elegant box with silver embossed logo. Inside the box, we can find their homemade cookies, cupcakes and bread. Well, let's get dig on it.

Assorted Cookies

Torta Dolce Cake gave us a special treats inside their Christmas package. It was Gingerbread and chocolate chip cookies!

I really love their cookies! For the chocolate chip cookies, it is really nostalgic! Sweet and savory from the salted caramel makes you craving for more. The crunchiness from the cookie perfectly combined with the chocolate chip that melts in your mouth. You will be reminded with the joy and laughter when you were still a kid. Chocolate chip cookie is my everlasting favorite.

For the gingerbread cookies, you can taste a hint of ginger. It is not overpowering the other ingredients. You can feel the warmth and sweetness of Christmas when you ate it. The texture is denser than the chocolate chip cookies, but it was really delicious!

Assorted Cupcakes

Inside the box, you can find 3 kinds of cupcakes. I really love the appearance. It is beautiful and really mouth drooling. As you can see, Torta Dolce Cake gave me a red velvet cupcake and two other kinds of cupcake. 

I really love the red velvet. It is really moist and fluffy; it also has a hint of sourness. Combined with the cream cheese, all the ingredients combined perfectly and make you scream for more.

Next is a white cupcake with brown cream on the top. I know exactly that they are using a vanilla cupcake for their base. For the cream it has a hint of coffee. I just think that it was cappuccino cream. 

The last one from the cupcake's trilogy is the dark brown cupcake with brownish colored cream and sprinkled with the nutty caramel. Well, I have just noticed it was named as Banana Cupcake with Rum Nutella Frosting and hazelnut praline. SUPERB!!

Last item from Torta Dolce Cake's Christmas package is this beautiful colored and delicious raisin bread. To tell you the truth, I ate this bread for my breakfast. The sweetness from the raisin really melts your heart. Accompanied with a cup of coffee or tea, it will be perfect!

This box of delicacies is really suited for gift box or parcel for your events or for your clients. 

Ow, we also got a goody bag from PT. Anggana Catur Prima. They gives us some of their products, and you know what, they also gave us a recipe to make cupcakes.

Once again, Torta Dolce Cake is one of the best candidates to cater your events or supply your gift box. Or, if you want to indulge yourself with delicacies, you just go to their website and make some order. 

Have a great day and Godspeed!


T. +62 21 668 1919
F. +62 21 668 1818 

Facebook : Torta Dolce Cake
Twitter : @tortadolcecake

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Commune Cafe & Bistro - Senopati [CLOSED]

11/14/2013 Soya Yanagawa 6 Comments

Is a creative warehouse by a fleet of lifestyle enthusiasts.
We run on the whiff of coffee and the lines of dining chairs.
The smell of wood on our furniture and the tunes of our music.
The dream of our craft and the tang of butter on our steak.

But it's hardly just about our coffee, our food or our interior.
We're passionate about the whole picture, the big picture

To separate these elements is scandalous
A simple idea where the experience is greater than the sum of its individual Piece.
A radical thought that combining pleasure can only lead to more pleasure.
We come together to bridge the greatest puzzle in history -
The love affair of people and ideas.

What we offer doesn't stop outside these glass doors,
But do step in and watch creativity conceptualize and evolve.
We run by one rule; there is no such thing as indulgence.
Pleasure is a need.

Gather here, gather together.

~~ ooo ~~

Who would have thought one of my recommended places in Jakarta is actually starts their business as a furniture store? Located on the second floor of a building in Senopati Area, Commune Cafe & Bistro is a promising place for you to have a wonderful dining experience with your love one or even with your group of friends. Just like I said, Commune Cafe & Bistro starts their business from a furniture business before they come into culinary business. They just thought that they have to fill the second floor for other business. 

Finally, they have decided to open Commune Cafe & Bistro, a chic and lovely bistro that serve delicacies with reasonable price and compatible portion.

Designed and accessorized by Chris Zikif and Julian Koh, Commune Cafe & Bistro's environment makes me want to stay there as long as I can. Their attention to detail bears a beautiful yet comfortable atmosphere. To be honest, I really like their paintings on walls, it makes Commune Cafe & Bistro look so fresh yet elegant.

Commune Cafe & Bistro provides private rooms for those who don't smoke. You should be notice about a corner that very suitable for you to have romantic moments with your love one. But, if you are a smoker, you can sit on the center of the room with a comfy black sofa (ugh.. I really love that sofa).

Commune Cafe & Bistro serve a diverse bistro dish, but they also have a various drink menu options. You can choose wisely to compliment the dish with a glass of wine, enliven the atmosphere with cocktail, or relaxed your day with a cup of tea or mocktail.

Caesar Salad IDR 55,000
Fresh Romaine lettuce, homemade croutons, parmesan cheese, shredded chicken tossed with homemade Caesar dressing.

I have to admit it, I actually easily satisfied. If I found a simple dish but made with perfection, it will makes my heard soar. Just like the Caesar Salad from Commune Cafe & Bistro. I really love their homemade caesar dressing. It perfectly combines all the ingredients. You will be indulged by their crunchy fresh and beautiful dressing. Salute!

Dory L'Orange IDR 42,000
Deep fried dory fillet with tangy orange and white wine sauce.

This golden deep fried dory have wonderful textures. Nice and crispy on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. They use vinegar for the salad sauce and white wine sauce for the dory. The orange and white wine sauce was EPIC!

The white wine sauce is rather sweet, but it compliments the dory. Indeed, combined with the sour sauce from the salad, this dish has superb flavors. Sweet, sour and savory combined beautifully so you can taste the sublime symphony on your mouth. This is the "must try #1" on Commune Cafe & Bistro.

Croque Monsieur IDR 60,000
Classic French grilled cheese and ham sandwich, said to be an accidental recipe by a French factory worker who placed his metal lunch box on a hot engine surface.

Commune Cafe & Bistro know how to indulge their customer. Once again, from a simple dish like Croque Monsieur, Commune Cafe & Bistro successfully makes your mouth will not stop chewing until it's done.

A croque monsieur is a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with béchamel sauce. It originated in French cafés and bars as a quick snack. Typically, Emmental or Gruyère cheese is used. The name is based on the verb croquer ("to crunch") and the word monsieur ("mister").

Oh, every sandwich dishes, Commune Cafe & Bistro served it with mesclun salad (a salad mix of assorted small, young salad leaves).

Meatball Sub IDR 60,000
Meat ball belongs in a sub, still homemade just in between the French baguette topped with melted mozzarella cheese.

Well, when I went to this place, everybody tells me that I have to try their Meatball Sub. It is indeed very delicious! Commune Cafe & Bistro is so generous by giving the dish with abundant mozzarella cheese. Their baguette is superb and the meat ball is fantastic.

Roast Chicken IDR 180,000
Oven roast whole spring chicken (± 600 gr) with creamy djon sauce.
* Due the cooking procedures of these communal dishes, please allow a waiting time 20-30 minutes. 

OK, This is the "Must Try #2". Indeed, we have to wait for 20 to 30 minutes for this roast chicken. But to tell you the truth, it is worth to wait! The chicken is so tender and juicy. I really love the texture, the flavor and the aroma. It is hard to describe it with words, but the djon sauce makes it perfect.

~~ ooo ~~

Overall, with indulging environment, breath taking dishes, and easy listening songs will makes your dining experience become memorable.

For closure, I will attach the lovely video that i have found on youtube. Hope you like it like I do

Have a great day and Godspeed!

Jl. Suryo No.25
Rawa Barat Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12180

T. +62 21 72789913 ‎
Facebook: Commune Cafe & Bistro
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