Better Chocolate Than Never,

Better CHOCOlate than Never - Senopati

10/31/2013 Soya Yanagawa 2 Comments

I really like Senopati area, you can find almost any kind of restaurant there. From Local to International restaurant and from a fine dining to a casual coffee shop, you can find it here.

Well, right now I want to take you to a humble cake shop / coffee shop named Better Chocolate Than Never. I have heard about this place from my friend, he said that on "Better Chocolate Than Never" you will find the most delicious black forest cake. That is why, i am so curious about his statement.

Just like I said, Better Chocolate Than Never is a humble place with a humble looks. Indeed, the place is not spatial; It has a minimalist decor and calming atmosphere. But Better Chocolate Than Never succeeds to make their place homey. With easy listening songs that played nonstop will make you comfortable to linger here.

Just like its name, Better Chocolate Than Never serve you a lot of kind of dessert that made from chocolate. You can find a Chocolate truffle, homemade ice cream, cupcakes and also chocolate cakes. If you want to enjoy your dessert on spot, Better Chocolate Than Never also serve you a diverse kind of beverages like coffee and tea.

There are 4 kinds of chocolate cake that Better Chocolate Than Never serve. There are: Classic Dark Chocolate Cake, Baby Black Forest Cake, Baby Hazelnut Fudge and Chocolate Layers Cake (you have to order it minimum two days before).

Even though the decoration looks very humble, but when you look into their counter, you will be amazed with the cuteness and mouth drooling display. 

Baby Hazelnut Fudge IDR 34,000

Well.... actually, I kind a disappointed when I see its size. how can I say it.. ITS TOO SMALL!!

But when I ate it, it was very chocolaty. The texture is dense and heavy. Crisp from the hazelnut and moist from the chocolate frosting, collaborate perfectly on your mouth. A joyful symphony fills the air when you take the first bite.

Now I know why Better Chocolate Than Never serve this Hazelnut Fudge is not so big. It has a depth of deliciousness and rich flavours. Because its denseness, the portion is perfect. 

Baby Walnut Biscuit Fudge Cake IDR 34,000

The difference between Baby hazelnut and walnut is the fragrant. You can smell the wonderful scent and rough texture from the walnut. But just like the baby hazelnut, it has dense and thick body. So, do not judge from its size, but judge it from the sensation when you took the first bite.

Baby Chocolate Layer Cake IDR 32,000

This 8 layers of chocolate cake with chocolate fudge in between looks so beautiful and mouth drooling. When I saw this cake I am amazed with the beautiful layers that this cake have. This is what I called triple threat... It has a beautiful presentation, delicious taste and wonderful texture. Salute!

Baby Black Forest Cake IDR 34,000

Well, this is it... It is time to verify my friend's valuation. This Black forest cake is so different from the black forest that we often see. Better Chocolate Than Never didn't cover the cake with Chocolate grated. In fact, they covered this cake with chocolate frosting.

I really like its texture, so moist and creamy. The cream is not overwhelming, it taste delicious and you will crave for more. You can also taste the rum, it is medium strong but not overpowering the cake. But for me, a little more of rum will be much better.

Well, hardly to say... I agreed with my friend. This is the best black forest so far. Nowadays black forest is less popular compared with other desserts (Such as Red Velvet and Rainbow Cake). But actually, I still love this cake. It is delicious, pampering and very nostalgic.

Ice Chocolate IDR 34,000

Because of the Jakarta's heat, I really need something cold. That is why I choose to drink this Ice Chocolate. Even though it was served cold with ice cubes, the texture of this drink is still thick. It really melts my heart when I drink it. I really love the bittersweet taste from the chocolate and milk.

Ice Lychee Tea IDR 28,000

My friend, Yenny ordered this thirst-quenching drink. I dont know why.... But everything that came from Better Late Than Chocolate looks so humble yet delicious. Yenny won't share this drink with me... I wonder why....

Chocolate Truffles IDR 12,000 / pcs, IDR 55,000 / 5 pcs, IDR 148,000 / 16 pcs

Oh, I also bought the chocolate truffle from Better Chocolate Than Never, there were Dark Chocolate, Oreo Chocolate, Malt Whisky, and Green Tea. One thing for sure, you have to try their malt whiskey! 

Well, I am really happy that I came to this place. It is really indulging.. I will come here more often for sure. (I don't care if I am getting fat.... well, Chubby is trend now..)

Have a great day and Godspeed.

Jl. Senopati No. 41
Jakarta Selatan 12190

T. +62 21 573 1457 

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La Luce - Tower C, 18 Parc Office Building; SCBD

10/30/2013 Soya Yanagawa 2 Comments

Talk about being late to the party, I was one year late to come and visit this restaurant. I knew this Italian restaurant when i cross the 18 Parc Office Building last year. 

To tell you the truth, I often fell in love to the restaurants from their logos. La luce's logo is so simple yet elegant. La Luce means "the light", that is why their logo looks like the sun. Indeed, I am a little intimidated, La Luce is a fine dining restaurant, that is why i often to hold myself to go there alone. Isn't it weird if someone eat by himself in a fine dining restaurant. So, when my best friend, Yenny asked me to accompanying her to this place, I instantly said I will be glad to!

La Luce is a restaurant that serves modern Italian cuisine and their wonderful collection of wine. Located at the Ground Floor of Tower C 18 Parc Office Building, makes this restaurant really eye-catching.

La Luce have a modern and elegant interior design. Designed by Sammy Hendramianto of design firm Gracipta Hadiprana, La Luce offers you a calm and comfortable ambiance. 

La Luce made their kitchen as an open kitchen, so the visitors can see its cleanliness and feel the passion by looking at the food preparation. Led by Chef Alessandro de Boni as La Luce's Executive Chef, his team will serve you a delightful and unforgettable modern Italian dining experience.

When I went to this place, me and my best friend ordered their lunch menu.


Choice of two courses IDR 195,000
(Starter & Main Course or Main Course & Desserts)

Choice of three courses IDR 265,000
(Starter, Main Course & Desserts)

We choose the "Choice of two courses". I choose the starter and main course menu, and Yenny choose the main course and desserts menu. 

After we ordered our lunch, La Luce serve us a little snack to make our mouth busy while waiting our dishes. They also asked us about their warm and freshly baked breads. But because we are too busy to taking pictures and our table is already full with the complimentary snack and drinks, sadly we have to turn down their offer.  

Lychee soda IDR 40,000
Lychee Fruit, mint leaf, Lychee syrup, lemon juice & Club soda. 

Who didn't like lychee? I will tell you who... The bad guy.... Thehe.. La Luce generously give this Lychee Soda with a bunch of lychee fruits. Served in a huge glass, this drink will pampering you to the fullest. They also served this beverage with mint leafs, so it will give us the cold after taste sensations. This beverage is a perfect choice to quench the thirst from Jakarta's heat.

Ginger Sour IDR 35,000
Ginger Ale with Sour Mix. 

I really like sour taste drinks, it is thirst quenching! When they serves this ginger sour, they pour the ginger ale to the glass in front of us, it makes a beautiful gradation from brown to clear. Served with a slice of lemon make this ginger sour.

Carpaccio di branzino
Marinated sea bass carpaccio, celery and orange. 

Actually, carpaccio is an Italian version of beef tartare. It is the international name of a typical Italian dish made with raw meat. Carpaccio is made with very thin slices of beef meat placed on a dish with a marinade made with lemon, olive oil and with shavings of white truffle or Parmesan cheese, and can be topped with rocket. The meat usually used for Carpaccio is beef sirloin, a cut tastier than the fillet. 

Fun Fact: Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry's Bar in Venice originally prepared the dish for the countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo when he learned that the doctors had recommended that she eat raw meat. The dish was named "Carpaccio" after Vittore Carpaccio, the Venetian painter known for the characteristic red and white tones of his work.

Today the term Carpaccio is used for any preparation made with thinly sliced raw meat, fish or vegetables (usually seasoned with lemon, or vinegar, olive oil, salt and ground pepper) or fruit. For Carpaccio di branzino from La Luce, they use sea bass meat.

I fell in love at the first sight. The beautiful colours that served on this dish is breathtaking. Carpaccio is known as their freshness, served with freshly sliced celery and oranges makes this dish is screaming for its freshness. I really like the hint of lemon on this dish. It is not overpowered the freshness of the other ingredients; in fact, it was beautifully combined.

Pancetta arrosto
Crispy pork belly, roasted vegetables. 

To tell you the truth, the most eye catching object from the dish is the purple cauliflower. It really brighten up the dish. The pomme puree is nice and the veggies are delicious. The pork belly have a great crunchy textures and sweet taste, but I just thought that the pork belly is too dry. 

Tagliata di manzo
Wagyu beef Tagliata, grilled vegetables. 

This tender and juicy beef wagyu is so delicious! I really like the freshness dressing for the steak. This tagliata di manzo served with vegetables on the side. 

Cheesecake & Rum Baba

For the dessert, you can choose two kinds of dessert from the trolley. After you choose them, they will prepare the dish and garnished it on the plate.  The cheesecake from La Luce use a sponge cake as its base. The cheese layer is smooth and delicious.

For the rum baba, La Luce put filling inside the cake. The rum flavor is not too strong, light but very indulging. The cake  is a little dry, but because the filling, it has a beautiful textures.

Chitarra IDR 145,000
Homemade Spaghetti, San Danielle, Cherry tomato and Basil.

Oh, we also tried to order Chitarra. Chitarra is a La Luce's homemade pasta that cut by using a instrument named kitchen guitar. The instrument us a string to cut the pasta. The spaghetti looks a little thicker than it used to be. 

The texture is unique and the taste is so refreshing. I really like the hint of basil that taste so earthy.

Last, after we finished our dish, La Luce serve us a sweet treats with their homemade mini macaroons and cookies. It is really delicious!

Overall, I really amazed with their services. The professionalism of serving is "WOW". The plate is warm, the dishes are served simultaneously all of that is really breathtaking. If you go there in group, La Luce will not let someone left behind. They will served all the dishes is the same time. What a great service.

La Luce is a place that will take your breath away!

Tower C 18 Parc Office Building, Ground Floor.
SCBD Lot 18
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53
Jakarta, 12190

T. +62 21 515 3860
Facebook: La Luce
Twitter: @LaLuceResto

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Matua Launching Event - Jakarta

10/28/2013 soya yanagawa 2 Comments

I am so thrilled when I have got the invitation to join the MATUA Launching Event in InterContinental Hotel Jakarta Midplaza, 18 October 2013. The event was held on the swimming pool area, next to "Rasa" restaurant. Without any further, here are some pictures from the MATUA Launching Event.

The event went very festive yet classy. With a beautiful DJ playing the latest songs nonstop, you can feel the upbeat and wonderful atmosphere. Indeed, on this event, I have met with a lot of great people such as Mr. Hermansyah RasyidWine Division Head of PT Mandiri Graha PersadaMr. Yodissen MootoosamyRegional Business Manager - South Asia, Indochina, Philippines, Indonesia & Pacific of Treasury Wine Estate, and Greg Rowdonwinemaker from MATUA Village.

For your information, Mr. Hermansyah Rasyid is the one who have the biggest contribution in bringing MATUA into Indonesian Market. I feel so blessed that I have got the opportunity to meet him on this event.

The video above opens the event. With greetings from Greg Rowdon, the winemaker from MATUA, he story tell us with his knowledge and experience about winery. From a person who has a Master Degree in winemaking, he is very kind and down to earth. He also says, “When you taste a MATUA wine, you really taste New Zealand in a glass. Our Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is perfect for the climate in Indonesia, being crisp, refreshing and full tropical notes like passion fruit and guava. It’s also a wonderful food match for the rich and spicy flavors often found with Indonesian cuisine." That is why he cannot wait to see MATUA expanding it markets in Asia especially in Indonesia.

Well, here is his profile:

Winemaker, New Dad and Keen Boater

Greg is a lover of all the good things in life – food, coffee and wine. He realised this all the way back in high school when he had the ingenious idea to contact Matua for some career guidance. At the time Mark Robertson, Now TWE’s chief winemaker, gave him a tip: study science. So Greg did exactly that, with a Masters Degree in winemaking.

Greg was quick to discover the reality of following a career in wine wasn’t exactly as glamorous as he first thought. Cleaning tanks is hard work. And he never thought you’d need to have such pristine floors to make wine. But despite the level of cleaning involved, he kept at it, even venturing over to work on vintages in France.

Outside of work, Greg is a boating enthusiast from way back (he comes from a family of boaters). There’s no better pastime for Greg than getting the family out on the boat, playing sport, enjoying food and relaxing. And these days family is a big focus for Greg, having recently become a proud new dad. Contrary to common belief, winemakers don’t drink wine all day. The reality of the job is far more complex. In his role, Greg gets to experiment and push the conventions of winemaking.

For example, recently he focussed on building complexity and texture into our Chardonnays. So much time is spent talking about the aroma and flavour of wine, why not focus more on the texture? But, we know the real reason Greg’s been focussing on our Chardonnays – it’s his favorite drop!

MATUA is a Maori word which translates as "senior one", "leader" or "head of the family". Founded in 1974, MATUA VALLEY was the first New Zealand winery to produce Sauvignon Blanc.

MATUA began with a vision shared by Bill and Ross Spence - to revolutionise the New Zealand wine industry by making wines with the best fruit from the best vineyards. In 1969, after studying the viticulture and winemaking, Bill & Ross planted the first Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand. Their first Sauvignon Blanc was made in the year of 1974. On the 1980's, Bill & Ross search New Zealand for the best land for their most promising varieties. That is why they bought lands on Gisborne, the Hawke's Bay and in Marlborough regions.

Their philosophy that still stands today and has earned them international recognition for their pioneering work. MATUA has been gaining more international recognition in recent times. Late last year, MATUA was named the 2012 IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) New Zealand Producer of the Year Award (London). The latest release of their Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (2013) has also just picked up a Double Gold at the China Wine Awards as well as Gold at the New Zealand International Wine Show.

MATUA now has 102 awards in total, including 12 trophies and 19 gold medals in the last 12 months – making it the most internationally successful New Zealand wine brand.

As you can see, the only drinks that served that night are wines from MATUA. There were 2012 MATUA Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, 2012 MATUA Marlborough Pinot Noir, and 2011 Shingle Peak Sauvignon Blanc. But they also serve cocktails that made from MATUA's wine. 

Well, Greg Rowdon picks his favorites that are available in select food and wine retail stores in Jakarta, including Vines and Gourmet World, and in popular retreats, restaurants and bars in Bali.

MATUA Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc (IDR 454,800)

All the varietal zing you’d expect from the grandaddies of Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand. Look at it in the glass - it’s just about singing with freshness. The lively nose shows tropical and citrus fruits with subtle herbaceous characters. Its crisp fresh palate offers classic Marlborough acidity, structure and length.

PH 3.5 grams per litre
RESIDUAL SUGAR 3.8 grams per litre
Acidity 7.7 grams per litre
Grapes from: All Marlborough
Variety: 100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol: 13%

MATUA Marlborough Pinot Noir (IDR 454,800)

Without wanting to overplay things, we reckon this is our best Pinot yet. With a great growing season the fruit is truly ripe and full and the predominant flavor is cherry, which reflects the wine’s lovely vivid cherry color. We also get blackberry notes and some lovely sweet smoky oak. Mouthfeel is initially soft and luscious, held up nicely by the supple tannins for a savory lingering finish.

PH 3.6 grams per litre
RESIDUAL SUGAR 3.0 grams per litre
Acidity 5.9 grams per litre
Grapes from: Mainly Marlborough, with a small percentage of Central Otago
Variety: 100% PInot Noir
Alcohol: 13%

Shingle Peak Sauvignon Blanc (IDR 499,800) 
 Shingle Peak Pinot Noir (IDR 499,800)

Standing among the expansive vineyards that blanket Marlborough, New Zealand’s most celebrated wine growing region, it’s impossible not to be struck by the immense power and beauty of the surrounding mountain ranges. Over thousands of years these extraordinary peaks have enhanced the character of the soil that influences the distinctive and diverse taste of Marlborough wine.

The question is.... How do you taste and evaluate a glass of wine? 

Evaluating by Sight

To evaluate the wine, the glass should be about one-third full. Observe the color and clarity of the wine. View wine by holding the glass up to a white background in a well-lighted room. If you have a difficulty to find the white background, you can use your napkin or even your white shirt's sleeve. 

Look for the color of the wine and the clarity, you can see it by viewing from the straight, side and tilted angles. A wine that looks clear and brilliant and shows some sparkle, is always a good sign.
NOTE: White wines become darker as they age while time causes red wines to lose their color turning more brownish, often with a small amount of harmless, dark red sediment in the bottom of the bottle or glass.
Now, you swirl the glass. Look at the wine's body, observe how the wine runs down the sides of the glass. Wines that have good legs are wines with more alcohol and glycerin content, which generally indicates that they are bigger, riper, and dense than those that do not.

Evaluating by Sniff

Keep this question on your mind when you sniffed the wine.
"What is the very first thing you think of when you smell wine?"

Be sure to smell the wine several times, and now asked this question into your mind,
"is it fruity, flowery, earthy?" 
If you find the criteria, now try to specify the scent. 

Evaluating by Taste

It’s finally time to taste! Take a sip, not a large swallow. The overall "taste" of a wine is a combination of smells and flavors. Roll the wine inside your mouth, keeping in mind that a balance of the following characteristics is ideal:
  • Body Fullness or thinness
  • The crispness and freshness
  • The bitterness, you can taste astringent, hard, dry or soft.
  • The sweetness, if there is no perceived sweetness, a wine is "dry."
  • The fruitiness

Now, you can drink the wine or spit it. Taste the aftertaste, or finish. The better the wine, the more defined the finish. Good finish will linger on your palate for quite some time and will reflect the flavors of the wine or have flavors on its own.

Well, my review for MATUA Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is:

MATUA Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc has a soft light green in color. It has a tropical fruit such as passion fruit and a hint of citrus aroma. The taste is so refreshing with Marlborough acidity and it has a medium passion fruit aftertaste.  

Oh, by the way... Did you know that a glass of wine a day may keep depression away? 
Hehe.... well, drink with responsibility ok?

Have a great day and Godspeed.

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