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The minute I arrived at Yonne Café & Bar , I could feel something in the air and after arriving back home from Bali, it still hasn’t left me. Yup, the deliciousness of their dishes still linger on my mind.

SenS Hotel & Spa's All-Day dining restaurant serves up international favourites and the best of Balinese and Asian cuisine prepared in a vibrant show kitchen. With its elegant curves and effortless sense of space, Yonne Café & Bar offers a welcoming and chic, yet comfortable ambience with a view of the pool. If you happened miss my post about SenS Hotel, you can read it HERE.

The guests can choose whether they are going to enjoy their meal on their indoor or outdoor area.

For brief, I want to inform you about their wonderful Tea Time Package. You only have to pay IDR 50,000 and you can get indulged with coffee or tea and get accompanied with their wonderful snacks. 

On Yonna Café & Bar's tea time, you can eat their wonderful desserts as much as you can. Yup, it was all you can eat snack buffet! You can choose whether you want to eat the sweet one or the savoury one. But you know what, on this post, I am not going to story-telling you about their tea time package. But I am going to tell you about my dinner experience.

All of our dishes were prepared by this Australian Chef, Matthew Wood. I thought that I am going to find a western dishes from this chef. But surprisingly, he already prepared a Balinese dishes for us.

At first, I just thought, it is kind a weird to let an Australian chef to serve us a Balinese dishes. But after I tasted all, hands down to Chef Matthew Wood. I really love how he cooked the dishes perfectly.

For the appetiser, Chef Matthew Wood gave us a chicken soup with tomato and leeks, and some kind a pastel pies with potatoes and curry taste on the inside.

For the soup, I really love the broth, the chicken and the tomato. But may be I am not a biggest fans of large chunks of leek, I just though it was too much. Indeed, it enrich the textures, but it is to overwhelming for me.

For the pastel, it was superb and delish. Served with sweet chili sauce really complement the dish and makes it taste so rich and complex.

Paket Nasi Lengkap Bali
Nasi bali is often to be called as nasi campur or mixed rice. It refers to a dish of a scoop of rice accompanied by small portions of a number of other dishes. But on this  Paket Nasi Lengkap Bali  (Balinese Mixed Rice Package) Yonne Café & Bar did not put small portions on the side. Seriously, they put the opposite of small portions.

The nasi kuning or turmeric rice  was served along with pairs of fried chickens, sate lilit, and grilled prawns. They also put perkedel (potato cake), Sambal matah (Balinese chili), vegetable and some crackers.

All the condiments were perfectly cooked and really complementing each other. The chicken and the prawns still got the beautiful moisture and sweetness. The sambal matah is to die for! I really love the shallots that enliven the dishes. 

Bebek Goreng
One of the must try item while you are in Bali is the Balinese fried duck. You might already know about some restaurant in Bali that served fried duck as their "cup of tea". But for me, sometimes their quality is not consistent. Not with Bebek Goreng (Fried Duck) from Yonne Café & Bar they always keep their quality on the top.

Yonne Café & Bar's fried duck is crispy exterior, while you can find the moist and tender on the inside. It taste beautiful, especially when you eat it warm with the chili, sambal matah and sautéed spinach. Its deliciousness will make the whole family love this menu!

For the dessert, Yonne Café & Bar the most recommended dishes are the Choco Volcano that served with eclair and the Apple strudle  that served along with the lemon sorbet. It is up to you whether you want to end your dining journey with something sweet or sour, you can never go wrong with dessert.

Have a great day and Godspeed!


Jl. Sukma Banjar Tebesaya
Ubud, Kec. Gianyar, Bali
Phone: (0361) 8493328

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