Saturday Night Barbeque at Poolside Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel

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Every Saturday night, Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel held their barbecue party on their poolside bar. They magically transformed their poolside become a wonderful place to dine. The ambience look so romantic with the beautiful lighting and decorations.

Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel's pool is on the right from the parking area. All you have to do is just reserve their Saturday Night barbecue, and start indulge yourself with an all you can eat barbecue party at the poolside!

On Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel Saturday Night BBQ, you can choose to eat chicken, fish, squid, rib, beef, or shrimp. You just grab the plate, choose your meat, and asked the chef to grilled the meat. After a while, you can take your order and add some condiments, or sauce for your meat. They serve 3 kinds of sauce; Barbecue, black pepper and mushroom sauce.

I am a meat eaters. So ribs and beef will be my first choice to start my food journey. I really love the ribs. It taste delicious and tender. The meat itself was seasoned beautifully, but I really craving for barbecue sauce. So to add the sweet sour sauce really enliven the taste and the deliciousness of the meat.

At Saturday Night Barbecue, Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel serve you with an all you can eat buffet. You can find Mushroom soup, banana flambe, assorted fruits, and many others. But I really recommend you to try their grill goat that served along with the lontong (rice cake) and sweet soy sauce. It taste nice and delicious.

Another must try item is their Cuanki. If you already know about Batagor (Bakso Tahu Goreng - Fried tofu meatball) , cuanki is the soupy batagor without the peanut sauce. It consist a fried tofu, siomay, meatballs and fried dumpling that poured with stock. Usually to enjoy this dish, you can add some celery, fried shallot, sweet soy sauce. To enjoy this warm and wonderful dish in Bandung, is impeccable. Such a wonderful indulgent from Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel.

Overall, I really amazed with this wonderful experience. To have a romantic barbecue dinner at the poolside while enjoying the live band sing the top forty music.

Well, that is it! have a great day and Godspeed!

Saturday Night Barbecue at Poolside
Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 132, Bandung, Jawa Barat

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