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Dago Coffee Shop at Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel

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Dago Coffee Shop is the all day dining restaurant from Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel. This clean and modern restaurant located on the 3rd floor, right accross the meeting room. On the last post, I story-tells you about my weekend getaway at Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel. If you happened to miss my post, you can read it HERE.

On this occasion, I just want to inform you that Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel got the title from Indonesian World Records Museum to serve the most diverse Sundanese dishes on their hotel.

They also got the "Halal" certificate from MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia). For your information, it is quite rare to find a Halal hotel restaurant in Indonesia. So that is why Dago Coffee Shop at Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel is one of the rarest.

I really love the giant windows that surround this restaurant. For me, to have warm and bright natural light enlighten the room while I am enjoying my meal, it was a marvellous and splendid moment! I also adore their colourful and wonderful floral seats. It is enliven and makes this clean modern look restaurant more colourful. For those who love to smoke their cigarettes after their meal, you can choose to enjoy your meal on the open air porch. you can enjoy your meal while enjoying the fresh and cool air of Bandung.

Every Wednesday, everyone in Bandung must wearing their nationality atributes, including Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel employees. On that day, Dago Coffee Shop offers you the delicacies of Sundanese. You can explore the deliciousness of Sundanese dishes from snacks, appetisers, main dish, desserts and drinks.

Mie Kocok Bandung
Bandung Shaked Noodle

Mie Kocok is one of the typical hawker food in Bandung. The difference between Mie kocok and the other noodles is the broth. Usually, noodle use a chicken or beef diluted broth. But for Mie Kocok,  is often made from the bone and beef meat, and the broth is thicker than the usual.

Mie kocok is a noodle that served with bean sprout, tender and chewy kikil (cow's foot), celery and fried shallot. For me, a Mie kocok enthusiast, I really love the kikil. The beansprout also gives the crunchy texture for the dish and the homemade meatballs were so delicious. Such a must try item if you happened find this dish on their menu.

Sate Maranggi

Sate Maranggi was originally made from Purwakarta, West Java. It is a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled goat's or cow's meat. What makes Sate Maranggi is different from the other? Well, Sate Maranggi was served without any sauce. On Sate Maranggi, the meat has been marinated with the seasoning like sweet soy sauce, ginger, coriander, galangal, turmeric and some vinegar to add some freshness into the meat.

Oh, I add more sweet soy sauce on the plate so it can add some sweetness into the lontong.

Nasi Tutug Oncom

This Tasikmalaya dishes was made from the mixtures of oncom and other seasoning. The main ingredient of this dish is rice. The rice was mixed with oncom, seasoning that was made from galangal, shallots, sugar, salt, garlic, and leeks.

For your information, oncom is a kind of processed soy similar to tempeh that usually used in West Javanese dishes.

nasi tutug from Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel was served along with empal (sometimes simply known just as empal or gepuk is an Indonesian sweet and spicy fried beef dish. This dish is commonly popular in Java island, but can trace its origin to Sundanese cuisine of West Java, Indonesia), Tempe and tahu bacem (tempeh & tofu), and stir-fried salted

Bakso Tahu

Bakso Tahu is one of the most famous Bandung typical dishes. it was made from fish meatballs and tofu, and served along with the peanut sauce, sweet soy sauce, and lime.

Above is some of the Sundanese menu that i have tried in Dago Coffee Shop. Indeed, they often change it with the other Sundanese dishes.

For me, Dago Coffee Shop at Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel, is a thirst quencher oasis for those who cravings for Sundanese delicacies. For special occasion, You can try their Sundanese delicacies for events or business meetings. They will give you the privilege to have this wonderful indulgent.

Well, that is it for today, have agreat day and Godspeed!

Dago Coffee Shop
at Patra Jasa Bandung Hotel

Jl. Ir. H. Juanda No. 132, Bandung, Jawa Barat

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