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12/23/2015 Soya Yanagawa 0 Comments

Well, have you heard about a wonderful place named 3K coffee at Kemang? Actually, I have heard about this place from my best friend, and I fall in love from the first time I stepped my feet there.

3K coffee was located at Jl. Kemang Utara, right inside the Mira Sari area. Quite hidden, but it is quite promising and such a wonderful place to visit.

The outlet has 3 story and each of them were decorated warmly and wonderfully. They have beautiful murals and homy environment. I really love their 3rd floor. Looks so gorgeous and has a great view, you will never noticed that we are still in Jakarta! Too bad, me and my best friend went there in the afternoon, so the 3rd floor was so hot and really not comfortable to dine there. So we stayed at the second floor to work and have a chit chat.

To be noted, the food and beverages has friendly price. Without any further, let us review the food and beverages.

Green Chili Chicken with "Kulit & Kol Goreng" | IDR 35,000

The rice was served along with the green chili paste, deep fried chicken's skin, and deep fried cabbage. Actually, I will love this dish if it was served hot. The green chili has a beautiful fragrant and heat and the deep fried chicken's skin was seasoned beautiful and taste wonderful. Too bad it was served not really hot, in fact, it was served cold.

Even the rice and the deep fried cabbage was served cold. I can imagine if we eat the dish while it still hot,

Fettucini Carbonara (Chicken Cheese Balls) | IDR 35,000

If you are a huge fan of creamy pasta, this fettucine carbonara from 3K Coffee might suit you the best. It has thick creamy sauce and bold savory taste. Indeed, the pasta was overcooked, but I really love the indulging creamy texture and beautifully seasoned taste. complemented with chicken balls with melting cheese inside, really enrich the dish with wonderful textures.

A must try item if you happened feel hungry when you are visiting this place.

Fried Mushroom | IDR 20,000

I went there with my best friend to find a great place to work. Gorgeously we were in the right place. Working on a warm and comfy place will not be completed without snack. That is why I ordered Fried mushrooms to accompanying us working.

Crunchy from the outside and moist on the inside are the wonderful sensation when you take the first bite. It has wonderful earthy flavor that combined beautifully with mayo and chili sauce. Such a wonderful treat for me.

Kopi Tubruk | IDR 20,000

I do not know about you guys, but I really love a coffee house that served a Kopi Tubruk. For me, an unfiltered coffee is the best! you can smell the stronger aroma, the thicker body and the bolder taste.

I am just hoping that 3K Coffee served more diverse coffee beans.

I am so grateful that I can find this wonderful place. One thing for sure, I really love with their services. I know they need improvement for their dishes, but because of their friendliness and wonderful place make me want to go there again.

Have a great day and Godspeed!

3K Coffee

Jl. Kemang Utara Raya No. 33, Kemang, Jakarta

Instagram: @3kcoffee
Twitter: @3kcoffee

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