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As promise, I will story-tell you about another place at Fairmont Jakarta that offers you a gastro bar concept on the top of the luxuriousness.

Come a little closer to VIEW Gastro Bar that located at the 22nd Floor of Fairmont Jakarta. At VIEW, you will be indulged with the best of creative culinary fusion with absolute respect for the ingredients combined with a magnificent view of the city skyline through its floor-to-ceiling windows. It will be a mesmerizing experience and awe your mind.

Indeed, Lavish is the first thing that come out in my mind when I came to this place. I really adore the high ceiling that equipped with the beautiful lighting. Who can not ignore the high shelf full with bottle of wines? very posh right?

Lead by Chef Alvrie Manangka, whose previous experience includes international five star establishments in Malaysia and Maldives, he creates a cultured and sophisticated menu with a highly personalized touch. Together with Chef Andrew Zarzosa they were successfully indulging us to the fullest from snacks through dessert.

Without any further, let me introduce you with some of delicacies from the View Gastro Bar .

Tuna, Avocado, Watermelon, Vintage Caviar

Chef Andrew Zarzosa's fresh ideas can be seen with the presentation of this dish. He use hand shaped container to associate the "gift of the sea". It taste so fresh and indulging. Sweet and savory complementing each other and make a beautiful harmony on your mouth. Such a wonderful and mesmerizing snack to start our culinary journey at View Gastro Bar

Hamachi, Citrus, Almond

The Hamachi was complemented with soft citrusy taste from the pomelo. The almond add some fragrant to the dish and complemented with red onion enliven the dish. The dish taste so humble yet charming. every component blend together and complementing each other in a humble and soft way.

Oyster, Lychee, Chili

I know that seafood is perfect and will beautifully combined with tropical fruits. But I never imagine to use Lychee. Indeed, Lychee is a tropical and sub-tropical fruit, it will give sweetness into the dish. they beautifully presented an oyster that complemented with lychee granita and chili. You will not taste an overwhelming heat on this dish, because the heat from the chili was softened with the lychee's indulging sweetness.

Sunchoke, Puffed Grains, Mushroom, Cassava

The presentation look sophisticated and jaw-dropping. The slow cooked egg was cracked open and covered with a container that filled with smoke. that is why it has smokey flavor when you eat it. All you have to do is just pour the egg into another bowl that filled with sunchoke, grains, mushroom and cassava. Not like the appearance and presentation, K22 Egg taste so earthy and humble. It was rich in flavors, textures and scents.

Foie Gras Roasted in Embers, Fermented Hibiscus, Sago

I never say no to foie gras. I really love the unique taste of foie gras. Indeed it has a bitter taste, but Chef Andrew Zarzosa use fermented hibiscus tea sweets to softened the bitterness. Another thing that really catch my eyes is he using a sago as this dish's carb. We often find sago in a dessert or sweet drinks. But amazingly it taste great! It was texture wise and really softened the bitterness from the foie gras. All of the ingredients were complementing each other. Salute!

Young Squid, Forbidden Rice, Yuzu, Sorrel

OK, to tell you the truth, it taste quite unique. You can taste a sweet and creamy taste from the forbidden rice, savory and sour from the squid with yuzu. They also add sorrel to add more fragrant and rice cracker to enrich the textures. So, when I ate all of the component, it taste so unique and weird at the same time. For me, the sweetness from the forbidden rice was not really get along with the bold savoriness and sourness of the squid. But for one thing, The squid was perfectly cooked! It has soft and beautiful texture!

King Crab, Beef Tongue, Parmesan-Tomato Dashi

I really adore the sweet and sour taste from the tomato. This dish has beautiful taste, fragrant and textures. For me, this soup is warmly hugging you just like the beef tongue that wrapped the king crab very tight. Not only give you some textures, the beef tongue and the king crab add some savory and sweetness into the dish. Last but not the least, the light and clear parmesan-tomato associating every component on the dish together.

Chayote Squash, Corn, Onion Roots

Different from the others, Chef Andrew Zarzosa introduce us with their vegetarian dish that made with chayote, pop corn crumbs and onion. It taste indulgently sweet. Every component on the dish revealing their roots and complementing each other. The chayote was really moist and juicy while the pop corn crumbs add some texture into the dish. For someone who adore meat like me, I really love it.

Beef Rib, King Trumpet Tobanyaki, Quinoa

Cooked in 65°C, this beef rib has a beautiful red color, juicy and delicious! Served along with King Trumpet Tobanyaki and Quinoa puree, this dish become spectacular.

The King Trumpet was cooked with wine, so it has a hint of bitterness but bold sweet-sour-savory taste. I really adore mushroom, so I really enjoy the dish. Not only that, the quinoa adds some earthy indulgent into the dish. For me, the quinoa is the ingredient that connecting the beef rib and the mushroom. Such a beautiful dish that you have to try while you are in View Gastro Bar-Fairmont Jakarta.


For the dessert, Chef Alvrie Manangka give us a sweet surprise. Inspired from renown chocolate snack in Indonesia (and actually it was my favorite snack, but unfortunately, I cannot tell you the brand). I really love the nut, caramel and chocolate mixed together and complementing each other. But not only that, he served the chocolate bar with chocolate paste that mixed with white wine, red berries and rice cracker. It was superb! Standing ovation to this culinary journey at View Gastro Bar.

Rum, Cranberry Juice, Elderflower Syrup

If you like to have a light and not to dry cocktail, you can try this Rum based cocktail from View Gastro Bar. It has floral and fruity fragrant with indulging rum taste and cranberry's sweetness. Once again, it was sweet, light and really suit for those who want to enjoy your night with a summery taste of cocktail.

Overall, View Gastro Bar is a wonderful place to enjoy a spectacular views onto the Jakarta skyline with service that is unobtrusive. At View Gastro Bar  you can indulge yourself with a glass of wine, cocktail or spirit that accompanied with an easy bite delicacies. Don't forget the high ceiling that really enliven the lux and lavish atmosphere into your culinary or society journey.

Thank you very much Fairmont Jakarta for this wonderful experience. God bless and Godspeed!

 Opning hours: 17.00 - 23.00

Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
Gelora Bung Karno, Senayan, Kebayoran Baru
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10270, Indonesia

Telephone: (021) 29703333
Twitter: @fairmontjakarta
Instagram: @fairmontjakarta
Facebook: fairmont jakarta

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