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Nordic Cuisines at C's Steak & Seafood

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Remember this salt container? Yup it was taken from C's Steak & Seafood at Grand Hyatt Jakarta. Last 8 October 2015, I was invited to explore and celebrate true Nordic food as presented by Grand Hyatts' Guest Chef Jaako Sorsa from Finland.

First thing rist, what is Nordic?
The Nordic countries are a geographical and cultural region in Northern Europe and the North Atlantic. It consists of five countries Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Behalf the Nordic Countries, Chef Jaakko Sorsa opened his nordic cuisines in Hong Kong's named FINDS (Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden) on 8th October 2015. Well, here is a brief about Cheff Jaakko Sorsa:


Jaakko was plucked direct from Helsinki, where he was instrumental in building up the success of two Michelin-star restaurant, Chez Dominique. 
For ten years, he was also in the chef team preparing dinners for the official state visits in the Presidential Palace of Finland and worked as a private chef for the executive board of Nokia. 
Recently Jaakko was invited to Tokyo to cook a Finnish dinner of Japanese ingredients for Princess Takamado of Japan. Previous ‘princess experience’ includes private dinners for Princess of Sweden and Princess of Saudi-Arabia. 
Jaakko has been with FINDS since day one. His creativity and innate joy in sharing the best of Scandinavian lifestyle and contemporary Northern European cuisine are a driving force for the FINDS brand. 
Since having settled in Hong Kong with his lovely wife, Jaakko has been elected President of Disciples Escoffier – Hong Kong and made numerous TV appearances and interviews with major magazines and broadsheets. He has also written a recipe book, SCAPAS DINING, which was nominated in Le Cordon Bleu’s World Food Media Awards. Recently, he was recognized as Chef of the Year 2015 in Foodie Fork Award in respect to his boundless creativity, sophisticated culinary technique and passion for injecting Nordic spirit in his works. 
Jaakko is a celebrity chef par excellence – and you’ll find him happily cooking in the FINDS kitchen, applying his philosophy of creating dishes with clean & honest flavours using modern techniques.”

Just like what I have said before, C's Steak & Seafood is located at the 4th floor on Grand Hyatt Jakarta. C'S Steak & Seafood offers you a food journey from the finest choice of Australian and US, through the freshest selection of seafood. With an extensive 3,000 bottles of wine that greets you to their elegant and classy restaurant, without any doubt C'S Steak & Seafood is also a heaven for wine connoisseurs.

But that night, I am so ready to have a culinary journey to Nordic Delicacies.

Salmon Head, King Crab, Dill Cucumbers 

A thick yet velvety soup was served as our first introduction to nordic cuisines. It taste like a warm welcome dish to start the exploration to Nordic Cuisines.

I thought that I will taste a smooth, soft and gentle taste of salmon bisque, but surprisingly the soup itself has a bolt savory taste that really indulge my palate to the max. You can see the shredded crab meat and cucumber on the top of the soup. Not only to enrich the textures, it also give a beautiful sweetness and freshness into the dish.

Such a wonderful first impression to starts our culinary journey.

Gravad Lax, Cold Smoked, Seared, Mousse, Pickled, Smoked Roe 

| Gravad Lax
I really adore the beautiful color on the salmon. It has a beautiful shade from dark red to pink. Actually, gravlax is a Nordic dish consisting of raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar, and dill. But Chef Jaakko add beet root to add some earthy taste and beautiful ruby color into the salmon.

The salmon itself has a wonderful savory taste. Served along honey mustard sauce with dill, really completes the gravad lax. Savory, sweet, and sour combined beautifully and tickled my palate.

| Seared Salmon
This seared salmon was served with radish and avocado puree. The avocado puree has a tangy citrusy flavor that really complement the salmon. It was cooked beautifully and rich with fragrant.

| Salmon Mousse
The salmon was mashed until it became like a pulp. So you will taste a moist and juicy texture. Most invitee really adore this Salmon Mousse, because it has sweet indulging taste.

| Salmon Roe
This glistening and beautiful salmon roe was served along with mayonnaise. I really adore salmon roe! Not only because the unique flavor, but also the sensation when you eat it. It has a popping bubble sensation! The mayonnaise really complement the salmon and not overpowering the dish.

| Cold Smoked Salmon
The salmon was complemented with a smoky sensation when you eat it. On this part, we are getting indulged with the beautiful scent from the smokey scent and juicy flavor. Complemented with refreshing mayo the salmon taste superb!

| Pickled Salmon
I thought that I am going to taste a bold sour taste just like a pickle. But surprisingly it wasn't that sour. In fact it has a hint of sweetness. To complete this dish, you just end it in nordic way, with a shot of vodka.

Concha Y Toro - Trio Chardonnay 2013

This pale yellow with a greenish colored Chilean wine was paired along the seafood dishes. It has a beautiful citrusy fresh fruits aroma and mineral with a full body that really complementing all the dishes. You can taste the high acidity on this wine that can be beautifully paired and enliven the seafood dishes just like salmon.

Roasted Goldroot and Beetroot, Brined Mushroom Salad 

The mushrooms were mashed and sinked into salt. The salty brined mushroom salad was served along with roasted goldroot and beetroot. But some of them are rare, so you can taste this earthy flavor with a crunchy and moist textures.

Actually, I really enjoyed this dish. Each vegetables has their own flavor. You do not need to over seasoned all of them to make a delicious dish, just add something that really complementing the vegetable and let the flavor come out by itself. I really love how the savory taste from brined mushroom salad was softened by the sweetness of beetroot and goldroot. Completed with the heat from the radish, really made this vegetarian dish become outstanding.

Smoked Bell Pepper Sauce, Burned Feta 

The fourth course is the duck breast "pratami". The sliced duck breasts were served along with cubed pickled and pureed pumpkins, smoked bell pepper sauce and burned feta cheese. The feta cheese was creamy and very delicious.

The smokey spices from the bell pepper sauce combined beautifully with the sweetness and freshness of the pumpkin, creamy feta cheese that complementing the duck perfectly. You can taste a beautiful symphony from the duck breast pratami orchestra in your mouth!

Concha Y Toro - Merlot 2013

This Chilean red wine is a blend of 60% Merlot, 35% Carmenère and 5% Syrah. It has dark red ruby color wine and a very strong black cherry with a hint of smoky aroma. This is my most favorite wine that night, it taste really great and has a smooth and wonderful consistency. Indeed, it screams about the richness of Chilean winery, but also complementing the Nordic flavor to the max.

Porcini-Barley, Black Currant Sauce

Slices of veal tenderloin was served along with the porcini-barley, parsnip puree, black currant sauce. The veal was smoked and slow cooked in 65°C. So you can have a beautiful and very aromatic meat. The beautiful scent of rosemary was bold and really indulging. The sweet parsnip puree and tenderloin were really suit together with the fresh black currant sauce.

Too bad, I am not a biggest fan of barley. For me, Barley has a weird chewy texture and earthy taste. So, the creamy risotto-styled barley was not my favorite on the dish.

Concha Y Toro - Trio Cabernet Sauvignon 2013

This Deep and dark red wine was served along with meat. It has a medium body with strong black cherry's aroma. It taste sweet with tangy acidity. It can be easily favorited by people who love sweet wine. Such a beautiful way to end the Nordic culinary journey.

Thanks to Grand Hyatt Jakarta for this wonderful and mesmerizing event and Chef Jaakko that pampering us with such delicacies. 

Meringue, Almond, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Red Berries, Spruce Needles

Oh my goodness, my heart melts when I taste this dessert for the first time. I really adore the spruce needles that was made from the young tip of the pine tree. It has mesmerizing scent and sweetness.

Sweet, sour, and savory combined beautifully on this dessert. Not just that, you will also be pampered with the richness of textures and aroma. such a wonderful dish to completes our adventures to Nordic cuisines.

Overall, I really enjoy this wonderful event. Thanks to Grand Hyatt, C's Steak & Seafood and Chef Jaakoo Sorsa for this unforgettable event. Once again, thank you and Godspeed!


4th fl. Grand Hyatt Hotel Jakarta
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28-30
Jakarta 10350

Phone: 021 29921234
Facebook: cs.hyatt.jakarta

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