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Edward Kwon's Gala Dinner - Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta

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Shangri-La Jakarta is definitely my most favorite hotel and resort in Jakarta! This 5 stars hotel often to invite Top Chefs from all over the world, so we can see and know them a little bit more up close and personal.

It still linger in my mind the honor and the gratefulness to be invited by Shangri-La Jakarta for Edward Kwon's Gala Dinner last month, 28 August 2015. I am jumping with joy when I have got the invitation to this fancy event.

Back then, when Shangri-La Hotel invites The Spice Goddess - Bal Arneson to Jakarta, I cannot join "Bal Arneson's Spice Adventure" due it was held on office hour. That is why, I am very enthusiast to attend this wonderful event.

OK, in this post, I will give you tips how to attend a Gala Dinner Event. But before I start to story-tells you about my wonderful experience, i would like to introduce you to the brightest star of that day named Edward Kwon.


Edward Young-min Kwon (Born February 10, 1972) is a celebrity chef in Korea who has made a mission for himself to globalize Korean cuisine. Kwon has held many senior chef positions in luxury hotels in the United States, China, and the Middle East. 
Chef Edward Kwon was raised in Gangneung, a seaside town that is found on the Eastern coast of South Korea. Prior to his career as a culinary chef, he had received an education at Gangneung Yeongdong College. Kwon had started his career at the Ritz-Carlton in Seoul, Korea and in 2001, transferred to San Francisco to work at the Ritz-Carlton Half Moon Bay. At age 32, Kwon had decided to move back to Korea to assume the position of Executive sous chef at W Hotel in Seoul. Soon after, Kwon went to China, and later became “ Hotel Head Chef” at the Burj al-Arab Hotel in Dubai. In 2009, Chef Edward Kwon returned to Seoul. Currently(2010-2011), Edward Kwon hosts his own television show, “Yes Chef". 
Edward Kwon owns three restaurants in Korea. Eddie’s Café, located in Gangnam, Korea, is a restaurant that offers European/Western style food at a mid ranged price. Located in Hannam-dong, Korea is a restaurant called "The Mixed One". The Mixed One is a California Multi cuisine bistro offering reasonable prices. The third restaurant, Lab XXIV, located in Cheongdam, Dong, features contemporary European styled cuisine.

Even though most gala dinners are formal, some can also be semi formal. So, do not be scared to ask your host about the dress code (doing so may save you time, money, and embarrassment). 
For a semi formal gala, women should look for cocktail dress, while men should wear suits, but do not need tuxedos. Be grateful, in Indonesia we can also wear formal Batik shirt (with the long sleeves) for this kind occasion!

Usually, before the gala dinner, the guests were gathered on the lobby lounge to have some snacks and drinks. We can mingle with the other and have new connections while waiting for the ballroom's doors to open.

We were served with assorted nuts and crackers along with soft drinks, juices and cocktail. I really enjoy the moment, I am so happy that I can met with other media person, Shangri-La Jakarta's representatives and many others. Until I have noticed that it is the time to go to our tables.

OK, If you find this is intimidating, Don't be! all you have to do is just sit, take your napkin from the table immediately, and place it neatly on your lap. If there are many utensils in your place setting and there is more than one course, start on the outside and work your way in. The cutlery farthest away from your plate is for the first course. Observe the others or your host if you have any doubts.

Take small bites; do not chew with your mouth open; do not talk with food in your mouth; and do not place elbows on the table. When you put your cutlery down, place it on the plate (never back on the table and do not rest it half on and half off the plate); cross the tips of the two pieces (if there are two) or angle it if there is just one. This tells the server that you are not finished. When you are finished, place your knife and fork together in the centre of the plate vertically. The tines of the fork should point up and the blade of the knife should point to the centre towards the fork.
If, for some urgent reason, you must leave the table before you have finished, you should place your napkin on your seat (after you have asked your hostess to excuse you). This tells the server that you plan to return. When you are ready to sit down again, simply replace the napkin upon your knee.

The gala dinner was accompanied with a jazzy live band performance, Taekwondo show and choir from Jakarta Korean Children Choir. Chef Edward Kwon greet us and give us a demonstration how to make his Soft Bean Curd.

For your information, every dish that Edward Kwon prepare for us was paired with the outstanding collections from one of Australia’s oldest and most iconic wineries, Penfolds. You can read my previous post about penfolds HERE.

Soft Bean Curd
Korean herbs + Black Sesame Dressing + Crispy Garlic

The tofu was served beautifully on the plate. I really adore the beautiful fragrant from the black sesame that dancing along with the pungent and garlicky fragrant. Not only that, the black sesame adds some sweetness to the dish, neutralized the earthy and strong taste of rocket leaf. This Soft bean curd was also rich in textures. Such a wonderful dish to start our journey to Edward Kwon's world of delicacies.

This soft bean curd was served along with Penfolds Bin 51, Rielsing, 2013.
The sweet soft bean curd was paired beautifully with this Penfolds Bin 51. It has floral scent and citrusy palate. It has long and natural Acidity that complement the dish beautifully.

Rice Veloute
Potato pearl + Sweet Potato Cream + Pine Nut

From a humble appearance soup, you will not only be indulge by its sweetness, but also its beautiful natural fragrance. I really admire the consistency of this soup and indulging aroma. This sweet and creamy soup was paired with the citrusy  Penfolds Bin 51, Rielsing, 2013, really complementing each other.

Hae Mul Nang Chae
Korean-Style Ceviche + Mustard Dressing and Tiger Prawn & Scallop + Perilla Dressing

This Hae Mul Nang Chae screams for its freshness. Ceviche is a cold cooked or raw (usually raw) seafood dish that very popular in the coastal regions of Latin America. They only add lemon juice into the seafood. Indeed, Chef Edward Kwon didn't serve us with an authentic Korean Cuisines. But he gave us the delicacies that inspired from Korean cuisines and ingredients. Just like this Hae Mul Nang Chae.

Chef Edward Kwon give us a combination between sea and land product. So you can taste the sweetness of the sea products and the earthy taste from the vegetables. They were connected with the freshness of Mustard and perilla dressing. The perilla dressing give a hint kick but mesmerizing taste that add more freshness into the dish perfectly.

This Hae Mul Nang Chae was paired with Served with Penfolds Bin 2, Shiraz Mourvedre/Mataro, 2013. The tangy yet velvety Penfolds Bin 2, enrich the flavor of this Hae Mul nang Chae. Such a mesmerizing taste.

Kalbi Steak
Kimchi Chutney + Pomme Puree + Root Vegetables

One thing for sure, the meat was melt in your mouth. The gravy is wonderful and really complement the meat. sweet, sour, and savory combined beautifully in your mouth. Without any doubt, This Kalbi steak is definitely the winner.

This marvelous dish was paired with Penfolds Bin 389, Cabernet Shiraz, 2012. The freshness and the exotic palate really lifted up all the flavor on the dish.

Yuzu Curd
Bokbunja Chiffon + Green Tea + Basil Fluid Gel

I am so agree to put an end of this sweet indulging dining experience with something sour and refreshing. I really admire with the richness of textures on this Yuzu Curd. You can taste the dry and airy chiffon cake, crunchy sugar candied nuts, chewy gelatin, moist ice cream and fresh fruits.

Overall, I feel so lucky and happy that I can be part of the guests of this wonderful event. I really cannot wait who will be the upcoming chef that Shangri-La Jakarta Hotel invite. For your information, Chef Edward Kwon leave one of his menu that you can taste it on Satoo restaurant.

I think that is it for my tips and my story at Edward Kwon's Gala Dinner - Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta. This will be my most outstanding experience in 2015! Thank you Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta!

Shangri La Hotel Jakarta

Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Central Jakarta 10220, Indonesia.

Telephone: +62 21 293 995 80
Facebook: Shangri-La Jakarta
Twitter: @ShangriLaJKT
Instagram: @ShangriLaJKT

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