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Last August, I went to Bandung with my beloved sisters, mom and aunty. We went there by train! We choose to go there by train because the nostalgic feeling. Well, do you know that there are 2 historical places that you pass on the way to Bandung by train? 



Sasaksaat tunnel is a railway tunnel built by SS (Staatsspoorwegen) between the years 1902-1903. SO, can you imagine how old this tunnel is? Yup it is 112 years old tunnel and it was still used until now. 
Sasaksaat Tunnel was located between Purwakarta and Padalarang at 143-144 KM. This 949 m long tunnel splits Cipedong Hills and connects Sasaksaat station with Maswati Station.



Do you know that Cisomang bridge is the tallest railway bridge in Indonesia? It was built in 1894 with 230 m long and 100 m high from the Cisomang river. Indeed, in the year 2000, the goverment build another bridge right next to the old one, so you can see the old bridge when you are there. 


OK, short story, we arrived at Bandung on time from the schedule. But unfortunately, we cannot find the driver from our hotel. We phoned the hotel and asked about our pick up, but they said that they already send someone to the station.

After 15 minutes waiting, suddenly there was a car who stop in front of us and the driver asked my name. Well, for first impression, it was kind a disappointing, he is not even say sorry.

After 30 minutes trip, finally, me and my family arrived to this beautiful Padma Hotel. I am so happy with the greetings from the bell boy. But the receptionist is kind a straight to the point and not really friendly. To tell you the truth, I am not really impressed with the receptionist, I cannot find the 5 star's hospitality there.

I do admire their beautiful lobby lounge. It was quite spacious and has breathtaking views. We can enjoy our welcoming drink while watching the refreshing scenery and comfortable cushions.

Well, it was 12.53 but our room is not ready yet. So that is we decided to have lunch at their restaurant.

Really love the ambiance from this restaurant. It was located at the top of the hotel, so you can have a wonderful scenery, refreshing air and indulging atmosphere. This Asiatic & European cuisine is quite spacious and vibrant.

Well, the host was really warm and friendly. Their understanding of the menus was wonderful and really good. I am terribly apologize because I really forgot to keep the bill and take photos their menu. Because of my silly mistake, I really forgot to remember their names and prices. Well, without any further, here is what we have ordered.

For a stirred fried noodle, it was a little bit too oily for me. It taste so-so and a little bit lack of seasoning. But the portion was gigantic and has a lot of ingredients. The Mie Goreng was served along with a sunny side egg, chili, pickle and shrimp cracker. 

For the fried rice, I can only say it was nicely seasoned and served. The Nasi Goreng was served with deep fried chicken, shrimp, satay, pickle, shrimp cracker, melinjo crackers, sunny side egg, and sweet soy sauce.

One thing that questioned me is the shrimp. It doesn't suit there and it was really different from the other. The crackers, pickle, satay and the deep fried chicken scream for the authentic Indonesian food.. but the shrimp looks and made like Japanese style of dish. It was like a discordant sentence in one paragraph.

The baked rice has a beautiful fragrant from the bamboo. The rice itself was mixed with the oncom and anchovy so it add more flavor, texture and fragrant. The Rice was served with 5 kinds of protein such as deep fried tofu, deep fried tempeh, deep fried chicken, Deep fried mackerel tuna and empal or gepuk (Indonesian sweet and spicy fried beef dish). It was also served with  chili, vegetables and sour (sweet) soup.

OK, to tell you the truth, for Indonesian dish, it has too much proteins! Indeed, they want to show the "expensiveness" on the plate, but for a pack of rice with 5 kinds of protein, it was too much. The horrible thing is the sour soup. I don't get it, it was supposed to be a sour soup... but they added something like sweet soy sauce and it make the sour soup become bizarrely sweet. It taste weird and really not appetizing.

My sister ordered this Soto Ayam. Soto ayam is a yellow spicy chicken soup or nasi empit and/or noodles. Turmeric is added as one of its ingredients to get yellow chicken broth. It was served along with rice, melinjo crackers and chili.

One thing for sure, the portion was gigantic, but it lacks of seasoning.

After lunch, we are waiting at the lobby for some moment and then briefed that our room is ready. So, we went to our rooms to have some rest. First it has problems with the key, So my sister has to come back again to the front desk to take care of the problem. Even though we stayed on the second floor, but still it was quite annoying to go back to the front desk to have the right key room.

We ordered 2 rooms that has connecting doors. Above is the Premier Room.

Premier Room
Revel in our Premier Room complimented with a stunning view for you and your loved ones. This modern 33,6-sqm room facilitated with an exquisite bathroom featuring shower and separate bathtub. A king size bed (200 cm x 200 cm) or twin single beds (200 cm x 120 cm). All rooms are furnished with plush duvet covers and also equipped with LCD TV 37 inch, DVD Player, a safe deposit box – laptop size and face to the luscious green valley. An additional extra bed or baby cot is available upon request. Extra bed is unavailable for twin bed due to space. 

Room Details 
Bed Type | King-size bed (200x200 cm) or twin single beds (200x120 cm)
Bathroom | Separate shower and bathtub
Latest Facility | Complimentary in-room broadband internet
Size | 33.6 sqm
Views | Hillside or Mountain
Number of Rooms | 42
Max. Occupancy | 3A(Adults) / 2A(Adults) + 1C(Child) / 1A(Adult) + 2C(Children)*

*Additional charge is applicable for the 3rd (third) person
*The 1st floor is top level while the 8th floor is the hotel’s ground floor

And the other room is the Premier Suit. I fell in love with this room. This spacious room has a gigantic windows and breathtaking view!

Premier Suite
Located at the 2nd Floor down to 8th Floor of the hotel building. A spacious modern 62-sqm room and wooden floor panel with a spacious bathroom featuring shower and bathtub are separate. A king size bed (200 cm x 200 cm) and all beds are furnished with plush duvet covers. All rooms are also equipped with LCD TV 42 inch, DVD and Radio Player, a safe deposit box.

Room Details
Bed Type | King-size bed (200x200 cm)
Bathroom | Shower
Latest Facility | Complimentary in-room broadband internet
Size (sqm) | 62
Views | valley
Number of Rooms | 12
Max. Occupancy | 3A(Adults) / 2A(Adults) + 1C(Child) / 1A(Adult) + 2C(Children)*

*Additional charge is applicable for the 3rd (third) person
*The 1st floor is top level while the 8th floor is the hotel’s ground floor

When we went to our room it was already 14.35, Actually, every guests in Padma Hotel Bandung can enjoy the complimentary Afternoon Tea from 15.30 to 17.00 at hotel restaurant. But I rather to enjoy the pool.

The pool is right next the gym area. The officer greet us with a beautiful smile and gracious hospitality. The towels are nice and clean.

I really enjoy the pool. I thought it will be a little bit cold because it was in Bandung and no body swim that time. But surprisingly the water was warm and really enjoyable. I really like wide and deep pool, and Padma Hotel indulge me with that kind of pool, so I can seriously swim and burn some fats. FYI the deepest area is 180 cm. yup, quite deep right?

I can relax at the edge of the pool while looking at the greenery. Such a wonderful experience, it was so calm and refreshing!

After a long warm bath at my room, me and my family decided to order some food from the restaurant. too bad the lighting was not really good so I cannot take a picture. But I really love the Pizza and the mango mousse dessert.

In the morning, I can see beautiful view from my window.  I also can see people doing Yoga from my window. Such a wonderful day to start right? Yup, I hit the shower before breakfast, because I already booked a car, so I can go sightseeing and enjoy my day around Bandung.

The breakfast place is the same restaurant that I have had lunch yesterday. Actually, the restaurant is quite spacious and has a wonderful view. Too bad, when I went there, the hostess only asked our room number and let us in. They let us freely choose our own table. Actually, I really miss the 5 star hotel hospitality where the guests was escorted to the available table. Me and my family must walk around the restaurant to find the empty table. After few minutes looking around from the restaurant, we decided to eat our breakfast on indoor area. Shamefully, Padma Hotel's hostess or waiters in the restaurant didn't have a clue that we are looking for the available table for several minutes there.

For the food, actually it was actually nice and quite diverse. you can mix matched the fried rice and sausages, and went to the egg corner to have a sunny side egg. But the dim sum corner is not as good as I thought. It was bland and too much flour in it.  The peanut sauce was great though.

Surprisingly, they serve ice cream for breakfast! So I told my sister that she can order some waffle and add some ice cream on the top.

At the end, my breakfast was nice, despite i have to go around the restaurant to find an available table for my family. After that I went all around Bandung with the rented car.

I stayed at Padma Hotel Bandung for 3 days 2 nights. I really love how the quick response when I need something from my room, and really satisfied with the bell boy. But on the last day, I have the same the bad experience at the breakfast and front desk when I checked out. Indeed, Padma Hotel is a beautiful place to stayed, but hopefully they can improve their hospitality and services.

Have a great day and Godspeed


Jl. Ranca Bentang No. 56-58
Ciumbuleuit, Jawa Barat 40142, Indonesia

Twitter: @padmabandung
Instagram: @padmabandung

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  1. Seperti biasa, fotonya cuakep-cuakep hehehe.

    Sayang yah beberapa pelayanannya kurang bagus.

    Btw, naiknya dari statiun mana Om Soy? :D

    1. Waaa.... Makasih Mbak Lia... Aku naik dari stasiun Gambir ke Kebun kawung (St Hall Bandung). hehe

      Mungkin aku yang terlalu berharap. Tetapi jalan2 di restorang cari meja kosong itu agak aneh sih untuk sekelas bintang 5. Di situ mereka kurang perhatiin kayaknya... Makasih yaa udah mampir :)

  2. Ah, foto2nya Om Soya selalu bikin speechless