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There’s an art to creating great tasting coffee.

Our NESCAFÉ® Dolce Gusto® capsules 
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From our beautiful espressos, to indulgent 
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Hi guys! I just want to show off a little bit. 
I have got this beautiful Nescafe Dulce Gusto from Code Hunter!

I really love coffee! But to tell you the honest, I barely drink coffee at my boarding house. I just think it is really troublesome to preparing my favorite coffee. That is why I am very grateful that finally I have got this Nescafe Dulce Gusto from Code Hunter!

What is Code Hunter? 
Code Hunter is a code hunting application that can be downloaded through smartphones. The existence of this application aims to trigger the audiences who are able to collect the most points through the media they encounter.
Why Code Hunter?
As communications is getting more sophisticated over the past years, advanced technology has rapidly growing fast. Technology has transformed human communication to faster and greater degree than ever before. 
Televisions and screens are no longer the media where people entertain them self without any action for doing something. Present days screens have the role to change someone's behavior and they are no longer considered as passive source of entertainment but they are created to stimulate people in engaging with the advertisers. 
Alternative Media Group (AMG) as part of out of home advertising platform; envision that one day interactionwill go beyond by just downloading information, but turningit into actions which is to shop anywhere, anytime. Whit that vision, AMG Create an easy-to-use mobile app to bring advertisers closer and connect to the targeted individual.


CodeHunter is an activity
in which you are challenged to hunt
for codes placed throughout various promotional
Alternative Media Group TV points.


How to Participate Code Hunter?

  1. Download the CodeHunter application found on Google Play (Android) or the Apps Store (iOS).
  2. Register accordingly to the provided fields.
  3. Points are earned by submitting codes found throughout various spots in Jakarta, sharing via social media or inviting friends to join CodeHunter.
  4. CodeHunter is open to the public; there is no age or gender restriction.
  5. Each participant is only allowed one CodeHunter account.

Code Hunter Point System:

  1. Sign up: 1,000 points (one time registration).
  2. Daily login: 100 points (1x24 hours).
  3. Input code: 750 points (for each code entered each day).
  4. Share: 30 points (for each shared item, every 6 hours).
  5. Referral: 30 points (maximal of 20 invite friends within a 1 day period)

Where can I have the codes for Code Hunter?
Codes may be found on AMG's TV frames or TVCs.

Here is the list where AMG's TVC's can be found:

| Arthaloka Building | Equity Tower | Gedung ANZ Tower | Gedung Artha Graha | Gedung Bank Panin Pusat (dh. Panin 1 Building) | Gedung Bank Panin Senayan (dh. Panin 2 Building) | Graha CIMB Niaga | Graha Mandiri (dh. Plaza Bumi Daya) | BEJ | International Financial Centre Building (dh. Wisma BCA 1) | Mayapada Tower | Menara Sudirman | Office 8 | Pacific Place | Plaza Asia (dh. Plaza Abda) | Plaza Sentral | Prince Center Building | Sampoerna Strategic Square North Tower | Sonatopas Tower | Sudirman Plaza | The Plaza Semanggi | Wisma 46 Kota BNI | Wisma Bumiputera | Wisma Indocement | Wisma KEIAI (dh. Kyoei Prince Building) | Wisma Nugra Santana |

| Gedung BPPT I | Gedung Indosurya Center | Gedung Jaya | Gedung Oil Centre | Gedung Sarinah | Menara BCA - Grand Indonesia | Menara Thamrin | Menara Topas (dh. Gedung Bank Eksekutif) | Plaza Gani Djemat | Plaza Permata | Sinarmas Land Plaza Menara / Plz BII | Wisma Kosgoro | Wisma Mandiri 2 | Wisma Nusantara | 

| Bakrie Tower | Gedung Ariobimo Sentral | Gedung Asuransi Wahana Tata | Gedung Granadi Selatan | Gedung Granadi Utara | Gedung Jasa Raharja (Kantor Pusat) | Gedung Lina | Gedung Palma One (dh. Century Tower) | Gedung Wirausaha | Graha Binakarsa | Graha Irama | Menara Duta | Menara Gracia | Menara Imperium | Menara Kadin Indonesia | Menara Karya | Menara Kuningan | Plaza Centris | Puri Matari 1 | Setiabudi 2 | Setiabudi Atrium | The H Tower | Wisma Bakrie 1 | Wisma Kodel | Wisma Tugu II

| Cyber Building | Graha XL | Grha Surya | Kuningan Place | Menara Bank Danamon | Menara Rajawali | Menara Rajawali Podium | Menara Standard Chartered / Menara Satrio | Multivision Tower | Permata Kuningan | Plaza Mutiara | Rifa Building | Tifa Building | Wisma Staco |  
| Gedung Bangun Tjipta | Gedung GP Plaza | Gedung Krakatau Steel | Gedung Manggala Wanabakti | Graha BIP | Graha Merah Putih (d/h Grha Citra Caraka) | Graha Mitra | Graha Mustika Ratu | Graha Surveyor Indonesia / Adhi Graha | Kartika Chandra Office | K-Link Tower | Menara Bidakara 1 | Menara Global | Menara Jamsostek Selatan | Patra Jasa Office Tower | SME Tower (dh.SMESCO UKM) | Wisma Argo Manunggal |

| Gedung Bank Bukopin | Gedung Nindya Karya | Gedung Waskita | Graha Adira | Menara Hijau | Wisma Indomobil | Wisma Korindo | Wisma Millenia |

| Alamanda Tower | Arkadia | Gedung Antam | Gedung Sovereign Plaza | Gedung The CEO | Graha Elnusa | Graha Satria 1 | Graha Simatupang - Tower 1 | Graha Simatupang - Tower 2 | Menara 165 | Menara FIF | PHE Tower | Plaza Alstom | Plaza PP | Ratu Prabu 1 Building | Ratu Prabu 2 Building | Trihamas Building | Ventura Building | Wisma Raharja |
| Bellezza Building | Beltway Office Park | Cervino Village Office | Gedung RPX Centre | Gedung Telkom Jakarta Selatan | Gedung Tranka|  Gedung Twink Center | Gedung Victoria | Graha Anugerah | Graha Iskandarsyah | Graha Kapital | Graha Mampang | Graha Mobisel | Graha Pena Jawa Pos (dh. Graha Pena) | Graha Sucofindo | Inti Fauzi Corpora | Multika Building | Mutiara Building | Oleos 1 | Oleos 2 | Pondok Indah Office Tower 1 (dh. Wisma Pondok Indah 1) | Recapital Building | Tetra Pak Building | Wisma Mampang | Wisma PMI |
| Gedung Bank Bukopin S. Parman | Gedung Kencana Tower | Gedung Panin Life Center | Gedung Tanamas (dh. Lippo Daan Mogot) | Gedung Telkom Jakarta Barat | Gedung Total | Graha Antero | Graha Indramas Lestari | Graha Kencana | Grha Muncul Mekar (dh. Graha Tedja) | Griya Sinta | Kantor Imigrasi Kelas 1 Khusus Jakarta Barat | Perkantoran Hayam Wuruk Plaza Tower | The Bluegreen Tower A | The Capitol Building | The Victoria | The Vida | Wisma 77 | Wisma 77 Tower 2 | Wisma AKR | Wisma RMK | Wisma Sejahtera | Wisma Slipi | Wisma Windu |  
| ASEAN Tower | E Trade Building | Gajah Mada Tower | Gedung Askrindo | Gedung Basarnas (dh. Merpati Nusantara) | Gedung Datascrip | Gedung Indosat 1 | Gedung Jamkrindo (dh. Sarana Penjaminan) | Gedung Kantor Pusat PT. PELNI (dh. Pelni Gajah Mada) | Gedung Kementrans | Gedung Menara Merdeka | Gedung Menteng Raya 21 (dh. Gedung ADIRA) | Gedung Sarana Budi Makmur (dh. Graha Makmur) | Gedung Sarana Jaya | Gedung Tata Puri | Graha IKA | Grha 9 | Menara Batavia | Menara Multimedia | Menara Ravindo | Menara Salemba | MGK | Perkantoran Primagraha Persada | Vinilon Building | Wisma Antara | Wisma Bisnis Indonesia | Wisma Tugu Raden Saleh | Wisma Tugu Wahid Hasyim | 

| De Ploit Centrale | Gedung Telkom Jakarta Utara | Graha Kirana | Graha Rekso | Kirana Two | Kobexindo Tower (dh. Cordova Tower ) | Maspion Plaza | Perwata Tower | The Honey Lady | Wisma Eka Jiwa | Wisma SMR | Wisma Udaya | 

| Gedung Asabri | Gedung Askrida Tower (dh. IS Plaza) | Gedung BPKP | Gedung IS Plaza | Gedung Telkom Jakarta Timur | Menara Cardig | 

| Gedung German Centre (Graha Telkomsigma) | Grha Telkom BSD | Griya CIMB Niaga 1 Bintaro | Menara Dynaplast | Menara UPH | Synergy Building | Wisma BCA |

What is the Prize?

Well, you can exchange your points with a very interesting prizes such as this Dolce Gusto for 40,000 points. But Why stop there? For your information, there will be Monthly Grand Prize & End Of Year Grand Prize!
  • The Monthly Grand Prize is New Motorcycle (off the road, excludes tax) to be given for the fastest time of redeeming 75,000 points.
  • End Of Year Grand Prize of New Car (off the road, excludes tax) to be given for the fastest time of redeeming 750,000 points, or to the user with the highest points by the end of the period (December 2015). 

So? What are you waiting for? Download Code Hunter Now for your smart phone NOW, and start to collect points!

You can download it here:
 Google Play            Apps Store 

Have a great day and Happy Hunting!

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