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Here is a quick review!

As an ode to Indonesia’s 70th independence anniversary, Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta partners with one of the country’s most celebrated chef, Petty Elliott, in showcasing authentic flavors presented with a modern take.


Food Writer, consultant and restaurant critic, Petty has been involved in promoting the flavours of Indonesia over the last 10 years since returning from living in the UK, where she participated in the BBC’s Masterchef competition. Championing modern Indonesian cuisine with international audiences, as well as reawakening interest at home, has been her passion. Petty writes regularly for The Jakarta Globe and Now! Jakarta magazine and previously also consulted as head contributor for Miele Guide, Asia’s Best restaurant Guide for 5 years.

A sense of place and innovative dining are values Mandarin Oriental pledges to create. Honoring the special Independence Day, an approach to feature the best undiscovered local favorites from different regions has been opted for Cinnamon, the hotel’s restaurant known for its delectable Indonesian cuisines.

With Indonesia being a vast country with many islands, Chef Thierry Le Quéau and Chef Petty Elliott select iconic local dishes, perhaps not always known by those living outside the region, and giving it a different spin; From Aceh - to Medan - to Padang, down to Java, crossing the sea to Bali, up to Maluku and on to Kalimantan.

I am very thrilled to be invited by Mandarin Oriental, Jakarta and to collaborate with Chef Thierry,” Petty said, “We look forward to feature different dishes from the many regions in Indonesia not many have explored.

"I am very delighted to be working with Chef Petty," says Executive Chef Thierry Le Quéau. "I have known her for years and I am very excited to share her passion for Indonesian cuisines."

Highlights include; Gohu Ikan – a dish of tuna sashimi with chilli and basil salsa from Maluku, Rujak Buah – Cinnamon’s own Javanese fruit salad, Sie Itek - duck curry from Aceh, Sate Udang Rica-Rica – Manado’s prawn satay with its famed sambal rica-rica, Arsik – the special Tapanuli style braised barramundi with ginger flower, Mie Ayam - Jakarta’s favourite bowl of noodles and chicken soup, and Konro – Cinnamon’s signature dish of slow braised beef hailed from Makassar.

Making things more exciting, Chef Thierry and Chef Petty have collaborated in creating a signature dessert that combines an iconic French sweets with Indonesian flavour; Mille-feuille Kolak Pisang. The mille-feuille will be layered with palm sugar spread, coconut jam and mousse, banana pureed with cinnamon, and chopped cashew. A deconstruction of Indonesia’s well-loved dessert, it is a play of authentic ingredients and flavours weaved into layers of pastry goodness. Mille-feuille Kolak Pisang is priced at IDR50,000+ and will be available at The Mandarin Cake Shop for one month.


Let me introduce you to Mille-feuille Kolak Pisang from the result of the collaboration between french and Indonesia. 

Actually, mille-feuille is one of my favorite desserts.. yup. I really love the crunchy texture of puff pastry that combined beautifully with vanilla custard. But after I have tasted this beautiful and aromatic mille-feuille... I want it more and more!

Beautiful aroma from palm sugar, combined beautifully with cinnamon. Sometimes, banana and coconut milk can be overwhelming and add heavy texture to dish. But this mille-feuille still has its fluffiness and light consistency.
Taste the indulging sensation of Kolak pisang in a shape of mille-feuille from Mandarin Oriental Jakarta.

Flavors of the Archipelago – A Culinary Interpretation promotion is priced at IDR 328,000++ and will be available in Cinnamon restaurant from 15 August to 23 August 2015. For further info, please contact +62 (21) 2993 8823 or email


Jalan M.H. Thamrin
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

Telephone: (021) 29938888
Twitter: @MO_JAKARTA
Instagram: @mo_jakarta

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