[TIPS] PHOTOSHOP #2 - Adjusting Levels

7/02/2015 Soya Yanagawa 3 Comments

Hi guys,

Sometimes we can not avoid to take a yellowish photo. Especially if we were invited to some restaurants or events. We have to depends on their own lighting. 

Since I barely touch the blitz, I often to take a yellowish pictures. Well, this is how I outmanoeuvre this picture to make it much better or less yellowish by using photoshop.

For those who have using photoshop, you might already know how to give adjustment by touching the Image options. But I just want to give you another option to adjust your picture by using "Adjustment Layer". If you cannot find the Layer window, you can go to "Window>Layers" or simply touch F7.

You just click the adjustment button on the layers page, and choose what kind of adjustment do you want. The adventages from this method, you still have your original picture. And you can edit it again and again until you have your favorite adjustment.

Well, Let me give you a tutorial for that.

OK, you might already know about the "high pass" and "Overlay" thing. But for you who are new to this website, you can see the previous  TIP (How to add more textures).


OK, to reduce the yellow color, I often to use "Levels".. You can just pushed the "adjustment layer" Button and pick "Levels..."

The Levels option will be shown like this. I often to click the "Auto" button. But sometimes, the auto button is not really helpful. So, This is how I manage to reduce the yellowish color

On the "RGB"Option, change it the "blue" first.

You can see the end of the colorchart number 1 was separated quite far from the white pointer (number2) Well, all you have to do is just click and drag the number 2 pointer closer to the number 1.

Note #1: If you move the pointer there will be changes on the picture's color. If you move it to the left, Blue will become bolder and brighter. If you move it to the right, the blue color will be decreased and darker. same goes withe the "red" and the "green" options.

After you have moved the pointer, the picture will ad blue color on it. So that is why the picture will be more red-ish.

Do the same technique with  the green and the red option. and you will see the colors become balance and not to yellowish anymore. 

Note#2: Here is something that you have to know:
  1. If you add BLUE -> It will reduce YELLOW and increased the BLUE & RED
  2. If you add GREEN -> It will reduce RED and increased the GREEN & YELLOW
  3. If you add RED -> It will reduce GREEN and Increase RED
If you have mastered this method, you can try to fix the color with "color balance" option. 

Well, actually the picture is not yellowish anymore. but sometimes, the color become dull. So that is why I usually add "Brightness & Contrast" to make the color become bolder. 

The brightness pointer will allow you to control the lighting. If you want to have a darker picture, just move the pointer to the left. Or to the right if you want to have the opposite. 

The Contrast control the color and the shadows The higher the numbers (move it to the right) the bolder it gets. 

Here are the examples 

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  1. You can also set a custom white balance on your camera before every shoot. That way you'll be spending less time on post-processing, especially if you have hundreds of photos to go through.

    1. Thehe.... that's right... but sometimes, even when you already set your white balance, It still look yellowish.

      BTW, you can just copy and paste the level's layer or just click and drag it to the next photo. (if they were in the same lighting condition) It will make your editing become faster.

      Thanks for your info

  2. Great photos and tips! You need to read this for quick improvement, editing and converting images in HDR.