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Marutama Ramen - Plaza Senayan

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Have you ever go to Marutama Ramen at Plaza Senayan? This first Marutama Ramen in Jakarta is quite hidden. You have to go to the foodhall, go through Warung Kita, walkthrough the security and walk along the alley to find this place.

But even though it was hidden, this Marutama Ramen is always full with the Ramen enthusiast. Rumor said that Marutama Ramen is one of the best Ramen in Jakarta.

Actually, the outlet is not too big, but it has a friendly, warm and really nice ambiance.

To be noted, do not be surprised when you looked at the price. It is quite pricey and expensive for a lot of people. But you will find it soon!

Chawan Mushi | IDR 18,000
Steamed eggs custards with chicken and shimeji mushroom.

I always start my Japanese dining experience with this silky steamed eggs custard. It was quite hard to find a wonderful chawan mushi that really fit with my appetite.

For me, this chawan mushi from Marutama Ramen has a bold fishy odor. I think that the dashi no moto is quite overwhelming. But what makes this Chawan Mushi special is they put a piece of ginko nut on the top of the chawan mushi. It adds some texture and sweetness into the dish.

Tamago Ramen | IDR 71,000
Chicken soup Ramen with tamago "soft boiled flavored egg"

I really adore the broth. It has an elegance thickness, beautiful fragrance and awesome flavor.

For your information, Marutama Ramen was known for its wonderful and delicious Toripaitan soup! It was 100% pure chicken broth that made with no MSG. To make this Toripaitan soup, they need 5 hours daily cooking process and preparation. The soup itself must has a golden and glistening color with a silky texture and awesome taste.

Yup, 5 hours to make this toripaitan soup. If the soup was not in a perfect condition, they have to re-do it again until it reached the standardization. That is why it was so pricey. They invest the time and the ingredients to make this awesome toripaitan soup.

That wonderful soup was served along with homemade hakata-styled ramen noodle, half-boiled aji tamago and negi, and with melt-in-your-mouth char siew.

Zenbu Ramen | IDR 99,000
Chicken soup Ramen with favorite topping mixed together, perfect combination

On Zenbu Ramen, the Toripaitan soup was served along with the ramen noodle, half-boiled aji tamago, negi, aosa seaweed topping, complete with awesome char siew and mouth-drooling kakuni.

The kakuni is the king on this ramen. I never thought that this Japanese braised pork can be this silky and delicious! Beyond comparison, this kakuni is the best thing i have tasted so far.

If you aren't a pork eater, you have to try their half-boiled aji tamago. It was rewarded as "The Best Tamago" in Japan! It has unique texture that fully boiled at the surface but yet still half boiled on the inside. It was blended perfectly with the seasoning.

Well, for the conclusion, Marutama Ramen is one of the must try place for those who called them self as a ramen lover. Or it is a must try ramen restaurant for those who get bored with a thick and greasy ramen broth. And one more thing, you will be amazed if you can find this hidden place, It feels like your'e having a scavenger hunt in Plaza senayan.

have a great day and Godspeed!


Plaza Senayan - Sentral Senayan 1
Lantai Basement
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8, Senayan, Jakarta

Telephone: 021 5724050
Twitter: @MarutamaRamen
Facebook: MarutamaRamen

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