Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit

Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit - Cilandak Town Square

7/23/2015 Soya Yanagawa 3 Comments

Who doesn't know Holycow! the most famous steak restaurant in Jakarta! But have you noticed that there are differences Between "Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit" and "STEAK HOTEL by Holicow!"?

Surprisingly not everyone (even my friends) knew about Holycow! Well, here is the major difference from them. Look at their logo, "Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit" use white as their background, while "STEAK HOTEL by Holicow!" using red as their background. For their menu, they both served steak as their forte, and their sauce were also similar with each others. But if you look a little closer, you can find that there were a differences on their menus.

OK! Today, I am going to invite you to the Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit that located at the 1st Fl. of Cilandak Town Square. Their location is right beneath the Gold's Gym, the opposite direction from Matahari Department Store. 

For sure, you will be amazed with the spacious and the capacities of this place. You can choose to sit on the smoking area or the non smoking area. Such a wonderful place to visit with your friends and colleagues. I love the warm-welcoming ambiance and homey interior design. Even though the seats was quite a little bit uncomfortable, I really enjoy walking to this place.

OK, before I go to the dishes, I will brief you how to ordered your steak.

First - choose the Meat!
You can choose your most favorite cow's part.
On Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit you can choose between:

Sirloin (4) is a good cut of meat that comes from the lower portion of the animal’s ribs, and it’s got more of the best cuts out there, such as the tenderloin and the top and bottom sirloins. It has fats on the corner that really juicy and full of flavor.

Rib Eye
A rib (2) cut of meat is arguably one of the finest cuts of meat from the cow. It’s here you’ll find the best cuts such as prime rib, short ribs and rib eye steaks, all of which are prized for their juiciness, tenderness, marbling, and superb flavor.

The tenderloin (5) is an oblong shape spanning two primal cuts: the short loin and the sirloin. It has two ends: the butt and the "tail". This muscle does very little work, so it is the most tender part of the beef.

Second - (Still) Choose the Meat!
Now, it is time to see your wallet.. Haha... If you have more budget, you can choose more tender meat like the Wagyu. But for further information, you can asked the waiter for enlightenment.

Third - How to cook your meat!
Rare: Cool RED Center
Medium Rare: Hot RED Center
Medium: Pink Throughout
Medium Well: Slight trace of Pink
Well Done: Browned throughout.

Fourth - Choose your sauce!
On Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit you can choose
- Home-made Mushroom Sauce -
- W Sauce -
- Buddy Special Sauce -
- Blackpepper Sauce -
- Barbecue Sauce -

Fifth - Choose your Side Dish!

For the side dish, I mean the vegetables. You can choose between sautéed spinach or green beans.

Sixth - Choose your Potato!
You can choose between the French Fries or the mashed potato

Seventh - Enjoy your Steak!

Sirloin BIG BITES! IDR 130,000

I ordered a 400gr Sirloin, cooked medium, with Barbecue Sauce, Sautéed spinach and mashed potato.

I don't know about you guys, but for me, Sirloin is the best cut that really suit with my palate. I really love the juicy fat that melt when it was cooked. Some people think that sirloin is the part where it has too much fat on the corner. But I think that those are the best part and the full of flavor!

Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit cooked this steak with perfection! I really enjoy the dish and it has a juicy pink interior. it was really tender and seasoned beautifully. Combined with my favorite sweet-sour barbecue sauce really makes my day!

I choose the big bites because the price and the size! It is a worth to try dish and such an indulging dish from Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit 

Rib Eye BIG BITES! IDR 130,000

My friend ordered this 400gr Rib Eye, cooked well done, with homemade mushroom sauce, sautéed spinach and mashed potato.

Well, my friend love  this dish so much. But I am not a biggest fans of well done steak. I just think that it will reduce the juiciness and the richness of flavor. I do really admire how Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit cooked this steak well done. They slice it thin in the middle so it will cooked smooth through the center. Accompanied with sweet-savory and creamy mushroom sauce, makes this dish can be easily melt someone's heart who ate it.

Wagyu Tenderloin! IDR 185,000

One of my friends really love tenderloin, that is why she indulge herself with 200gr wagyu tenderloin, cooked well done, with barbecue sauce, green bean and mashed potato.

Once again, I don't know why did they choose to cooked the meat well done.. sigh... But well, maybe they love it cooked through the center, so the image of eating the meat rare will not crossed into their mind. But for your information, Beef, unlike certain other meats, does not need to be cooked through. Food-borne human illnesses are not normally found within a beef steak, though surfaces can potentially be contaminated from handling, and thus, very rare steak (seared on the outside and raw within) is generally accepted as safe.

One thing for sure, if you ordered this wagyu tenderloin, they will give you two kinds of dressing. 

One thing that I really love Holycow! is, they served a free refill ice tea. you can choose your favorite ice tea like Lemon Tea, blackcurrant Tea or Green Tea. Well, my most favorite is the green tea!

have a great day and Godspeed ya'll!


Cilandak Town Square, 1st Fl.
Jl. TB Simatupang, Cilandak
Jakarta Selatan

Twitter:  @steakholycow

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  1. astagaaaaa salaah besar jam 11 malam mampir ke blognya om soya =,=

  2. masih ada ya yg di citos? di webnya kok ga ada tkp citos? apa mungkin krn nyatu sm mall?

    1. hmm... istilah "TKP" itu digunakan oleh "STEAK HOTEL by Holicow!"

      Kalau "Holycow! STEAKHOUSE by Chef Afit" menggunakan istilah "CAMP"
      Beda yahhhh