[TIPS] PHOTOSHOP #1 - Add More Textures!!!

6/09/2015 Soya Yanagawa 4 Comments

I adore photoshop!
For an amateur photographer like me, there will always a mistake when taking a pictures. Either it was too dark (under) or to bright (over), or even there were unnoticed thing that actually really disturbing after we look at it. That is why I adore photoshop! It helps me to correct the silly mistakes that I don't notice when I took the picture.

Well, without any further, here is the first tip that might be useful for you:


Not every camera or lenses have the wonderful ability to captured every detail texture. But thanks to Photoshop, we can make the intensity of the texture become bolder. Just like the picture above.

Indeed, it is a simple thing. But for me, it has huge impact especially when you took photo of a crispy croissant, chiffon cake, meat etc.

Well, here is the steps:

- 1 -

Open the file and then duplicate the layer. You can right click the "Background" layer and choose "duplicate layer"

- 2 -

After you clicked the "duplicate layer" you will see the duplicate layer option. Well, just press enter or click OK and the "background" layer will be copied with the name "Background Copy"

- 3 -

On the "background Copy" layer, Go to:
Filter > Other > High Pass...
You will see that your picture will become grey and the High Pass option will be shown.
It was depend on the picture size, but I often to use 5 pixels as the radius and then press enter or click OK.

- 3 -

After that, you just go to the layer panel and change the "normal" option into "overlay" and voila!! The texture become bolder.

- NOTE -

To be noted, you can duplicate the "Background copy" to add more textures. But if it was a little bit bolder you can decrease the opacity. But be careful, if you use this methods, it will add more noise into your picture. So, you better use Low ISO when you take the picture.

Bellow is the example before and after I add the textures.... Well, If you follow the steps above, upload your picture on Instagram, use hashtag #soyavsfood and don't forget to tag me!

have a great day and Godspeed!

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  1. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    Karikaturnya lucu banget. XD

    Aku photoshopnya baru cs4 nih, belum ada duit lagi buat beli yang cs6 :p
    Nice share :D

    1. CS4 juga udah bagus kok Ron... :) tapi emang photoshop yang udah CS juga dah keren......

      Beruntung kantor sedikit up to date untuk masalah Photoshop.... hehehe Thanks buddy!

  2. Keren Oom Soya~ Minta tips lagi doooong #nagih :P

    1. Wkwkwkwkwk.... kalau ada tema atau masalah yang lain jangan ragu tanya yah... mudah2an di edisi berikutnya akan dipasang kalau aku bisa menyelesaikannya... hehehe... makasih yaaaaaaaa