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[DIARY] One Day Shooting with Foodies Fellow & Toyota AGYA - My Agya My Style

6/22/2015 Soya Yanagawa 5 Comments

My heart soar like an eagle when I have found out that I am one of the 2 weekly winner from My Agya My Style Blogging Contest. That Indonesian Food Blogger  and Toyota Agya held.

Well, I was asked to spend one day with the Toyota's crew to have a one day shooting for Toyota's documentation that will be published on youtube.

Without any further, here is my story:


Exactly 09.00 am the Toyota crews picked me up at my boarding house at Kemang. After the introduction, they give me a key so I can drive Agya for this whole day.

What makes me really love this Toyota Agya is the size! Indeed it looks small from the outside, but actually they have an ample cabin. for a 180 cm high guy like me, I can fit into the car! and I am not feeling that I am in a confined place. Here is a brief about Agya.


The Toyota Agya is a city car by Toyota, designed by Daihatsu and manufactured by Astra Daihatsu in Indonesia.  The name "Agya" was taken from the Sanskrit word meaning "fast" 
The car was announced and showed at the 2012 Indonesia International Motor Show as Toyota and Daihatsu's answer to the Indonesia government's plan for the LCGC. Initially the car was available for advance booking after the show but it only lasted for few weeks because the manufacturers were waiting for the government to finalize regulation regarding the LCGC. The Agya use 1.0 liter 1KR-DE three-cylinder engine in Indonesia. 
After a year since it was announced, Agya was officially launched and sold to general public on the second week of September 2013.


After they give me the key, they start to shot some picture while I am driving. Well, the venue was around Kemang and Prapanca. Kind a weird though that I have to act normal while there is a person holding a camera beside me. 

Next thing that I have to do is posing right beside the car and walk to the driving seat. OK, this scene was attract too much attention. Back then, I do not care about my sexy curve of fat.. I just hope that I can finish this scene as fast as I can.

OK, next scene is I have to drive this Agya alone on an empty street. Well, that was easy... because I am sure that my face is not taken. Haha... After that, they took a scene from the front while I am driving. They put a Go Pro on the back of the other car, and I have to follow that car.


After that, we went to Jani's house in Radio Dalam area. We went there and pick Jani up. But before we went to Lia's House, there is a must scene there. The shoot was about I pick Jani up at her house, when she is doing her Yoga. Just kidding..... She just reading a book... such an uninteresting activity, right?...... sigh... It could be more fun if she pose a toe stand or standing bow pose..


Twitter: @anjanidisti
Instagram: @Anjanidisti

Well, after some shoot, we went to Lia's house at Kelapa Gading.


Again.... my bright and wonderful idea was rejected by them.. I pick Lia up while she is playing with her gadget.... So lame right?? If I picked her up while she is doing a pirouette or arabesque... it will be a legendwhywaitforitdary!


One thing for sure, her mom is very kind and awesome! She gave us a snacks that she made by herself. Too bad i didn't take a picture... It taste delicious though.


Twitter: @ratnaaulia
Instagram: @ratnaauliah

Oh, we also took a scene on the living room! I pretend that I am in my living room and get ready to pick up the girls. Well, after that.... we went back to Kemang.


YUP! We went back to Kemang! It is already noon, and the traffic was stressful. Luckily Agya has small body, so we don't have any difficulty overtake other cars.... Hehe.... That time, Lia and Jani were very noisy. They said that they are very hungry.... It reminds me to the huge baggage that Agya had. I really want to put them on the baggage to shut their mouth... Haha....


Finally, we arrived at The Cat Cabin. The Cat Cabin was located at the 2nd Floor of a building on Jl. Kemang Raya No. 31. Actually, it was located across the Takigawa restaurant. You have top go up with the stairs, they do not have an elevator.. So, Prepare yourself and do not use any high heels.

We went there on the weekend, so there is a sure charge to get in. The rate is IDR 50,000/person/hour and add IDR. 30,000 for the next 1 hour.  For kids, you can only pay IDR 35,000 and IDR 20,000 for next hours.

The place was actually not really spacious, but beautifully decorated. There were cute trinkets on the shelves and everything was related to cats. Oh, there was a huge cats playground in the center of the room, for cats playing around there.

There are only a few cats, and they all were sleeping around that room. For me, the quantity of the cat is not much. Indeed, they were adorable.. But still I can only see less than 10 cats there.

Salmon Miso Don | IDR 60,000

OK, actually, the portion was ridiculously small, and overpriced. It taste so flat and flavorless. 

Actually, Salmon Miso Don from The Cat Cabin is a Salmon Rice Bowl with Miso Glaze. Kind a weird, because miso has a strong and thick savory-sweetness from a soy bean. But I can barely taste the miso paste on this dish. The salmon has already lost its freshness it was served not very hot..

The only thing that really taste good is the broccoli. The rest of it was really disaster.

Gyutan Don | IDR 70,000

Beef Tongue Rice Bowl was served with their special sauce. From the 3 menu that we have tried, this Gyutan Don is the only thing that has a flavor on it. 

But it taste was not really satisfying. It only has the savory taste from the sauce, and the tongue can be more tender than this. But the most dissapointing thing is, the not-too-hot gyutan don become cold because we poured the sauce into the container.  What is donburi, if it was served cold?

Chicken & Garlic Yakimeshi Don | IDR 45,000

Kind a funny... Actually, we went here with an empty stomach. But even that we are on our starving conditions, we can not enjoy the dish. It was tasteless and cold. IDR 45,000 for this small portion and tasteless fried rice, obviously not worth it.

It was lack of seasoning and really unappetizing.

Kitty Punch | IDR 25,000

Kitty punch is a mixture between Orange Juice and milk. Actually, the mixtures looks weird and very unattractive. It looks like there is a sediment on the beverages. It taste weird too. Especially they didn't add some ice to it. Actually, this is the weirdest beverages I have ever tried. 

They put the drink on an asymmetrical glass with a cute lid. But to tell you the truth, decoration is not really important if the drink has an unappetizing looks and taste. Such a failure and expensive drink for me. 

My experience to The Cat Cabin was actually a very disappointing experience. The Cat Cabin is not the place for foodies who want to find a delicious and jaw-dropping dish. But for a cat lover, The Cat Cabin is a great place for you to play with cute and adorable cats.


Jl. Kemang Raya No. 31, 2nd Fl.
Kemang, Jakarta


Next destination is Ancol. We use Jakarta Outer Ring Road to Ancol. Yup, it is a long way to go. But surprisingly, this cute city car has an awesome power. It can go fast without any problem. Maybe it was because the TRD-S.

Did you know that TRD is an acronym from Toyota Racing Development? It is the in-house tuning shop for all Toyota, Lexus, and Scion cars. TRD is responsible both for improving street cars for more performance and supporting Toyota's racing interests around the world. TRD produces various tuning products and accessories, including performance suspension components, superchargers, and wheels. TRD parts are available through Toyota dealers, and are also available as accessories on brand-new Toyotas and Scions.

Because of that, we arrived at Ancol less than an hour with still an empty stomach (considered our breakfast/lunch is just a cup of rice)


After some briefings, we start shooting for documentary. First thing to do was the three of us are driving happily and lively around Ancol.

Actually, I have a sin to commit.... While we were given the opportunity to drive Agya around Ancol all by ourself, we parked the Agya and took pictures a lot with it...... But Karma came very fast. we have got lost in Ancol area.... sighh... That is why we asked them to send us their location, so we can go back and reunite with them.

Next shoot is using drone. Cool right? Yup.... this aerial shoot looks cool and awesome. Such a wonderful moment to share.

Last shoot before dinner was we went to the beach and start walking. I am amazed with the beautiful scenery and breathtaking panorama. 


We went to Talaga Sampireun to have our dinner. If you don't know where it is, you better asked to the security on Ancol Area. Coz this Telaga Sampireun's location is a little bit tricky (We've got lost to go there)

This restaurant looks very stunning and beautiful.

Derived  from Sundanese language, Talaga Sampireun means a stop at the edge of the lake. A cozy place with an unique architecture, where you can hear the serenity of whispering wind and the splashing water.

Talaga Sampireun serves an authentic Sundanese traditional menu with the freshest and natural ingredients.

With a wonderful view, fast and great hospitality, and awesome food, Talaga Sampireun is the best place to end the exhausting day!

I would like to say sorry because I didn't write the name of the dishes and the prices. But Actually, Talaga Sampireun is a Sundanese restaurant with a jawbreaking ambiance. To be noted, Sundanese food was known for its spiciness, and Telaga Sampireun is the best place to dine with friends, colleagues and of course with your family.

Too bad that the three of us has already got a gastric problems, so we cannot really enjoy the dishes. It was a very tiresome day and consider we only eat a bowl of rice at 03.00 pm, our stomach cannot really handle a heavy and spicy food.

Will come back soon with a healthy stomach!


Taman Impian Jaya Ancol
Jl. Lapangan Golf 7
Ancol, Jakarta

Twitter: @TalagaSampireun


After a tiresome day, finally we went back to our home. So, to be acknowledge, our rute starts from Kemang (my place) - Radio Dalam (Jani's Place) - Kelapa Gading (Lia's Place) -  Kemang (The Cat's Cabin) - Ancol - Kelapa Gading (Lia's Place) - Kemang (Soya's Place) - Radio Dalam (Jani's Place). 

OK, Last, I barely post a picture of myself.... But this is our tired faces and exhausted looks.... Haha... Well, indeed it was such a tiring day. But I cannot imagine if Jani and Lia weren't there... Because of them, this tiring experience become a wonderful and mesmerizing day.

Click the doodles to go to their experience!

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to:

Without them, this event will never exist.

have a great day and Godspeed!

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