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Nanami Ramen - Bendungan Hilir

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What is your most favorite ramen restaurant in Jakarta?

Well, actually, Nanami Ramen is one of my favorite ramen restaurant in Jakarta. I really love the calming ambiance and the warm atmosphere on this restaurant. :a

The chef on this restaurant was Akiyuki Iitaka san, a professional chef of Japanese, Italian, and French cuisine. He is also known for specialising in ramen noodles. He owns and operates many famous restaurants in Tokyo, Japan.

Akiyuki Iitaka has brought Nanami chicken based ramen concept to Indonesia. His motto is “happy customers, positive energy and create a unique and tasty ramen for everybody to enjoy”. He hopes Indonesian customers will enjoy the taste of the real chicken ramen.

Nanami Ramen located at the 1st floor of Teras Benhil. You can find it after 2 times using the escalator. 

I really love the decoration. It was not much, but looks beautiful. The ceiling was decored with lantern and the seats were using a colorful cushions. The mural looks stunning and the ambiance looks stunning.

In other words, I really love this place and will be one of my favorite spot in Bendungan Hilir area. Well, Lets take a look at their dish:

Spicy Miso Ramen | IDR 40,000

Sometimes, I doubt myself for being a foodie. Is there something wrong with my palate? Because sometimes, when I find a nice place with a very nice dishes, but they have low grade on zomato. One of them even said that the noodle was tasted like instant noodle. But I actually love it, It has a firm shape, beautiful textures and and wonderful taste. It was not like an instant ramen noodle! When I asked to the waiter, they said that all of the ingredients were HOMEMADE. 

Spicy Miso Ramen is my most recommended dish at Nanami Ramen. The broth has sweet indulging miso taste with a very nice kick of heat. The thickness of the broth was perfect for me. 

The broth and the ramen were complemented with boiled veggie, boiled egg, chicken meat, leek and chilly. But everything on the dish were beautifully cooked and seasoned. Take a look at the boiled egg. It was cooked beautifully so it still has the moist and the juicy part of the yolk. I really love the chicken. It has a hint of garlic fragrant and calming taste.

Overall, this spicy miso ramen is a wonderful dish that you have to try at Nanami Ramen.

Chicken Karage | IDR 20,000

I always ordered some chicken karage, every time I went to this place.Well, I really love the crunchy texture on the exterior and the moist interior. 

It taste nice and wonderful. Actually, I know someone that will happily order it with a bowl of rice. Can hardly wait to asked her to come to this place.

Green Tea Panna Cotta | IDR ???

Ok, First of all, I forgot the price for Nanami Ramen's panna cotta. But I rather called it as a pudding. Because the texture was way to firm and hard for panna cotta.

I do not know why this panna cotta was called as green tea panna cotta.... I cannot even taste a green tea flavor on this dish. But fortunately I really love the ogura, the red bean paste on the top of the panna cotta.

Overall, it was a nice dessert, but failed to be named as green tea panna cotta.

Actually, I really love the ramen, especially the Spicy Miso Ramen, the free refill ice tea or sweet ice tea, and I really love the friendly price because it was affordable and worth to spend. A very nice place to be enjoyed with friends or your beloved one. 

Have a great day and Godspeed,


Teras Benhil, Lantai 1
Jl. Bendungan Hilir Raya No. 34
Bendungan Hilir, Jakarta

Telephone: 021 29017387
Instagram: @nanamiramen

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