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Happy Day - Ir H Juanda, Jakarta

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When I hear about a restaurant named Happy Day, it reminds me about my childhood. Even though that I went there 22 years ago, the happiness and laughter still lingered in my mind. I cannot forgot about the day when I went there with my beloved dad.

Now, I went back to "Happy Day" without my father. Yup, He  passed away in 2010. I thought that it will make me sad, because it will reminds me about him. But, Happy Day is not the place for you to have a saddened day.

I have a great time and wonderful experience there! I can meet with cool people, foodies and blogger, and then we talked, shared and laugh. Such a mesmerizing event from Happy Day and Indonesian Food Blogger.

Located at Jl. Ir H. Juanda makes Happy Day restaurant actually quite strategic and can easily be found. This restaurant was always crowded, especially on the weekdays, that is because everybody loves this restaurant.

Every sadness and sorrow will be washed away as soon as you stepped into this restaurant. You will be exhilarated with the ambiance of Country Style environment. I really love the rustic and vibrant ambiance, it looks beautiful and so inspiring. Charming wooden tables and chairs add some homey and kinship vibe.

Happy Day serve a diverse kind of food and beverages. Yep, you can find Indonesian Corner, Chinese Corner, Italian Corner and Western Corner. So it will not be a problem if your group want to eat a diverse kinds of dishes.

Before we review the food and beverages, there is a fun fact that you should know. Well, Happy Day actually is the first and the oldest project of Imperial Group. In fact, Happy Day was first known in the early 90's but the group itself was built in 2008. Imperial Groups is the company that handles the Imperial Lamian, Imperial Kitchen, Cafe 35, Imperial Cafe, Imperial Treasure, Imperial Cakery and their upcoming restauran named Yumzaa. Well, here is a brief about Imperial Group:

Founded in 2008, the Imperial Group is a leader in conceptualizing, developing and operating one of the best group of restaurants in the region. Each of the establishments is having their own identity and fit for every ages. Imperial’s vision is to create a dining and lifestyle experience unique in its intimacy and style, in an environment of comfort where food and service excellence is exceptional and unrivaled  
We at Imperial Group Culinary Concept provide a first class culinary establishment with a fast services and uncompromisable good quality of food.Imperial Group is the fast growing company specializes in food & beverages industry

Mushroom Soup | IDR 18,900

The mushroom soup from Happy Day was served with a very humble yet classy presentation. This thick and creamy soup was awarded with abundant of mushroom. It has warm and bold indulging taste of mushrooms that will uplifting your appetite. This earthy and cordial soup is the best choice to start your dining experience at Happy Day.

Beef Lover Pizza | IDR 31,900

This classic tomato based pizza that was topped with beef, bell pepper, mushroom and mozzarella cheese. This dedicated to beef lover pizza, has rich flavors and textures. You can taste the sourness of tomato sauce, sweet from the meat and savory from the cheese blend together in your mouth. Not just that, you will be indulged with the diversity of textures that makes you immerse in delicacies.

Oh, the portion is not to big, so it was perfect for 2-3 person.

Aglio Olio | IDR 31,900

Aglio E Olio translates to ''garlic and oil'' in Italian. It was a traditional pasta dish that came from Napoli. It was made by lightly sauteeing minced or pressed garlic in olive oil. Usually, they added dried red chili flakes to add some spicines on the dish. But Happy Day's Aglio Olio use chopped fresh cayenne pepper, that is why it give you a great kick of spiciness.

I really love the garlicky taste! The sausage and mushroom add some sweetness into the dish. Such a wonderful pasta from Happy Day.

Even though that you can ordered the not spicy one, but for me the earmark from Happy Day's Aglio Olio is the spiciness.

“Monster” Cheese Burger | IDR 73,900

Why it was called as Monster? well it was obviously because the enormous size of the burger! Really love the tender, juicy and well seasoned patty. The bun itself has a beautiful textures and fragrance. Complemented with gorgeous melting cheese, mayo and fresh vegetables, really make this cheese burger gigantic in size and flavor.

One more thing, The price is really worthy! Such a wonderful dish to pamper your appetite and your tummy.

Chocolate Melt | IDR 28,900

This all time favorite dessert from Happy Day was served along with swirly chocolate-white ice cream and garnished with mint leaves and cherry on top.

Actually it was quite easy to make this most famous dessert. you just add the mixture of chocolate-butter with whisked eggs-sugar. But it is quite hard to find the right measurements and ingredients. That is why not every chocolate melt taste delish and satisfying.

Different from the others, Chocolate melt from Happy Day has the perfect measurement between chocolates bitterness with sugar's sweetness. Really love the richness of textures and temperatures. Served with milky ice cream, this Chocolate Melt become sensational!

Happy Day Delight | IDR 26,900

This soda-orange-grenadine drink is a gratifying beverage from Happy Day Restaurant. This drink's presentation looks stunning with its beautiful layers on the hurricane glass.

It has rich flavor that complement each other. You can taste the sweet indulging grenadine syrup collaborate beautifully with the zest of orange juice and perfected as a thirst-quencher by the soda. Actually, orange juice with soda is already become a common beverage, but the grenadine adds exceptional flavor to this beverage

Summer Punch | IDR 17,900

From the look, this colorful drink looks so fresh and invigorating. I really love the passion fruit syrup that really identical with tropical fruits. Such a wonderful drink to quench your thirst from the heat of Jakarta. Served with basil seeds (selasih), colorful jelly and strawberry pieces really refreshing your stamina to the fullest.

Overall, I really love this place, I will come back to try their other dishes. Such a wonderful place to have a Happy Day!

Happy Day Restaurant

JL. Ir H Juanda No. 19
Jakarta Pusat
Phone: 021-3858245
Twitter: @happydayresto

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