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[DIARY] Weekend getaway - Hotel Ara Serpong

6/18/2015 Soya Yanagawa 4 Comments

My heart soar like an eagle when I have got the invitation for staycation at ARA Hotel gading Serpong. Well, before I started to tell you about my experience there, Let me introduce you to Ara Hotel Gading Serpong.


ARA Hotel Gading Serpong is one of the brand managed by PARADOR Hotel & Resort Group, along with several other renowned hotels like Vega Hotel, Atria, Fame House and Starlet Hotel. They have expanded their business at Jakarta (Gatot Subroto - Cakung), Tangerang (Gading serpong), Banten (Paramount Island/Ujung Kulon), Batam, Palembang, Lampung, Bekasi, Bogor, Yogyakarta, Magelang, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Bali, Lombok, Timika and Jayapura. 
ARA Hotel Gading Serpong stands on a 2-hectares plot, with the hotel building itself being connected to a modern apartment block. ARA Hotel is the first 3-star hotel which is located in Paramount Skyline Complex - Gading Serpong. This hotel has 136 superior room type with 4 meeting rooms, WiFi connection up to 7 mbps, ample parking lot, YuGo Restaurant, Modern Spa, semi Olympic Pool and Mini Waterpark.  
Only 25 minutes from Soekarno Hatta International Airport and surrounded by other supporting facilities such as golf course, shopping mall, bank and hospital makes ARA Hotel Gading Serpong is one that really superior for its' strategic and amenities.

OK, without any further,  here is my story:

09.30 Starbucks Senayan City

I was told that the meeting point was on Senayan City's Starbucks area at 10 o'clock. But like always, I went there early than the meeting time. Me and my friends, Yenny and Dedy start the day with a cup of coffee and quiche from starbucks.

After a while, the representative from ARA Hotel Gading Serpong join us and asked us to hit the road. I am amazed that time, because the one that pick us up is the PARADOR Marketing Communication Executive, Tiffani Siantono and  ARA Hotel Gading Serpong Marketing Communication Executive, Dona Handayani.

10.45 On The Way To Serpong

After a chit chat, we start our journey to Serpong with Dona and Tiffani. They were a very cheerful and down to earth gals. We talked and we laugh all along our road trip to Serpong. Such a wonderful trip!

11.26 Arrived at Serpong

less than 1 hour, we finally arrived at ARA Hotel Gading Serpong. I really admire their location! you can go to Sumarecon Mall Serpong on foot! Their ample parking was one of the most important things too!

The lobby was not very spacious, but still looks neat, charming and elegant. You will be greeted with friendly smile by hospitable receptionist. With fast and informative services, I have got my key-card to my room at 218.

11.42 Check In at Ara Hotel

I am so happy when I find a welcoming note in my room.

The Superior Rooms looks stunning and charming. But the most obvious thing on this 23 sqm room is the coziness! It was equipped with facilities such as Internet, a 32 inch LED TV with a selection of local and international channels, a safe deposit box, as well as a wardrobe and minibar!

I really love the fluffy pillow and the spacious room and modern bathroom.

12.12 Lunch At YuGo Restaurant

After we have checked our rooms, it is time for lunch! The lunch will be held on YuGo Restaurant at  level F1 ARA Hotel Gading Serpong.

We were served like a King! that is my first impression when I went to YuGo Restaurant. We were served an all you can eat buffet from YuGo for our lunch. Yup, they usually served buffet only for breakfast or special occasions.

Before I go further about YuGo restaurant, here is a brief that you should know:


Located in the Ara Hotel Gading Serpong, YuGo Restaurant has the typical fusion menu variants of Japan as a leading choice for dining with friends and family. 
A wide selection of Sushi and Sashimi such as Roll Combination Platter, Lava Vulkano, Fried Futomaki and others. YuGo also provides appetizers menu such as Edamame Salad, Mixed Seafood Sunomono Salad, and Baby Octopus Salad. Variant of Soups such as Miso Soup, Udon Noodle Soup, Soba Noodle Soup. Or Bento Sets such as Chicken Teriyaki Bento Set, Beef Yakiniku Bento Set or Gindara Bento Set. 
The mainstay for drinks, YuGo Restaurant presents Green Coffee which is a captivating combination of flavored coffee and green tea. In addition, the choice of Indonesian, Asian and Western menus are also available at YuGo Restaurant to give options to guests who attend. 
With a minimalist interior design and trendy, YuGo Restaurant capable of accommodating up to 100 people, is perfect as the intimate function room to host events such as; corporate gathering, birthday and other private events. 

At YuGo Restaurant, you can choose if you want to have your dining experience indoor or outdoor. Indeed, it will be much cooler inside the building, but the beautiful thing if you choose to spend your lunch outdoor, you can see the refreshing pool and waterpark or you can watch box office movies on the giant screen.

Well, while I was there, I cannot hold myself to get indulged with YuGo's delicacies. They served an outstanding Mie Goreng Java, Soto Ayam, and assorted desserts.

I was introduced with the PARADOR's Corporate Marketing Communications Manager, Mrs. Pramita Sari and her wonderful team. Really honored to have this kind of hospitality from them. After we have had our lunch, Ms. Dona and Ms. Tiffani give us a tour at ARA Hotel Gading Serpong.

14.18 Tour at Hotel Ara Gading Serpong

What makes ARA Hotel Gading Serpong different from the others?
They have mini water park! I often see a three-stars hotels that near with a water theme park, but I barely see a 3-star hotel with their own water park!

Another thing that amazed me, ARA Hotel Gading Serpong has a semi olympic pool! The semi-Olympic swimming pool is one of the largest hotel pools in Tangerang, with a wide range of water games/sports that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

FYI, they also have a pool bar, so you can enjoy a thirst-quencher drink while your'e watching your children having fun at the pool.

Wash away your fatigue and tiredness by pampering yourself at a modern spa named Famous Spa. ARA Hotel Gading Serpong know how to indulge their customer. They provide a serene, stress reliever, and wonderful place to boost up your mind and body for the next day on the level P3.

14.28 Free Time Means Pool Time!

Well, after the tour, me and my friends went to the semi-Olympic swimming pool. We have so much pleasure and fun there. Even though it was 2.30pm,

 is one of the largest hotel pools in Tangerang, with a wide range of water games/sports that can be enjoyed by children as well as adults.

16.49 How to Make Sushi Roll

After free time, we go back to YuGo Restaurant to learn how to make a sushi roll. We were tutored by Chef Jaelani, who kindly and patiently teach us and answered all of our questions.

Well, I will share you the steps that Chef Jaelani told us.

- 1 -
First, you have to get your hands wet. Make about a handful of rice to a ball of rice. It's important to keep your hands wet while working with sushi rice because it is sticky. 

- 2 -
Gently put the rice ball in the center of the seaweed (nori)

- 3 -
Start spreading the rice equally on the nori.
Do not press it too hard, but merely spread it over the nori.

- 4 -
Chef Jaelani asked us to pour some sesame across the rice spread.

- 5 -
Turn it up side down

- 6 -
Place the filling at the middle of rice. 
That day, Chef Jaelani give us an example by using tempura and kyuri (Japanese cucumber)

- 7 -
Gently rolled the rice and nori around the filling. 

- 8 -
To make it firm by using the sushi mat.
you can see that the sesame is become the top of the sushi

- 9 -
Use the "push then pull" technique to cut the sushi roll.

- 10 -
Serve with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.


And here it is! The tempura and kyuri sushi roll! quite easy right?

19.00 Dinner at YuGo

Actually every Saturday night, YuGo Restaurant serve a barbecue night. You can have a wonderful all you can eat barbecue night, accompanied with a live band that can bring you your favorite music. Everything were beautifully prepared and served. But I am not going to tell you about the barbecue night.

YuGo Restaurant is a Japanese-fusion themed restaurant. YuGo serves a wide range of traditional dishes from Sakura Country like Sushi, Bento sets, Chicken Katsu and a wide selection of drinks deriving from green tea and other delicacies.

OK, to be noted, the food below are just a sampler. YuGo make it for us so we can taste all the recommended dishes. So the real size portion will be bigger. Well, here is my experience!

Chawan Mushi | IDR 20,000

Chawanmushi, which means "steamed tea cup", is a velvety egg custard in a light sea-scented broth with hidden treasures. The mirin really adds sweetness and enhances the taste of the other ingredients. It has beautiful fragrant and rich textures. Such a wonderful dish to start our Japanese dining experience at YuGo Retaurant.

Roll Combination Platter | IDR 60,000
& Sashimi | IDR 95,000

For a sushi & sashimi lover, you mustn't resist these kind of indulgent. Shake sushi roll was served with two kinds of fusion sushi roll that has heat flavor and crunchy textures. They also give us a maguro, shake and kanikama to add some color and flavor on the platter.

Ramen Noodle Soup (55K++)

Almost every ramen house in Jakarta served a thick and oily broth that has strong savory flavor. But Ramen Noodle Soup from YuGo Restaurant has an elegant look and flavorful taste. The ramen was complemented with carrot, bok choi, enoki, mushroom, boiled egg, chicken and nori. So you can imagine the rich flavor and textures.

Grilled Salmon Teriyaki Sauce IDR 145,000
Beef Yakiniku | IDR 85,000
& Mix Tempura | IDR 65,000

I really love the grilled salmon teriyaki sauce. The burnt scent from the grill really brings up the appetite. The smokey taste of cooked salmon blend together with the sweet-savory taste of teriyaki sauce.

The beef yakiniku has a mesmerizing taste and textures. So tender and juicy. But the tempura was OK. Well, for me, there is nothing special about the tempura, but it was safe.

But do you know that I really love to eat tempura with a lot of grated daikon (white carrot / white radish). Indeed, a lot of Japanese restaurant in Indonesia didn't serve tempura with grated daikon. Luckily YuGo Restaurant serve a grated daikon and ginger. The daikon adds more fragrant and tangy kick on the tempura. Just mixed the daikon into the tempura sauce. You can add some ginger to make it more flavorful.

Fried Japanese Green Tea Ice Cream | IDR 40,000

Well, actually.... green tea is not my favorite flavor.... But for those who love a combination between crunchy and moist, hot and cold, this can be a wonderful dish to try at YuGo Restaurant.

Snuffy Healthy Drink | IDR 35,000

What do you think about healthy drink? A lot of people think it was weird and far from delicious. Well, actually you better find out do they add some pineapple and lemon? Coz by adding that two ingredients, the drink will become perfect for your health and your tastebuds. The lemon neutralized the earthy odor, and the pineapple integrated the bitterness from the vegetables.

Such a wonderful drink to be enjoyed at YuGo Restaurant.

21.00 Free Time!!

Well, actually the night is still young. Because it is still raining, me and my friend gathered around in one of my friend's room. We talk and we laugh until late night, and we decided to call it a day. Well, because we have a lot of plan for tomorrow.

06.00 Breakfast Time!

I wake up at 06.00 in the morning and go straight to YuGo Restaurant to have breakfast.

I really amazed with the diversity of the menus. you can eat porridge, nasi uduk, sushi rolls, ramen, cereals, breads, etc. Indeed, we are very satisfied with the dish and the assorted beverages. Me and my friend wake up early so we can hit the pool for one more time. But we know that we mustn't swim with full tummy, so that is why we talked and chit-chat a bit before we go to the pool.

08.00 Free Time Means Pool Time Again!!!

Really love the semi olympic size pool. Such an indulgent for a swim-addict like me. Me and my friends already decided that if the sun is not friendly anymore, so it is the time we have to finished our swimming routines. And it was almost 10.00. So we went back to our room and hit the shower. after that, it is the time to pack our bags.

11.39 Check Out 

It is really hard to say goodbye to a wonderful hotel like ARA Hotel Gading Serpong. Especially with the awesome facilities and wonderful services that they provide to us. Such an unforgettable memories we have had at Serpong.

Thank you so much for inviting me to your wonderful hotel. Godspeed ARA Hotel Gading Serpong, Godspeed PARADOR Hotel & Resort Group.

Ara Hotel Gading Serpong

Jalan CBD Barat Lot #1
Paramount Skyline Complex
Gading Serpong, Tangerang, Banten 15810, Indonesia

Phone: 021 29205999

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  1. Nice...sekarang makin banyak deh doodle mukamu.hehe lucuk. apalagi pas baca yg bagian buat sushi. bagus!.

    1. wkwkwk.... makasiii.... tapi liat petanya dooonnggggggg itu yang menggemaskan (makin narsis)

  2. ugh bagusnyaaaa.. bener kata shabrina, bagus yg bagian sushi.. spt biasa deh, kreatip!! you rock!!!