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[DIARY] Weekend Getaways at Jakarta PART II - SUNDAY

5/12/2015 Soya Yanagawa 3 Comments

Halo! Such a wonderful day right?
Do you remember about the picture above? Well, if you missed it, you can read it Here. 

But, there is nothing wrong to rewrite the story right?


It was all started with a conversation between me and my friends. We talked about almost everything, from a serious conversation through a silly discussion. One day, the theme of our conversation is about motivation. My friend told me that actually, it was quite easy to motivate our self. All I have to do is to print something that really I desire most. "Your goal!", he added. He said that we could print huge house like a palace, exotic and expensive sport cars, or places that we really want to visit. After that, we just put it on a place that we can easily find or often see. The idea to print those things is to remind us about our goals.

SHORT STORY, I have printed the Toyota Agya picture and I bring it in my bag on the weekend. Why? well, I fell in love at the first sight. Toyota Agya's body looks so tough yet so sleek and beautiful. Other considerations that this will be my MUST HAVE car are the ample cabin with awesome audio, the huge baggage, wonderful safety equipment, thrifty gasoline, and the one and the most important thing... THE PRICE!! well, if I write another sentence about this car, this will be an automotive review. You can read and find out about this specification by downloading Toyota Agya's flyer Here.


Well, it was really hard to wake up early on the weekend. But on that Sunday, I woke up at 09.00 because Dedy and me want to explore Old Jakarta or Old Batavia (as known as Kota Tua Jakarta).  It is a neighborhood comprising the original downtown area of Jakarta, Indonesia. It was once a center of commerce for the whole archipelago due to its strategic location and abundant resources.

Nowadays, this 1.3 Ha area is always crowded for the weekend. But just a few of them know that actually this place was named as Kota (The Indonesian word for "City") for a reminder the walled settlement Batavia which gained importance during the 17th-19th century as the de facto capital of the Dutch East Indies, and not everybody know That Kota was  dubbed as "The Jewel of Asia" and "Queen of the East" in the 16th century by European sailors.

Jl. Lapangan Stasiun No. 1
Jakarta Barat 11110

For your information, I really love to go to the museums. That is why I can hardly wait to go to this place. Well, here is a brief about  Bank Mandiri Musium:

Bank Mandiri Museum is an economics museum located in Jakarta, Indonesia founded by Bank Mandiri on October 2, 1998. The museum is housed in a heritage building in Jakarta Old Town previously the first headquarters of the Netherlands Trading Society, one of the primary ancestor of ABN AMRO. The museum are closed on Mondays and public holidays. 
The museum building was formerly housing the Netherlands Trading Society (Dutch Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij or NHM), also known as "Factorij". The building stands on an area of 10,039 square meters. It was designed by J.J.J de Bruyn, A.P. Smits and C. van de Linde. Construction started in 1929 and was opened on January 14, 1933 by C.J Karel Van Aalst, the 10th President of NHM. The architecture follows the philosophy of the Dutch Nieuwe Zakelijkheid, a branch of modern architecture close to Art Deco. 
The building was nationalized in 1960, becoming the property of the Department of Export-Import of the Bank Koperasi Tani & Nelayan (BKTN). This became the Bank Export Import Indonesia (or Bank Exim) on December 31, 1968 until the legal merge of Bank Exim, Bank Dagang Negara, Bank Bumi Daya, and Bank Pembangunan Indonesia to become Bank Mandiri in 1999.

You only have to pay IDR 5,000 to enter, and you free to go everywhere around this museum. I really amazed with the strong structure of this place. It was build in 1933 and now, it is still standing strong in 2015.

I am amazed with the exterior, and the interior of this museum. The high ceiling, the neat structure and the detail rooms looks so beautiful and jaw dropping, especially when you have noticed that this building was build in the early 30's.

In this museum, you can find the evolution of technologies from the counting machines, computers, vaults, etc. But one room that I adore so much is the room that reserved for the legacies of Bank Mandiri Directors.

One thing that sadden me is when I saw someone left their trash on the inappropriate places, such on the table, inside the vault, deposit box, etc. Well, hopefully this museum can be well preserved and hold on until a very long time.

I am so surprised when I notice that I have spent almost 3 hours on this museum. Well, It is time for lunch!


Taman Fatahillah, Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No 14,
Kota, Jakarta 11110

Bangi Kopitiam was located on the Fatahillah Square areas. Just about 300 metres away from the Bank Mandiri Museum or 5 minutes walking distance, Bangi Kopitiam is waiting for your visit.

I am really surprised when I went to the inside. It was quite spacious and beautifully decorated. Really love the murals! so artistic and beautiful. For a non smoker guests, you can sit on the air conditioned room. A wonderful place to unwind and refresh your stamina.

Iced Lime Tea IDR 17,000
The Ice Lime Tea was quite delish and refreshing. It was really an eyeopener and thirst quencher. Such a wonderful drink to enjoy on a hot and tiring day.

Soya Bean with Herbal Jelly IDR 20,000
I choose this drink because I really love black cincau.. Actually, cincau has an unique taste and so does the soy milk. But it blends beautifully and really delish. The cincau adds some textures on the dish, really enliven the situation!

Malacca Portuguese Toast (Double) IDR 35,000
Actually this was a kaya toast. But I taste a caramel indulgent on this dish. Really taste great and the size really pampering! The delicious taste, rich texture and buttery fragrant really collaborate wonderful to have amazing sensation when you eat this kaya toast. Such a fancy dish from Bangi Kopitiam. A MUST TRY ITEM if you happened visit this place.

Dolly Prawn Wantan IDR 32,000
For the fried noodle, it was OK! It is not a disappointing dish, but it was too safe. Taste nice and the portion looks very pampering. But if they add some kick on this dish, this ordinary dish might become extraordinary.

Ipoh Curry Rice Noodles IDR 35,000
I really love the curry! Taste so bold but not overwhelming. This dish was full with indulging toppings that enriched the textures. but for me the rice noodle was overcooked. It was a little bit too mushy. but overall, I really love the broth and the toppings.

After we had our lunch and nice rest, we continued our journey to other places at Old Batavia.

Jalan Taman Fatahillah No.1
Kota Jakarta Barat
DKI Jakarta 11110

Museum Fatahillah as known as The Jakarta History Museum or Batavia Museum is located in the heart of Old Batavia, right in south of Fatahillah square. It was built in 1710 as the city hall of Jakarta and opened as museum in 1974. Here is a brief about Museum Fatahillah:

Jakarta History Museum is located in the building which was the former City Hall of Batavia, known in the past as Stadhuis. This building was the administrative headquarters of the Dutch East India Company and later of the Dutch Colonial Government. The current building was constructed in 1707 by the city government, replacing the former city hall built in 1627. Governor General Abraham van Riebeeck inaugurated it in 1710. As the city continue to expand southward, the building's function as city hall (Dutch gemeentehuis) ended by 1913. 
After the declaration of Indonesia in 1945, the building was used as West Java governor office until 1961, when Jakarta was declared an independent autonomy. Afterward the building was used as governor office of DKI Jakarta. In 1970, the Fatahillah Square was declared a Cultural Heritage. This effort was the beginning of the development of the historical area of the City of Jakarta, carried out by the Government of DKI Jakarta. The Jakarta History Museum was inaugurated on 30 March 1974 as the center for collection, conservation and research for all kinds of objects of cultural heritage related to the history of the City of Jakarta. The building's generous scale with massive timber beams and floorbands.

Have you ever count how many rooms on this museum? Well, there are 37 ornate rooms and cells beneath the front portico were used as dungeons, which function until 1846. Pangeran Diponegoro, Untung Suropati and Cut Nyak Dhien recorded once imprisoned here.

Museum Fatahillah has a collection of around 23,500 objects. The collection includes objects from the Dutch East Indies Company, historic maps, paintings, ceramics, furnitures, and archeological objects from the prehistoric era such as ancient inscriptions and sword. The collections are divided into several rooms such as Prehistoric Jakarta Room, Tarumanegara Room, Jayakarta Room, Fatahillah Room, Sultan Agung Room, and MH Thamrin Room.

The museum also contains a replica of the Tugu Inscription (the original being in the National Museum) from the age of Great King Purnawarman, which is the evidence that the center of the Kingdom of Tarumanegara was located around the seaport of Tanjung Priok on the coast of Jakarta. There is also a replica of the 16th century map of the Portuguese Padrao Monument, a historical evidence of the ancient Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

But, too bad that when I went there, the museum was already full with a lot of visitors. That is why I am not really comfortable to see and examine each and every room. One thing for sure, since the renovation on 4Q2014, every visitors must change their footwear with slippers. I think it was because they add parquet to cover the real floor. But too bad they give the visitor with random size of slippers. Mine was too small back then...

Another thing that really bother me is the inaccessible of female prison that was located right under the Museum Fatahillah.

Oh, you will not see the "Si Jagur" Canon at the back yard of the Museum Fatahillah anymore. It was moved to its origin place at the North side of Fatahillah Square.

I always get shivers when I went to the backyard. I just thought that actually this is the place where the execution happened, and below the portico, there were low ceiling rooms with small window where the male prisoners detained.

Jl. Pintu Besar Utara No.27
Pinangsia, Jakarta Barat 11110

OK, Actually I want to go to this place.... But unfortunately, they are closed. They only opened until 15.00. One thing for sure, to explore Old Batavia, one day is not enough!

That is why, I replace the bow towards the Cafe nearby.

15.20 Cafe Batavia

Jalan Pintu Besar Utara No.14,
Jakarta Barat 11230

Tel: +6221 6915531
Facebook: Cafe-Batavia-Jakarta
Twitter: @cafebataviajkta
Instagram: @cafe_batavia

Cafe Batavia is one of the hippest place that you have to go if you happened in Old Batavia areas. Indeed, they have wonderful interior and indulging ambiance. But too bad, I don't really impressed with their services back then.

I am so sorry that I forgot to write the name of the menu and the prices. I did not have the bill because I was treated by my friend. But I still remember the dessert and my drink. 

The Three Sins of Amazonia IDR 80,000
Chocolate nougat and pistachio ice cream with caramel sauce and almond biscuit on the top

I already said that I am not really impressed with their services that day. We have ordered some drinks, appetizer, and dessert, but the desserts comes before the appetizer. Even before my drink! The other ridiculous thing is the ice cream has already melted and the presentation looks horrible. It taste good though... really love the pistachio taste and the caramel thing.. 

Es Kelapa Muda
Es Kelapa Muda means Iced young Coconut, but ironically, they didn't put Ice inside the coconut.... I didn't complained because I already tired and thirsty. The coconut was the third items that come to our table sequentially. I even use the dessert spoon to peel the coconut meat. 

Seafood Platter
We ordered this platter actually for appetizer or snack while we are talking. But unfortunately this "appetizer" or snack, come last. The squid was perfectly cooked. It is not chewy or rubbery. but everything on that basket were warm, even the fries was cold.

I know, they have a lot of visitor that day. But at least please bring us a decent food (read: warm for the appetizer and still on the best form / not melted). The price was not very cheap though.... Hopefully, Cafe Batavia can improved their services.

Well, After that, me and my friend went back to our home to have a shower and very nice rest.

Well, That's it for my last weekend experience. Have a great day and Godspeed!

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  1. Ugh envy you guys.. Definitely will join you next time. Such a nice story. I really enjoy all of your writing and pictures. Nice one, Soya. And of course I notice the maps. Cute!!!

  2. IIhhhhh... Post nya kereeennn.... aku sukaaakkk.... Plan it for next trip aaahhh....

  3. Seru banget Soya jalan-jalan ke Kota Tua. Fotonya bagus-bagus banget postingannya juga oke banget. Ajak-ajak dong kalo jalan-jalan hehehe.