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[DIARY] Weekend Getaways at Jakarta PART I - SATURDAY

5/08/2015 Soya Yanagawa 15 Comments


It was all started with a conversation between me and my friends. We talked about almost everything, from a serious conversation through a silly discussion. One day, the theme of our conversation is about motivation. My friend told me that actually, it was quite easy to motivate our self. All I have to do is to print something that really I desire most. "Your goal!", he added. He said that we could print huge house like a palace, exotic and expensive sport cars, or places that we really want to visit. After that, we just put it on a place that we can easily find or often see. The idea to print those things is to remind us about our goals.

Actually, I think I am going to try it. But now.... What should I print?
Well, I do need a vehicle, but I didn't need the exotic and expensive car. Hmm... I rather choose to have a car that has nice exterior, huge baggage, ample cabin, and of course safety IS A MUST! Beside, as my probable first vehicle, I think a city car would be the best choice for me. After I browse for a while, I fell in love with Toyota Agya.

I fell in love at the first sight. Toyota Agya's body looks so tough yet so sleek and beautiful. Other considerations that this will be my MUST HAVE car are the ample cabin with awesome audio, the huge baggage, wonderful safety equipment, thrifty gasoline, and the one and the most important thing... THE PRICE!! well, if I write another sentence about this car, this will be an automotive review. You can read and find out about this specification by downloading Toyota Agya's flyer Here.

IN SHORT, I have already printed the Toyota Agya along with my mascot. Because the portable size, I just put it into my bag. So, the Toyota Agya will be accompanying me wherever I go... Kind a funny, I giggled every time I said, "I bring my own car", coz Literally I bring Toyota Agya Car on my bag.

OK, actually, on this post, I want to share you about my activities during last weekend. Well, here we go!


11.30 PARE'GU

Pare'gu at Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim was my first visit on last Saturday morning. 11.30 is not noon yet, that is why I say that it was still morning. Well, me and my friend want to go to Pare'gu since last Monday, that is why I haven't eaten my breakfast (another reason to called 11.30 AM is still morning). Without any further, here are the price lists at Pare'gu:

Adult IDR 139,000 ++*
Kids IDR 109,000 ++*

Weekend & Public Holidays
Adult IDR149000 ++*
Kids IDR 119,000 ++*

* Not Include drinks

Located at Menteng area, this Pare'gu is quite famous among the All You Can Eat Buffet lovers. Yup, Pare'gu has become one of the favorite restaurant. Just like other AYCEB restaurants, they served yakiniku and shabu-shabu as their main dishes, of course with their own special sauce.

But what makes Pare'gu different from the others? Well, beside their fresh ingredients, and very good service, Pare'gu serve a lot of kind side dishes and desserts.

For starters, you can eat their famous Oxtail soup (Correct me if I am wrong, the oxtail soup is only available at Pare'gu Menteng) or Tom Yam Seafood soup. The oxtail soup was very delicious and the oxtail is so soft and tender. The tom yam soup was so rich in flavor and spices. Both of them are marvelous things from Pare'gu.

Pare'gu really pampers their customers to the fullest. After you eat the yakiniku and the shabu, they still serves you with assorted snacks like siomay and fried dimsum! A wonderful treats while we are having conversation with our firends.

Another things that caught my attention are the desserts. You can choose mixed fruits, puddings or make your own mixed ice!

Oh, my "partner in crime" at Pare'gu is one of my best friend a.k.a my boarding house's friend; Dedy Miharza. You can check his IG at @dedymiharza.

Me and my friend was overwhelming satisfied with this AYCEB restaurant. We have decided that we will go back there for sure.


Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No. 41 B - 41 C
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10350

Telephone: +6221 3915456
Opening Hours: 11:30 am – 10:00 pm


After Pare'gu, we went to Kota Kasablanka, Tebet. Me and Dedy went there to meet our friend and his beloved wife. Oops... My friend and her beloved husband. Her name is Yenny Widjaja. You can check her IG at @yennymichael.

We already full, because we already have our lunch. That is why we decided to go to Baker's Gallery and grab a cup of coffee or tea.

Actually, we had bad experience here, but for some reasons, we decided to give them the second chance.

Baker's Gallery location is not as strategic as like the other coffee shop at Kota Kasablanka. They were located at right next to munchies.

The environment looks so clean and nice. With attention to detail decorations, Baker's gallery is a wonderful place for you to have a wonderful chit-chat with your friends or serious moment with works and deadlines.

Actually, I have tried their Ferrero Rocher Cakes and Ovomaltine Cakes, and it taste really wonderful! One of the best ovomaltine cake I have ever tried. But today, because of our full tummy, we have decided to order beverages. Except Michael, my friend's husband, he wants to try the pastry.

English Breakfast IDR 35,000
Ice Lychee Tea (I am apologize because I totally forgot about the price)
Americano IDR 30,000

Chicken Pie IDR 39,000
After I tasted their chicken pie, I have my conclusion that Baker's Gallery has a tremendous desserts, but not the pie or croissant. The crust of the pie is not flaky at all and the insertion was lack of seasoning and taste almost bland with creamy textures. Actually, for me.. it was overpriced and not really recommended.

Once again, I really love their cakes! For sweet-tooth, you have to try their cakes! And the environment feels so comfortable to have a very nice conversation with friends and colleagues. That is why we stayed there until 16.30


Kota Kasablanka Ground Floor
Food Society - FS 30
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870

Telephone: +6221 29386600
Opening Hours : 07.00 - 22.00 (everyday)
Instagram: @bakersgalleryid

17.19 MON VIET

Because Michael has other appointment, me, Dedy and Yenny went to other place to hang out and waiting for dinnertime. We went to Mon Viet at Setiabudi One.

Mon Viet is known for one of the best Vietnamese restaurant in Jakarta. And if you want to have a taste of authentic Vietnamese cuisines, Mon Viet is the right place for you to visit!

Located on the ground floor of Setiabudi One Building, this beautiful interior designed restaurant looks so warm and welcoming. The lighting was beautiful and outstanding. With wooden table and cute murals, this is a great place to have a wonderful Vietnamese cuisine with your friend or family.

On Mon Viet, I have my own list of MUST TRY ITEMS! Curious about the list? Well here it is!

Bun Bo Hue IDR 51,000
If you like spicy, Bun Bo Hue might be suit for you. This Spicy Huế beef soup with rice vermicelli that originated from the royal city of Huế in Central Vietnam has complex flavor with a heat aftertaste. Served with generous amount of toppings, this will be my favorite dish on Mon Viet.

Pho Dac Biet IDR 59,000
For pho lover, Pho Dac Biat is a recommended dish for you. This Vietnamese linguine-shaped rice noodle consists combinations of freshly sliced beef brisket, meatballs, delicious broth and fresh vegetables.

Horlicks Drink with Coco Crunch IDR 32,000
My favorite beverages at Mon Viet is this Horlicks Drink. It has rich textures and flavors! This earthy and delicious malted milk combined beautifully with the crunchy coco crunch. Such a mesmerizing beverage that makes this drink instantly become my favorite at Mon Viet.

Bean Curd Tofu
From a humble appearance comes a light and relaxing dessert. Really love the taste and the textures. It has strong indulging soy milky taste with a velvety texture. This bean curd tofu simply cleans your mouth.

Well, the food journey was not finished yet.


Setiabudi One, Ground Floor
Jl. HR Rasuna Said
Karet, Jakarta Selatan 12920

Telephone: +6221 5201040


Pizza e Birra became our last visited restaurant at that Saturday. We go there for a relaxing time before we went back to our home.

Actually, Pizza e Birra at Setiabudi one was very dark, the brightest place on that restaurant is only at their bar area. Pizza e Birra has a vibrant ambiance with rustic environment that decorated with very attention to details. One thing that I loved about this place is their high ceiling and their decor.

Well, lets make this review short, We just ordered one pizza and it was "Meat Me in Heaven"

Meat Me in Heaven IDR 96,000
This pizza is dedicated for meat lover / meat addict / meat holic etc. Because the pizza was showered with a lot of toppings made of diverse proteins.  The taste was rich. Sweet, sour and savory dancing together and makes a beautiful show on your tongue. The textures were indulging your mouth. Really an awesome way to end that Saturday.

After our indulging moment at Pizza e Bira, we went back to our home and couldn't wait until tomorrow.


Setiabudi One Ground Floor
Jalan HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 62
Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12920

Telephone: +6221 5203230
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 11:00 pm
Facebook: pizzaebirra
Twitter: @pizzaebirra
Instagram: @pizzaebirra

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  1. Wowwww... One of the best foodbloger in town mentioned my name on his blog.. How flattered i am... Actually i had the best adventurous thing on the last weekeend with my craziest bff. Couldn't hardly wait for the part 2 of your weekend diary. Hopefully your wish is what you get Mr. Soy...

    1. Can hardly wait till this Thursday dude!!
      See ya!!!

  2. a very well written of journey of the best food blogger in town :)

    1. Hee.... I don't think that I deserved with that title...... There are still a lot of blogger who has better blog than mine... just like yours...... Thank you so much :) Godspeed!

  3. Lovely. As always. Thanks for mentioning my IG account. XOXO

  4. Waw. Really detailed post Mas Soya. Really making me want to taste it one by one. *langsung jiper*

    1. Kau terlalu memuji.... Aku suka dengan caramu bercerita lohhhhh

  5. jujur kalo mampir ke blog ini yg diperhatiin pertama kali gambarnya dulu....cakeeebbbb
    omsoy kecil dengan agya-nya...

    1. Terima kasih Winda..... makasih aku dibilang cakep...... hehehehe..... #gagalfokus....

  6. Om Soya keren-keren banget foto dan idenya itu loch...sukses terus yaaaa.....

    1. hiks... akunya gak keren yah.... hiks....

      hehe makasih Wulan... makasi yaaaaaaaa

  7. Selamat ya Mas menang juara 2 mingguan, salam kenal dari Malang :-)

    1. Salam Kenal Mas Ihwan!

      Wahh gimana kabar Malang?? Kangen berat nih dengan Java Dancer Coffee di sana.....
      Dan pastinya Menjes!!!!

  8. speechless ama blognya. KEREN ABIS!!!

    *kulonuwun saking Semarang*