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4/18/2015 Soya Yanagawa 2 Comments

Kemang is one of the most favorite places in Jakarta to have culinary journey. But have you go to Lippo Mall Kemang? Luckily I live at Kemang area, so I can go there every time I wanted to.

I am really grateful when Indonesian food blogger asked me to help review 6 food & beverage outlets on Lippo Mall Kemang. Without any doubt, I just say yes and can hardly wait to write this reviews.

Well, here is my F&B outlets at Lippo Mall Kemang's reviews:


Infinite Delight is my first place to visit. Infinite Delight is actually an island on Lippo Mall Kemang, located on the upper ground level, right in front of "Avenue of the stars" entrance makes this outlet has a great and strategic place. Indeed, the presentation looks intimidating, but you know what, Infinite Delight is actually one of a hidden gem on Lippo Mall Kemang

Here is a brief about Infinite Delight:

As an Indonesian company established in 2009, Infinite Delight made its mark as the leader in premium cookies. Recipes and ingredients are of world class standards. Some cookies were based on recipes provided by chefs from renowned schools.  
Unique to Infinite Delight is the packaging of its cookies. Each cookie is individually wrapped to allow freshness and full enjoyment for consumption. Our cookies contain all natural ingredients that go through a rigorous selection process before being approved. This is the reason Infinite Delight products are best consumed 3 months after purchase. 
Not only are the cookies unique and delicious, but the experience of purchasing is different. Each customer is able to customize their order from the box, ribbon, cookie selection, even the greeting card to make a truly personalized product. 
Infinite Delight is continuously innovating, improving, and creating new cookies, packaging, and products to offer only the best to its customers. This is why we are the leader and we work hard to satisfy our customers. Cherish the moment and share the cookies. Come on by to our showroom and taste our delicious cookies today.

Yup, Infinite Delight is a place where you can indulged yourself with assorted cookies. It really makes me back into my childhood times. I really love cookies, even a traditional chocolate chips cookie can satisfy my tummy back then. That is why, when I have the opportunity to visit this place, It felt like I am in heaven! Especially when I can taste all of their collection.

Infinite Delight's cookies were made with perfection. From choosing the ingredients through the packaging were carefully thought and do. But what makes Infinite Delight deserved to be called as a hidden gem on Lippo Mall Kemang? Well, it was because they have Indonesia Savory Cookies Collection!


Yup, Indonesia Savory Cookies Collection! Infinite Delight's breakthrough is to make Indonesian Flavors into a shape of cookies. The Indonesia Savory Collection has 6 kind of flavors, which are:

The aroma of pandan exposed in a coconut rice and crunchy fried garlic
will make you come back for more

Uduk Delight cookie is one of my most favorite Indonesia Savory Cookies from Infinite Delight. Really amazed with the wonderful taste of coconut blend beautifully with pandan and garlic in the shape of cookie. The garlicky aroma is mesmerizing and undoubtedly addicting.

Discover the fusion of Indonesia herbs and spices in Rendang.
The processing method that use traditional way completes the uniqueness of the taste

I am giggling when I took a bite of this rendang cookie. I am amazed with this living proof that there is rendang in a form of cookie. The sensation when you ate this cookie, is just like a big bang from the universe. so rich of flavor, fragrant and textures. I am still amazed with the after effect when I ate this cookie.

Enrich yourself with Indonesia heritage golden colour chicken broth with a hint of lime
to add its freshness. Discover the richness of delicacies.

This savory cookie has a tangy lime on its aroma and taste, complementing the chicken broth and the spices. Really a wonderful cookie to accompanying your beautiful moment with your family, or friends.

Treasure the original spicy taste from the ancient Java recipe,
creating an exotic sensation to our tastebud

My MOST favorite Cookie from Infinite Delight will be Terasi Delight Cookies. It has a strong scent of terasi, which is an Indonesian variant of dried shrimp paste. It has strong unique taste and more importantly you are going to taste the beautiful aftertaste that really kicks your tastebud. Yup, it has heat on its aftertaste. Really a masterpiece from Infinite Delight!

Indulge yourself in the rich Indonesia secret recipe made from kluwak
that will leave unique familiarity

For those who love a strong rich tasting traditional Indonesian beef black soup, that originally from Surabaya in Indonesian province of East Java. You have to try this cookie that inspired from the soup that was made from kluwak. It has strong scent of kluwak and savory taste like rawon.

Discover the natural sweetness of yam from Indonesia farm that subtitude
carbohydrate. Delicate local heritage dessert and healthy snack

For Indonesia savory cookie, for me this ubi ungu delight is a failure one. Not because it was bad, but actually this cookie is a little bit sweet. The indulging sweetness from the yam really fulfill your mouth with gift and presents.

Such a wonderful experience for tasting this beautiful series of Indonesia Savory Cookies. If you want to give a present or souvenir, Indonesia Savory Cookie Collections can be a recommendation from me. It was so unique and really breakthrough!

Infinite Delight

Lippo Mall Kemang, Upper Ground Fl.
Phone: 021 95231778 

Twitter: @infinitedelight
Instagram: @infinitedelightcookies


Pizza Express is one of the most famous pizza restaurant in Indonesia. this will be my seccond place that I have visited for reviewing Lippo Mall Kemang. Located on the upper ground level of Lippo Mall Kemang, this 50 years experienced pizza restaurant are waiting for your visit. Here is a brief about Pizza Express:

It was all started from the love of Peter Boizot to Pizza. Pursuing his obsession, he travels to many city and many places and find out that there is no great pizza can be found on London. On 1965, Wardour Street, Pizza Express was launched. 
Later on 1967 he met with Enzo Apicella, an amazing artist and visionary designer. Both of them shared passions and decided to give stunning design, unique experiences and exceptional food. Decades later, those passions still inspire us. Particularly when we shake things up. Because knowing where you come from is the best possible guide to where you should go next. And 47 years later Pizza Express still embodies those principles – all across the world.

Melanzanine IDR 30,000
A mini al forno dish of layered aubergine, passata, mozzarella, béchamel. garlic, basil and grana padano

Actually I really love the presentation. It looks so humble yet beautiful. When you opened the lid, you will see white béchamel sauce with red tomato sauce or passata. with basil leaf on the top, really contrast and appetizing. I really love the eggplant (aubergine), it seasoned beautiful and perfectly cooked. Actually, if you want it, you can pair it with Bruschetta Originale "Pizza Express" IDR 32,000 to add some texture and fragrant

Carbonara Pizza IDR105,000
Beef bacon, garlic oil, mozzarella and grana padano cheese on a béchamel base with a free-range egg in the center, served with fresh parsley and grana padano cheese.

Different from the others, this carbonara pizza use béchamel sauce as the base. Topped with colorful ingredients, makes this pizza looks elegance and stunning. For the taste, it was mild, creamy and indulging. The textures were beautiful and the egg really add some texture and taste for the pizza. The sweet beef bacon perfected it!

Lychee Blackcurrant IDR 38,000
This drink is a combination between lychee syrup and blackcurrant, rewarded with 2 pcs will indulge your tastebud. Actually, the drink is quite delish. The blackcurrant really bold and refreshing, and the lychee add some textures. Taste really nice, but for me, the blackcurrant is overpowering the lychee.

Lemon Tea Mojito IDR 38,000
A wonderful thirst quencher from Pizza Express. Lemon tea was mixed with mint leaves and lychee. It has beautiful tangy lemon taste that mixed very well with the lychee. The mint add cool sensation and refreshing aftertaste. Really a perfect beverage for our tropical climate.


Lippo Mall Kemang, Upper Ground Fl.
Phone: 021 29704981 ext: 328

Twitter: @pizzaexpressidn


The third place is COCA Suki. Located on the Upper Ground Floor, with easy access to The Avenue of The Stars, this Suki Restaurant has a very great location and quite promising. But, do you know that COCA Suki actually a Thai-Chinese Restaurant? Well, here is their brief of history:

is our slogan to define COCA’s food. With “Simple” ingredient but made into delicious dishes with less salt, oil and no MSG. “Healthy” with nutritional value that are organic or hormone free. And finally “Lively” tastes with utilization of fresh Thai herbs and relax atmosphere in each location so all can enjoy. 

COCA Restaurants began as a humble 20 seat Cantonese restaurant in 1957. Within a year it moved to its still standing location on Surawongse Road with 500 seats and opened a second location at Siam Square and much to the surprise the 800 seat restaurant was packed to its full capacity from opening day onwards. 

Now becoming an International Restaurant Group name Coca Group of Restaurant expanded and diversified to Multi-Restaurant concepts, Coca Foods factory, and Exquisine System Co.,Ltd. Currently 3 generations later and always innovating the dining experience. 

In Thailand COCA is famous known as the first success “Suki” hot pot restaurant brand and overseas there’re 30 locations in 10 countries world wide!

My recommended dish here is their SET LUNCH. Well, When I went there, they served me with their Set Lunch B

IDR 95,000
Fresh Squid | Tofu | Fish Glue | Chinese Cabbage | Shrimp Ball | Pocai |Rolled Fish
Morning Glory | Shrimp Wonton | Lettuce | Chicken Fillet | Rice | Local Beef | Mix Fruits

Actually this set lunch was intended for personal portion. But I really amazed with the size.. So huge and overwhelming. For the broth, you can choose between chicken broth or tom yam. But if you can choose both and they will served it with the pan that have divider. 

What makes COCA Suki different from the other,? well, actually there are 2 things that makes COCA Suki stand out from the others. First you have to check their Tom Yum soup. I often found a thick and has bold sour taste from Tom Yum Soup, but at COCA Suki, the tom yum soup has a moderate thickness and the taste really suit for my palate.

The second thing that I have found at COCA Suki is their AWESOME homemade dipping sauce!

Their dipping sauce has a thick and strong flavour. Indeed, I can taste a lot of spices on this dipping sauce. But the most surprising good is, the aftertaste will give you a nice kick of heat. The sauce really compliment the dishes, really add some luxurious and grandis. 

Coconut Punch IDR 30,000
I really love the collaboration between the orange and the coconut. It really mixed well and complementing each other. Added with the mild and sweet banana syrup really make this dish into one step higher of freshness.

Thai Ice Tea IDR 24,000
Sometimes, Thai Ice Tea can be so thick and overwhelming. But not the Thai Ice Tea from COCA Suki. It has a very wonderful thickness and flavour. The milk and the tea mixed beautifully and complementing each other. the sweetness was perfect! Really suit for my palate and taste delicious.

My experience at COCA Suki was quite mesmerising. On the Set Lunch Menu, they give us mixed fruits as dessert. Really love the food, ambience and their services. Will come back for sure!


Lippo Mall Kemang, Upper Ground Fl.
Phone: 021 29704981 ext: 144

Twitter: @coca_indo
Instagram: @coca_indo


Killiney Kopitiam become my fourth place to visit. Located at The Avenue of The Stars, Upper Ground level. Actually, I really love the environment. It has a very warm vibe and very beautiful ambience. Well, here is their brief:

Located along the busy streets of Killiney Road, the existing shop front was founded in late 1919. Back then, while it was an antiquated yet humble shop, its famous bread toast and warm beverages was popular among many people. Though it was just an ordinary Hainanese Kopitiam, it promised well-brewed coffee and tea, not to mention traditional charcoal-grilled bread toast. Mr. Woon, a regular customer of the shop, loved it so much that he wished to own it. In 1993, the dream became reality when he finally bought the shop, renovated it and renamed it 'Killiney Kopitiam'.  
When T.S. Woon took over the reins of management, he believed that it was crucial to uphold the legacy. Despite major renovations to the shop front, the present coffee shop retains the traditional working style and influence. A key factor, for which he is very grateful, lies in the three workers who have stayed on and helped him, by means of passing on their skills in making good kaya, bread toast, coffee and tea. His idea is to preserve traditional Hainanese food in Singapore, which is, sadly, slowly disappearing from the market. 
The Company's growth has been progressive over the past decade and with the strong and loyal support from our patrons, we have evolved into a strongly identifiable local brand and icon. In addition, we have also unwittingly created a strong following among local coffee aficionados and the breakfast club. Today, Killiney Kopitiam has an extended menu offering a wider variety of local delicacies. We have also expanded to other parts of Singapore so as to be closer to you, our valued customer.

Singapore Laksa Fried Rice IDR 30,454

Actually, when I went there, I asked them to recommend me their signature dishes. They offered me to try their Singapore Laksa Fried Rice. The Singapore Laksa Fried Rice was served with pickle, chicken fillet, and sunny side egg. For me, the fried rice taste so-so. It was an average fried rice. But the deep fried chicken fillet taste wonderful and really add some luxurious on the dish. Sweet and savoury mixed beautifully and the textures were superb! Crunchy from the outside, soft and moist on the inside.

Funny thing happened, when I told them about my valuation, they said that they have run out their laksa seasoning, so they used ordinary seasoning for the fried rice. Kind a funny, how can I review their dish? I asked them to give me their best dishes and they were the one who recommend me the dish. That is why I can only evaluating the chicken fillet.

Teh Tariek IDR 24,545
Yup, I have to agreed that Killiney have the best Teh tarik so far. The sweetness and the thickness really suit to my palate. A wonderful beverage to accompanying your wonderful time with friends and family.


Lippo Mall Kemang - The Avenue of The Stars,
Upper Ground Fl.
Phone: 021 29056705

Facebook: killineyindonesia
Twitter: @killineycoffee


What is the different between Go Curry and Spicerack? Well, actually they came from the same company. But Spicerack has a wider range of curry collections, and their make it a little bit more mature and posh than Go Curry. I really love the lamps. looks so rustic and beautiful. Kind a romantic and makes me want to stay there longer.

Well, lets talk about their food:

First, you can choose the curry that really suit for you. You can choose brown curry from Japan, Yellow Curry from India and many more. You can asked the server to help you to find the curry that suits your palate. For me, the Rogan Josh is kinda interesting.

Rogan josh, is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin, which is one of the signature recipes of Kashmiri cuisine. Roughan (روغن) means "clarified butter" or "fat" in Persian, while juš (جوش), gives the figurative meaning of "intensity" or "passion" and ultimately derives from the verb jušidan (جوشيدن) meaning "to heat". Rogan josh thus means cooked in oil at intense heat. Another interpretation of the name rogan josh is derived from the word rogan meaning "red color" (the same Indo-European root that is the source of the French "rouge" and the Spanish "rojo") and josh meaning passion or heat. 
Rogan josh was brought to Kashmir by the Mughals, whose cuisine was in turn influenced by Persian cuisine. The unrelenting summer heat of the Indian plains took the Mughals frequently to Kashmir, which has a cooler climate because of its elevation and latitude.

Next, choose your spiciness. You can choose the level from Mild - Medium - Hot - Very Hot - Insanely Hot. So you better choose the level of spiciness wisely.

The Last and the third step is choose your topping. You better matched the topping with the curry that you have choose. But you can play with your creativity to mix-matched the curry and the protein. But for me, the rogan josh was perfectly matched with lambs. (IDR 118,000)

The fourth step is to choose the side dish. Whether you want to enjoy your curry with rice or canna.  Canna (IDR 20,000) is perfect for sharing, but if you want to eat your curry by yourself, I really recommend you to add Cilantro Butter Rice (IDR 33,000).

The cilantro Butter Rice has exotic fragrant and mild taste. For me, it taste really exquisite if you mixed it with the curry. It was a perfect match for the curry, they were complimenting each other.

Strawberry Lassy IDR 32,000

Another perfect pairing for the curry is with Lassy. Lassy is a beverage that use yoghurt as its base. The sourness will wash all the spiciness and herby taste on your mouth. Mixed with pieces of strawberry, will give you a refreshing sensation.


Lippo Mall Kemang - The Avenue of The Stars,
Ground Floor.
Phone: 021 29528442

Facebook: killineyindonesia
Twitter: @spicerack_jkt
Instagram: @spicerack_jkt


My last visit will be a dessert station on 3rd Level, named Momi & Toy's. But do you know what makes Momi & Toy's is different from the others? Well, Their uniqueness was right at their crepes. Usually, crepes are made of flour and eggs, but Kawakami adds almond powder to the batter, which makes the torokeru crepe very soft and easily melts in your mouth.

Another unique thing about the crepe is that it is freshly baked on a flat iron pan for only 10 seconds.

I really love the coziness and homey ambiance that Momi & Toy's served for their customers. Really a nice place to hang out with your beloved family or friends.

Black & White IDR 72,000
3 Rolled crepes of Nutella, Skippy, and Toblerone, Vanilla Ice Cream, Chocolate Sauce, Cocoa Powder, Powder Sugar, Almond, Crunch.

Beware with this triple threats that will knock you down with their delicacies. Because on this Black & White, you will be indulged with Nutella, Skippy, and Toblerone.

I really adore this 3 combo. The crepe and the cream are not overwhelming. With the perfect thickness and perfect amount will make your dining experience at Momi & Toy's unforgettable. The whipped cream is very tasty and light with a hint of sweetness. For your information, the whipped cream is freshly made everyday using imported cream from France and collagen, which adds a smoother texture. Combined with Nutella, Skippy and Toblerone that had their own characteristic and uniqueness, the crepes taste so delicious and mouthwatering every time i think about the dish. Complemented with Vanilla Ice Cream makes the dish become perfect and really addicting.


Lippo Mall Kemang - 3rd Fl.
Phone: 021 29522885

Facebook: MomiToys
Twitter: @momiandtoys_ind
Instagram: @momiandtoys_ind

I think That is enough for my 6 in 1 F&B Outlets on Lippo Mall Kemang. Don't forget to check others review at:




Or you can just go by yourself and try others F&B Outlet at Lippo Mall Kemang, and tell me what  is your recommended place.

Have a great day and Godspeed!


Kemang Village
Jl. P. Antasari No. 36, Kemang
Jakarta Selatan
DKI Jakarta 12150

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