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4/29/2015 Soya Yanagawa 2 Comments

I would like to say, my warmest congratulations on Talita Setyadi's new bakery opening, BEAU at Plaza Indonesia.

Before I story-tells you about BEAU, I have confessions to make. I am a big fan of Talita. I first know about her name from "Talita's Kitchen", a food blog journal. From there, I have found that actually she's a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Double Bass from the University of Auckland. She once has3 a trio named Tea Cups with her two best friends. Well, I have found a youtube video about this Trio. 

My first meeting with Talita Setyadi was at Pecha Kucha Night Jakarta Vol.18. When I know that she will be one of the speaker, I am so excited that I can meet her on the flesh. Back then, I was amazed with her presentation about "Jazz Desserts". One slide that give me a mesmerizing moment is a quote from Charlie Parker. 

"master your instrument, master the music
and than forget that all and just play."
- Charlie Parker -

Needless to say, that quotes answered all of the hows and whys Talita went trance when she is cooking or playing her double bass.

Located at the basement level Plaza Indonesia, indulge yourself with BEAU's delicacies that inspired by Talita's  travels and various sojourns in Australia, Europe and the US. As the first bakery project, BEAU's outlet actually is not really spacious. But on that tiny outlet, you will be wowed with BEAU's collection of entremetspâtisserie, viennoiserie, breads, croissant, bombos, and homemade jams.

To be noted, BEAU focuses on producing artisan bread and pastries of high quality; using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Without any further, lets talk about their pastry

Salted Caramel Cruffin IDR 40,000
Butter Croissant, salted caramel creme pâtissière

BEAU's Salted Caramel Cruffin is one of a croissant that I can hardly wait to eat it. The cruffin (croissant muffin) looks so humble with golden brown exterior and powdered sugar sprinkle. But wait until you take a bite.

It just like a bomb of textures, so rich and beautiful. Really love the combination between the flaky croissant and velvety custard. It explodes in your mouth and gives you a foodgasm. 

You can smell a wonderful buttery scent and taste a pampering sweetness from the salted caramel custard. Sometimes, caramel's sweetness can be found overwhelming, but not on this custard. It taste really elegant with a beautiful salty pinch.

Lemon Pound Cake & Chocolate Pound Cake IDR 35,000

I adore this pound cake. The most indulging part from this pound cakes is their textures. The texture was quite dense, but it still has its moisture. 

I really like The Lemon Pund Cake. The tangy lemon taste blend beautifully and softened with the vanilla pound cake. Really love the candied citrus peel that enrich the textures. But unfortunately, the lemon icing is a little bit too sweet for me.  

But the chocolate pound cake was incredible! taste delish and really indulging. 

Bombos IDR35,000
Brioche doughnut with lemon zest, batch-fried in coconut oil, various fillings

For my opinion, I really love how BEAU presented their bread and pastry. All of them looks so stunning with a humble appearance, yet with a fascinating taste and charming textures. Just like this Bombos. It looks so humble but wait until you eat it. BEAU generously give the delicious filling. 

The texture from the brioche was soft and marvelous, combined with creamy and indulging chocolate filling, really made my day.   

Astrid IDR 50,000
White Chocolate Brownie, pistachio crunch, raspberry cremeux, raspberry jelly, pistacio dacquise, yoghurt & white chocolate mousse, white chocolate glaze, freeze dried raspberries, toasted pistachio

This is BEAU's signature entremet. Well, for starters, here is a fun fact about entremet.

An entremet (or entremets, from Old French, literally meaning "between servings") is in modern French cuisine a small dish served between courses or simply a dessert. Originally it was an elaborate form of entertainment dish common among the nobility and upper middle class in Europe during the later part of the Middle Ages and the early modern period. An entremet marked the end of a serving of courses and could be anything from a simple frumenty (a type of wheat porridge) that was brightly colored and flavored with exotic and expensive spices to elaborate models of castles complete with wine fountains, musicians, and food modeled into allegorical scenes. By the end of the Middle Ages, it had evolved almost entirely into dinner entertainment in the form of inedible ornaments or acted performances, often packed with symbolism of power and regality. In English it was more commonly known as a subtlety (also sotelty or soteltie) and did not include acted entertainment. 
For modern pastry chefs, an entremet is a multi-layered mousse-based cake with various complementary flavors and varying textural contrasts.

I really admire Talita's edible handcraft. A beautiful multi-layered cake with a dazzling colors called Astrid become my choice for the closure. Its neat and pretty appearance really makes hard to eat it.  

It taste really expensive and grande. On this layered cake, you will find layers of textures and flavors. It was so deep and really jaw-dropping. Sweet from the white chocolate, savory from the pistachio and sour from the raspberry were harmoniously sing along with the wonderful symphony of textures. Amazingly the pistachio and raspberry complementing each other with the help of the white chocolate mousse. such an unforgettable dish from BEAU

Without any doubt, Astrid is worthy enough to become a BEAU's entremet masterpiece.


Plaza Indonesia Level B#57
Jl.MH.Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 10350
DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Telephone: 0819 19861989

Facebook: beaujkt
Instagram: @beaujkt

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