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Finally, I have the opportunity to visit Hospitalis. Calm down dude, it was a restaurant.

Located at Jl. Ahmad Dahlan, this place looks eye catching and can not be missed. This restaurant took hospital as their theme, so you can see nurses, doctors, and surgeons walking around this area.

Hospitalis is a place for people who are not feeling well to improve their health. They offer the guests a place to escape from the stress of the city. A place to heal a tired body and mind. A place to relax with friends, eat good food and have a drink or two.

Hospitalis used hospital thematic furnitures. so that is why they use customized wheelchair as their chairs and many other cute stuffs. Too bad, when I went here the indoor area was too crowded and dark, that is why I have decided to sit on the outdoor area. Luckily the weather was nice and friendly. 

Indeed, I really love the idea, environment, and the interior design. The mural looks beautiful and funny. But in my opinion, the indoor area was to dark even when I came there in the afternoon. And I don't really get it, why did the nurses wearing pink wig. Sorry to say, it looks cheap and a little bit "naughty".

OK, let us talk about the dishes.

Virgin Mexican Blood IDR 31,00
Strawberry Juice, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup and Grenadine Syrup

For the presentation it looks stunning with the blood bag hanging on the IV pole. to enjoy the drink, you just gently roll the roller clamp wheel and point it to the glass. Actually, It come into my mind about the cleanliness and hygiene. But no worries, everything has been thought thoroughly. They only use it 1 time and they discard it so no one can use it improperly.

Oh well, how about the taste? actually it was pretty good. It taste sweet and indulging. It screams for freshness and really pampering you to the fullest. It has beautiful combination between sour and sweet that will wash away your tiredness and weariness.

Virgin Coughing Removal IDR 35,000
Blackberry syrup, mint syrup, orange juice, bubble gum powder, lime juice and simple syrup

Once again, the presentation looks stunning! You will find a full package of medicine served into your table. To prepare the drink, you just pour the juice, add the simple syrup and sprinkled the bubble gum powder. For the taste, it taste quite unique. you will be surprised with the strong bubble gum taste and mint flavor. the black berry taste so sweet with a hint of sourness from the lime juice.

Quite funny and unique beverage to makes your visit to this place more colorful.

Iced Lychee Pomelo IDR 35,000
Monin Lychee, Lychee and Pomelo

OK, this is the only drink that looks ordinary, except they use measuring cup beaker as the container. It looks a little bit pale for me, cos the pomelo and lychee didn't have contrast color. For a lychee lover, this might be quite good beverages for you. Although the pomelo was not really help for the taste.

Squid Bronchitis IDR 35,000
Fried squid rings with chili sauce

The fried squid rings was served on the nierbekken plate, accompanied with salad. Actually, when I try it, it taste so chewy and lack of seasoning. I presume it was overcooked. Indeed, squid is one of the ingredients that easily overcooked. It will be rubbery and chewy.

The seasoning was not brave enough for my palate, It was helped because the chili sauce. But overall, not really my favorite.


Thailand Chicken Allergic IDR 55,000
Thailand style chicken gapou with rice

I really love the idea to use the common container that can be found in the hospital. It looks cute and neat. The color from the Thailand style chicken gapou was bright and appetizing. But for me, the Thailand Chicken Allergic was over seasoned. It was to salty for  my palate.

It was served with fried egg, white rice and prawn crackers.

Brain Transplant Pannacotta IDR 36,000

To eat this dessert, indeed needs braveness and courage. Once again, I really love the idea to use brain shape pannacotta. But too bad, the texture was to dense for pannacotta. Another thing that makes me a little disappointed is the small amount of strawberry sauce. I thought that they will give us a generous amount of strawberry sauce like the pictures. Well, I can only say that it was OK.

For me, I am quite disappointed with the food, but quite satisfied with the drinks. The thematic restaurant looks stunning with the props and trinkets. But it will be a perfect destination to experienced an unique dining, if they can improve the food.

Have a great day and Godpessd!

Hospitalis Resto and Bar
Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan No. 31
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12130
021 - 9782 6123

Twitter : @hospitalisjkt
Instagram: @hospitalisjkt

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thu: 11 AM - 1 AM

Fri - Sat: 11 AM - 2 AM

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