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Halo Niko! - Buncit Raya (II)

3/31/2015 Soya Yanagawa 3 Comments

Last saturday, Halo Niko held a food tasting where guests from Media, friends of the owner, Instagramer, and me were invited to give the opinions for their new dishes. I am so grateful to be invited and welcomed to this outstanding event.

For those who is new to Halo Niko!
Halo Niko! is the one and the only restaurant in Jakarta that features both Greek and Javanese fare under one roof. It was founded by husband and wife – Niko and Rika.

To be noted, you will not find an authentic greek food or Javanese food here. It was because, Halo Niko! is a restaurant that cross breed the two cuisines.

I falling in love at the first sight to this wonderful place. I can feel the touch of artistic hands of Rika, it felt so warm and welcoming. Homey and cozy are the things that can easily felt when you were here. The cute and the colorful furniture is a plus point for your eyes to enjoy the moment.

Halo Niko's food tasting event was held in "Kembang Kencur". For your information, Kembang Kencur is not a restaurant, it was a place that can be rented for private events, with maximum capacity 100 people. This homey and warm ambiance place is also owned by Niko and Kika.

Why I called this place has homey atmosphere, because the informal and homely furniture are spread throughout the floor instead. Such a wonderful place to held a social gathering or arisan, birthday celebration,  bachelorette party, etc. Well, if you want to know deeper about Kembang Kencur, you can check out their blog HERE.

OK, Let's talk about their dishes.

Lumpia Ayam IDR 65,000
Chicken & Cheese Springrolls

Crunchy and crispy on the outside, moist and creamy on the inside enriched the texture of this golden brown springrolls. the savory from the cheese and sweet from the chicken, combined beautifully and makes a wonderful symphony on your mouth. Do not forget to dipped it to the chili sauce, so you will never forget the stunning aftertaste sensation. Served 3 pairs in one portion will make you rethink to share this lumpia ayam with others.

Lumpia Veggie IDR 65,000
Vegetable Springrolls

Yes, now Halo Niko has a vegetarian menu! Crunchiness will enliven your mouth when you eat this Lumpia Veggie. The sweetness from the vegetables add

Bruschetta IDR 85,000
Grilled homemade bread with 4 dips (Salmon, Beef, 4 Cheese, Strawberry Jam)

Grilled homemade bread was served along 4 kind of dippings. Each and every dipping has its own uniqueness and deliciousness.

Beef dipping
It has a wonderful collaboration between sweet, savory and sour. It was beautifully seasoned and it almost look like a bolognese sauce.

Salmon Dipping
The textures are wonderful! The creamy sauce is exquisitely complementing the salmon. sweet and savory will gratify your tastebuds.

Cheese dipping
this cheese dipping sauce was made from 4 kinds of cheese. For some reason, I scent a hint of blue cheese's fragrant. And yes, one of the ingredients was Gorgonzola Cheese. But the odor was softened by the the other cheese that complementing each other. Really love this velvety dipping.

Strawberry Jam
I just thought that it was kind a weird to put strawberry jam along with the other dippings. but actually this homemade strawberry jam was quite delicious. Indeed, it was rather sweet than sour strawberry jam, but the sweetness is not overwhelming and really delicious.

OK, here is the crazy part.
Beef and cheese was a perfect combination. So, why don't we try to mix the salmon with the strawberry jam? Haha... Indeed, it was a crazy thought.. But surprisingly it mixed beautifully. For me, the sweet-sour strawberry jam blend together with the savory-sweet salmon. They were complementing each other. So, why don't you experiment it yourself? This Bruschetta really fit for a snack with a group of friends or family.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich IDR 80,000
Homemade potato bread with grilled chicken, tomato, cheese served with fried yam

People often to think that the most important thing on sandwich is the fillings. But for me, the bread is the crucial thing to make a delicious sandwich. If you miscast the bread, even if you have delicious fillings, it will be useless. That is why I gave 2 thumbs up for this sandwich. Really love their homemade potato bread. It has sweet and beautiful textures. Complemented with the smokey scent from the grilled chicken, indulging savory cheese and freshness from the vegetables really make this sandwich is one of my favorite dish in Halo Niko!

Love Boat Veggie IDR 75,000
Carrot, Zuchini, Eggplant, Paprika, Tomato Sauce, feta cheese

Another menu for vegetarians. I think that Niko really pampering their customer vegetarian customer. There is a lot of vegetarian dish on their new list of menu. Love Boat Veggie is one of them.

Just like its name, the presentation looks like a boat. to eat it, you just gently slice the dish and let the thick filling flow out. I really love the dough, it has soft and beautiful burnt scent  that lifted up my appetite. The filling has complete sweet-savory-sour from the vegetables-cheese-tomato sauce. Too bad i already full that day... If not... I will eat it all

Kwetiauw Sapi IDR 65,000
Rice Noodle, Carrot, Bean sprouts, beef

I really love this kwetiauw. But some people might misidentified this kwetiauw sapi with Pad Thai. it taste really similar, but actually has a big different on it.

Kwetiauw as known as Shahe fen or he fen is a type of wide Chinese noodle made from rice. Shahe fen noodles are white in color, broad, and somewhat slippery. Their texture is elastic and a bit chewy. They do not freeze or dry well and are thus generally (where available) purchased fresh, in strips or sheets that may be cut to the desired width.

But Pad thai or phat thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food and at casual local eateries in Thailand. It is made with soaked dried rice noodles.

This Kwetiauw sapi had a perfect balanced sweet and savory taste. But the ground nuts add some textures and beautiful sensation on your mouth. Taste really delicious and wonderful!

Iga Manis IDR 75,000
Beef ribs in sweet chili sauce served with rice

Actually the beef ribs was seasoned beautifully, but unfortunately it was a little bit tough. Sweet and savory blend together complementing the ribs. A hint of heat aftertaste from the chili will tickled your tastebud.

Soto Daging Paklik IDR 60,000
Beef Curry Soup served with rice

For a soto lover, I have to admit that this soto daging paklik was beautifully seasoned. It has perfect texture and tasted delicious. But once again, the meat was a little bit tough and chewy. But overall, I love the consistency of the soup, arousing the appetite fragrant and indulging taste.

Otoberi Cheesecake IDR 50,000
Strawberry jam, homemade cheesecake

This otoberi cheesecake looks stunning in margarita glass, but perhaps Halo Niko might already changed the container when you came to this place.  The Idea to change the container is you have to eat the strawberry jam, cheesecake and the crumbs in one bite. But on the margarita glass, there is a cavity in the middle of the glass that filled with crumbs.

But actually, this is my new favorite dessert at Halo Niko! the combination between sweet, sour and savory will tickled your tastebud. The richness of textures add an indulging sensation when you eat this otoberi cheesecake.

After a great meal, I think a cup of Greek Coffee might perfected the wonderful experience at Halo Niko! Having a wonderful conversation with Niko and Rika will be my unforgettable moment.

Have a great day and Godspeed!


The Promenade
Jalan Warung Buncit Raya no.98
Pejaten, Jakarta Selatan
T: 021 7919 1227

Instagram: warunghaloniko
Twitter: @warunghaloniko

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  1. Definetely will go back and try (again) their new menu. Mr. Soyaaaa.. You just did another great review and photos...

    1. AAwwww..... thank you buddy...... Thank you soooooo much!!!! let's go there together.... you can treat me all I want.. OK buddy?

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