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Have you ever go to RIVA: Grill   Bar   Terrace at The Park Lane Hotel?

Strategically located at Jl. Casablanca, right after the new Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio's overpass, The Park Lane Hotel is waiting for you to indulge you with their delicacies from RIVA

RIVA once a French cuisines restaurant. But on the April 2014, RIVA at Park Lane Hotel Jakarta was reopening with their new look. Now, RIVA is not just a fine dining restaurant, but they add more excitement and atmosphere on the bar area, tranquil and serenity on the terrace, and of course more variety on the menu!

On the 31st January 2015, RIVA: Grill   Bar   Terrace held a food tasting where a bunch of food expert were gathered to give the opinions for the dishes. I am very honoured and grateful when I was invited to their food tasting. 

Different from the other food tasting, We were given a chart where we can put grades on the scale 1 - 10 for the presentation and taste. There were also a column where we can give comments for the food. But the remarkable thing on this food tasting is we have to try over than 22 dishes. 

Without any further, lets checked the new menus!



Green Spinach Salad
Australian spinach, strawberry and roasted almond flakes with lemon and olive oil dressing

I really love the presentation. Red and green is a very contrast color that really makes your mouth drooling to the fullest. I really like the combination from the unique taste from the spinach with the strawberry. They were complimenting each other.

The olive oil dressing keep the freshness stick into each and every leaf. With a hint of lemon zest and sourness from the strawberry were so refreshing! The almond flakes has a burnt fragrant and add some textures on the dish. It was also add some sweetness into the dish. Such a perfect dish to start your food journey.

Thai Green Mango Salad
Coriander roots, lemon juice and chili dressing

The second appetizer was the thai green mango salad. It was presented beautifully! Really love the shades of green which enliven with the red color from the chili, looks so tempting and once again... mouth drooling.

For the taste, I am quite disappointed. I am really waiting for the thick sour taste from the mango salad. But when took a bite, it doesn't have the high acidity like I expected. The coriander roots taste overwhelming fresh and beat the mango itself. And for the chili dressing, it needs more kick on the heat.

Spanish Potato Fritata
With Mesclun Salad and Fresh Tomato sauce

This Italian egg-based dish was similar with an omelette. But different from omelette, the partly cooked frittata is not folded to enclose its contents, but it is instead either turned over in full, or grilled briefly under an intense salamander to set the top layer, or baked for around five minutes.

The condiments really compliment the eggs. Cheese, and the vegetables adds some textures, savoriness and sweetness. Served with tomato sauce, makes this simple dish taste complex and full. 


Salmon Tortellini
Truffle Cream Sauce

Simple yet elegant presentation really slap your eyes to wake up. It looks stunning and delicious. Indeed, the presentation equally satisfying with the taste. The sauce taste so mild and creamy. For me, it has the perfect thickness. But the truffle itself almost drowned into the creamy sauce.

The tortellini itself has a very great texture and perfectly cooked. The salmon really enliven the dish. It puts the tortellini into one stage higher of elegance, and deliciousness. Such an indulging dish!

Sauteed Salty Prawns
With 2 types of tofu, crispy garlic, spring onion , hot chillies and rock salt

It was seasoned really nice! I really love the sweetness of the shrimp blends beautifully with the salty and savory seasoning. The idea to use 2 kinds of tofu was quite brilliant. It has different texture so it will enrich the texture and pampering your mouth to the fullest.

The chillies really give you a boost for your appetite. I really love the asian touch on its seasoning. In fact, I still keep chewing even though that the shrimp were slightly overcooked.

Lobster Bisque
With Japanese Shimeji Mushroom and Crouton

I really love thick bisque. Especially when it taste so bold and delish. Just like this lobster bisque from RIVA. To the honest, the flavor was suit with my expectation. It taste really tasteful and brothy.

The shimeji mushroom compliments the dish and adds some textures on its palate. Really a worth trying dish from RIVA.


Javanese Oxtail Consommé
with oxtail terrine and vegetable brunoise

The presentation looks very elegant and beautiful. They served this Javanese Oxtail Consommé into two parts, which are beautiful oxtail aspic with a jar of divine Consommé. To enjoy the dish, you can just pour the Consommé into the aspic.

Fun Fact: Aspic is a dish in which ingredients are set into a gelatin made from a meat stock or consommé. Non-savory dishes, often made with commercial gelatin mixes without stock or consommé, are usually called gelatin salads.

I really know how to make a Consommé... And it needs patient to make clarified the rich and flavorful stock or bouillon. They use egg whites to remove fat and sediment. That is why the broth was clear yet really luscious.

That is why, I really put my hands down for the technique and the presentation. The taste, is absurdly and undeniably delicious. Salute for Chef Deden's creative and skillful hands. 

Riva Spring Roll
Chicken, Prawn and Foie Gras with Blue Cheese Dip

For a spring roll, the ingredients looks so outstanding. They use prawns, foie gras, and chicken for the protein. Completed with the indulging blue cheese dip, really raise all the ingredients bolder. Such a perfect complementary for the dish.

Oh, for those who have experience to smell the "WOW" odor from Blue Cheese, Relax.. you will not find it here. haha.. It taste really delicious and easily become my favorite dipping sauce.

Chicken and Scallion Kuo Tie
Pan-fried chicken dumpling with soy chili sauce

I really love dumpling Especially when they give a generous amount of fillings. The filling was beautiful and delicious. But for me, the sauce needs to give more kick from the heat. But the presentation looks stunning and the dumpling itself taste wonderful!



Japanese Vegetable Fritters
Coated with Japanese Tempura dough and served with tempura dressing

This Japanese Vegetable Fritters can be called as Vegetable Tempura. You can find kyuri, carrot, broccoli, cauliflower battered with a tempura dough and deep fried it. It was served with tempura sauce, grated daikon and grated ginger.

Actually, if you are a tempura lover, have you tried to add grated daikon into the sauce. It really give you a very nice sensation. It has an unique tangy taste from the daikon dan enliven the flavors.  

Chinese Tofu Salad
With Shredded Fresh  Vegetable, Egg, Crushed Nuts, and Sweet Soy Chili Dressing

I really love this tofu salad. Indeed it reminds me a little about Malang that has the most famous dish called tahu telor. But I really love the crunchy textures from the nut and sunflower seeds. It really give new sensation from the taste, textures and fragrances. The bean sprout give some freshness into the dish.

Waldorf Salad
With Green Apple, Celery, Roasted Walnuts and Mayonnaise

Actually, I gave 9 for the presentation of this Waldorf Salad. I really love the beautiful color that painted on the plate. But when I taste it, I kind a stunned for a while. The roasted walnuts and apple mixtures has a wonderful taste. But the Onions really makes me think for a second.

The combination between apple and onion, is disastrous. It really doesn't mixed well. The strong fragrant from the onion beats the sweet indulging apple.

Is it weird or unique? but for me, the mixture taste so weird.


Pan Fried Barramundi
Black and White Shimeji Mushroom, Green Asparagus, Blended Leek and Purple Shallot - Yellow Root Sauce

I Love Barramundi! The perfectly pan seared barramundi gives a wonderful texture on the outside and fluffy and moist on the inside.  It really give the indulgently sweetness into the dish. The vegetable was pickled so it give us the part of sourness.

The  Turmeric Yellow root sauce really compliment the dish, especially the barramundi. For me, This dish is a must try item on RIVA.

Breaded Dory Fillet Roulade
Stuffed with Fennel, Celery and Red Onion Served Antiboise Sauce

For this breaded dory fillet roulade, it taste really plain. Indeed, this dish has marvelous richness in textures, but i am just hoping that the roulade has more salt on it.

The Antiboise sauce doesn't really help the dish. It doesn't have the savoriness and sourness like we can taste from the common antiboise sauce. 

Seared Norwegian Salmon Medallion
Truffle Infused potato Mousseline, Vegetable ragout with coriander and lemon cream sauce

Have you ever tried the perfectly cooked salmon medallion? Well, I have tasted it here, on RIVA! I really love the moist and delish interior that melted on your mouth. Really love the vegetable ragout that really enrichen the textures.

On this dish, RIVA use Truffle infused potato mousseline as the carbs. That is why the fragrance really great and mouth drooling. Perfected with the silky and wonderful lemon cream sauce, makes this dish looks and taste divine!


4 Hours-Slow Cooked Poached Chicken
With porcini, green asparagus, morels and "vin jaune"

Well, it doesn't have to be a genius to figure a delicious food. To tell you the truth, I thought that I will find a dry and rough texture from the poached chicken.  But when I eat it, I was slapped with it's tenderness and the juiciness. 

The mashed potato was absurd. It was creamy and taste really delish. The two kinds of mushroom (porcini and morels) and asparagus really enrich the texture. The vin jaune sauce was seasoned beautifully and really concatenate all the ingredients and make a harmonious symphony on your mouth.

Braised Australian Lamb Foreshank
Smokey garlic and potato mousseline with own juice

The meat itself was tender and juicy. Maybe it was because I am not a biggest fans of strong and bold odor meat, I do not really into this dish. But some people think that the "thing" that distinguish lambs with others is the odor.

The vegetables screams for their freshness. Mixed really well with the sauce. Oh, have I mentioned that to know a restaurant served delicious delicacies was shown from their mashed potato? Well, RIVA has one of best mashed potato in Jakarta!

Low-Oven Baked Asian Soy Chicken
Vegetable Pickle, Mashed Roasted Purple Sweet Potato and Garlic Yogurt Dip

This dish has an Indonesian touch for the seasoning. You can taste the bold turmeric on its spread seasoning. For the carbs, this barramundi was served with mashed purple sweet potato. It taste really nice beside the herby chicken. 

Touched with the wonderful garlic yogurt dip and pickled vegetables really lift up this dish into wonderful artistic of culinary. But for Indonesians, this dish may look nice and ordinary.


250gr Sher Wagyu Tenderloin

Simplicity looks stunning for this AWESOME dish. Cooked perfectly and beautifully served, this dish looks irresistible! It doesn't need an overwhelming season for this exceptional protein.

For me, there is only one word to describe this dish...... Extraordinary!


Chocolate Ginger Mousse
Crunchy Chocolate Ginger Mousse, Strawberry Sauce and Vanilla Ice Cream

Chocolate is one of the ingredients that I have found it was hard to mixed. It has bold taste and thick texture. For me, chocolate can be pairs with tropical fruits. But nowadays, pastry chef successfully found that chocolate can also mixed well with herbs. 

On this desert, you will find a bittersweet of chocolate that mingled beautifully with heart whelming and aromatic spicy ginger. It really surprise me! I never know that ginger can adds a special flavor and zest to chocolate. Served with strawberry sauce and vanilla ice cream... simply a fascinating dessert!

Blueberry Financier
Oreo Crumb, Raspberry Sorbet, Almond Paste Guenelle and Blueberry Sauce

Actually I really love financier. It was served with the bitter oreo crumbs, refreshing sorbet, and indulging paste. I really love when all of the ingredients mixed harmoniously in my mouth.

But i have found that the soaked financier is a little bit heavy for desert. I rather choose to eat something light and refreshing.

Riva Summer Pudding
With Berries and Passion Fruit Sorbet

One word.. REFRESHING!

I do agree to put something sour for closure, it will bring refreshment on your palate.

I really love the pie look a like on the center of the dish. It has the berries filling. Served with passion fruit sorbet, really freshen up my day!


Choco Mint Smokey
Jack Daniel's, Peppermint Syrup, Bailey's and Fresh Milk

The first cocktail that I have tried is this choco mint smokey.

For me, this drink was a mixture of feminine and masculine. Baileys and Jack Daniel's, milk and peppermint really a wonderful mixture. From the eye, it looks pretty green pastel. However, from the scent it has tough smoky fragrance.

The cocktail itself has sweet and pampering taste, cold sensation that really boost your stamina, and the hint of bourbon will make your day brighter.

Spaghetti Margaritta
Spaghetti on Strawberry Margaritta

RIVA shows us how to drink margarita with way more fun! They use spaghetti look a like jelly on the drink. It will add more texture and chewable thing. This sexy red margarita looks so stunning and sexy.

Fruit Platter Cocktail
Jelly on Teguilla Sunrize, Jelly on Lychee Martini, Jelly on Strawberry Daiquiri

Actually, I like the liquored jelly on fruit platter. It taste really refreshingly delicious. The presentation itself looks stunning and gorgeous. But for me, I rather to put this fruit platter into the dessert section. 

For me, cocktail is a drink, not a chewable fruit and jelly. Maybe, it more suits to be used as garnish for cocktail.  

Well, that was my wonderful experience at RIVA's food tasting last week. Really blessed to meet with famous foodies and bloggers on that event. 

Have a great day and Godspeed!

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Jakarta 12870, Indonesia

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  1. you know what, i'm gonna visit this restaurant a.s.a.p only for their chicken with porcini, morels and i spot some yellow chanterelle too, damn delicious...
    i'm a gourmet mushrooms fans and it's pretty much tough to found here in Indonesia,
    lucky you my friend..
    btw, wagyu beef sama poached chickennya di tag brp duit ya ???
    Dedy@Dentist Chef