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I'd imagine my wedding as a fairy tale... huge, beautiful and white.
- Paris Hilton -

I am sure that every woman has their own dream about their wedding. Who is not? Wedding is a celebration of life, a once in a lifetime moment.

Indeed, preparing a wedding is going to be very demanding and draining your stamina. But if you do it right, prepare a wedding actually is a fun things to do.

One of the most important things to prepare your wedding is to be organized. You must have a wedding planner book! Well, you can download the wedding planner that I have made for you.

The Wedding Planner was meant to help planning your day of your dreams both manageable and enjoyable. It is divided into sections that cover different aspects of your wedding. There is also a countdown to help keep you on track, a wedding budget, and important contacts list, so you can tick of your achievements as you go.

Print these sheets and put them into a folder. Once the big day has passed, they could become one of your wedding keepsakes.

Indeed, a wedding planner itself will be nothing without the source information. Well, do not be afraid, coz we are very lucky to have

Inspiring, resourceful and trust really describes this a fast growing company. Bridestory aspires to become the most trusted, inspiring and resourceful one-stop online wedding vendor directory. Their technology platform helps users find, select and compare wedding vendors from 22 different categories.

Their passion is to make every bride's dream wedding come true and to help wedding vendors connect with engaged couples.

I really admire how bridestory inspired the newly engaged couples with their stunning blog. You can find a versatile articles such as 3 Things to Know Before Planning Your Wedding Budget, Blossoming Spring Pre-Wedding in Melbourne or even an interesting articles like The Art of Apologizing: Why Saying 'I'm Sorry' is Not Enough.

Indeed, the blog was really informative, inspiring and enlightening. Completed with outstanding pictures, will enliven the passion for the readers to read it more and more.

Oh, the most wonderful thing at is you can make your own account. You can make your account here. You can simply make your account by clicking the facebook / google+ / Yahoo! button. It will automatically use your email and your name from the platform that you have registered. 

Or, you can manually register your name and email address by writing it on the columns. 

After you have made your account, you will be guided to your "User Setting". There,  you can put your wedding date, size, budget and location. It will become handier and easier for bridestory to start to give you recommendations. And then start to browse!

You can find inspiration, vendors, and everything you needs for your wedding. From inspiring your wonderful theme through the venue of your wedding, is a one-stop solution for newly engaged peoples to start the preparations.

You can sit down with your fiancé browse the website and talk ideas. Think about the style you would like, whether it’s a beach bash, a sit-down dinner in a ballroom or a ceremony on a mountaintop. I bet, it will be the first major project that a couple takes on together; The first opportunity of seeing how you brainstorm, compromise, listen, respect and love.

Diamond List...

Well, for starter, you can look into bridestory's diamond list. Right here, you can see the recommended catering through the entertainment you might need. Those on the list were trusted and well-grounded vendor. Their experiences, qualities and professionalism were already well known, so they will make your job easier.

But if you want to have more options, you can start browsing and find the vendors that really suit for you. You can see lists of vendors that divided with their 22 different categories. Those categories are:

-  Bridal  -  Catering  -  Decoration & Lighting  -

-  Dress & Attire  -  Entertainment (DJ)  -  Entertainment (MC)  -  Entertainment (Music)  -

-  Favors & Gifts  -  Flowers  - Hair & Makeup  -  Health & Beauty  -  Invitations  -  Jewelry  -

-  Men's Formal Wear  -  Other  -  Photography  -  Venue  -  Videography  -

-  Wedding Cake  -  Wedding Planning  -  Location  -  Budget  -

Those categories were really helpful and handy. You can choose the vendors that you need and start to contact them.

After you find the vendor that you have interest with, you can go to their profile and click the "save this vendor" button.  The vendor will be pinned automatically on your "my saved vendors" page. you you will not have any difficulty to find the vendor on the next visit.

If you use their services, do not forget to write a review. Your review will help other newly engaged couples to determine their vendors. That is great right?

If you are a vendor...

Bridestory is not only belongs to the newly engaged couples, but for vendors too. They know that there is a lot of vendors who has not enlisted. That is why for vendors, you can log in into bridestory with vendor's account.

Entrust your marketing to, so you can focused on what you do the best.

For closure, when you prepare your wedding, there will always be problems, my advice... do not sinked into the situation, but adapt the problem and solve it with your partner.

I know that marriage and life are not always easy. Keep reminding to yourself, the most important thing from preparing a wedding is not  the perfection how you decorate your wedding. But is to creating a moment that you can look back where support and love beats all the odds.

Have a great day and Godspeed your wedding!

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