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On the 7th February 2015, I was invited to a media gathering at Bakerzin Plaza Senayan. I have heard that this place was closed, refurbished and renovated to become a brand new concept of restaurant and display as a dessert bar. They have opened their brand new concept last year, in January 2014.

They have successfully decorated their place into something that really pampering all of your senses. Even for a casual dining restaurant, I can see that the decorations were not "that" casual. It has touch of elegance, vintage and grunge. It makes this place become look so beautiful and indulging. Really suit for those who want to enjoy lunch / dinner with the beloved one or group of friends.

But there is something that really bother me. I have found a lot of defective plates, crooked forks and knifes, faded logo on the plates and many more. I hope that they can renew their utensils periodically. 

Another thing that really bother me. When I went home and look at their press release, they serve us with the dishes that was not on the "New Menu" List.

Here is the menu list that was written on the press release:

- Choco Fusion - Fruit Puff - Creamy Mushroom Soup - Salmon Salad -
- Corned Beef Spaghetti  - Roast Beef Pasta - Oxtail Soup Sop - Mama’s Chicken -
- Beef Rossini - Smoked Duck Breast -

I just don't get it... What am I suppose to write? Well, below are the menu the I have tasted there.

Calamari Tower IDR 55,000
Deep Fried Stack of Crispy Calamari

For a calamari tower, the presentation itself was a failure. I cannot find the "tower" on this dish. All I can see was piles of calamari. Maybe, they shouldn't put the "tower" from the beginning. 

The calamari actually was delish and perfectly cooked. You can find soft and delicate squid inside the crispy batter. But the tartar sauce was too tangy for me. The lemon tasted too bold and overwhelming.

Mushroom Meat Balls IDR 50,000
Deep Fried Button Mushroom Filled with Minced Beef

For a mushroom lover, I love this mushroom meatballs. This deep fried mushroom has a very delicious batter. The crisp and savory batter were combined beautifully with the moist and sweet mushroom. It was served with tangy and sour dipping sauce. For me, I like it more without the sauce.

Vegetable Quesadillas
A Mixture of Creamy Mushroom, Spinach and Tomato Vinaigrette

The mushroom and the cheese really combined beautifully. The spinach enriched the texture and add some flavor on the dish. The tomato vinaigrette completes and complements the quesadillas. I don't mind to become a vegetarian, if I can eat this thing every day.

Black Olive Fried Rice IDR 80,000
An extraordinary fried rice, cooked with black olive pesto and pan seared salmon

My favorite dish so far is this black olive fried rice. For IDR 80,000 dish, Bakerzin generously gives us the olive pesto. The fried rice has the unique scent and taste of pesto that collaborate beautifully with the salmon.

The Salmon was perfectly cooked. You can taste the crisp skin of salmon from the pan sear, and smoky sensation yet moist texture on the inside. The rocket leaves add some freshness on the dish, really complementing the rice and the salmon.

Mushroom Picase IDR 80,000
Spaghetti served with champignon mushrooms, spinach, parmesan cheese and poached egg

For me, this mushroom picase looks stunning with the poached egg on the top of the dish. But unfortunately, the dish tasted so bland and lack of seasoning. The only flavor on this dish was came from the parmesan cheese. But the spinach is overpowering the savory parmesan.

The portion was not so big, that is why,  80,000 rupiah is a little bit too much for me.

Roast Beef Pasta IDR 80,000
Spaghetti in Basil Cream Sauce and tender sliced of roast beef

To be honest, I would like to give 3 from 10 for the presentation. It looks like something that cooked in the pan and then poured on the plate for immediately serving. it was lack of aesthetic and not arouse the appetite. Nowadays, we start to eat with our eyes.

Indeed the roast beef has a wonderful texture and scent. But the basil cream sauce taste so bland and lack of seasoning. To be straightened, the basil cream sauce is not creamy as its name. It was oily.

OH, If you come to this place, be amazed with their wonderful, elegant and luxurious menu book. You will be pampered with beautiful and mouthdrooling pictures. Indeed it has plus point to have that kind of luxurious book, but for an input, you better know what do you want to eat before you have opened the book.

Well, have a great day and Godspeed,


Plaza Senayan 2nd Floor, Unit 209C, 211C, 213C
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta Pusat

Telephone: +6221 57900408
Facebook: bakerzin jakarta
Twitter: @bakerzinjkt
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