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1/23/2015 Soya Yanagawa 1 Comments

When I heard a Javanese and greek fusion restaurant.. To tell you the truth, I am really curious about it. So that is why, my heart soar when my best friend asked me to join him to Halo Niko!

Located at The Promade, right behind Ace Hardware's Pasar Minggu, this small and cute restaurant is waiting for your visit. Ample parking space really makes this place easily accessed.

I am having heard that the owner actually a Javanese gal who married with a greek chef. That is why this restaurant was their brain child. They combined food from Java and Greek, that really acceptable for Indonesian tongue.

The environment is full with cute stuffs. Rika Harjosuwarno, really an artistic person. She choose every detail in this restaurant with her artistic sense. You can find fun and joyful atmosphere on every corner of this restaurant. Her talent in art really proofed with her touch of decoration and painting. You can see some of her brushstroke on the walls.

Oh, rumor said that Rika was a broadcaster for local Radio, copywriter for advertising agencies and has her own Batik Gallery. OK, I really admire her so much!

Before this review tells all about her, Let us checked their menu:

Mama Mousaka
A blend of eggplants, yam, minced beef, Mama Mousaka milk cream sauce, mozzarella & parmesan cheese

Moussaka is an aubergine (eggplant) and/or potato-based dish in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire, with many local and regional variations. The English name for moussaka comes from modern Greek mousakás (μουσακάς), meaning "chilled".

Really love this sexy layered dish. It taste really delicious! Savory, sweet and sour blends together in a sweet symphony. You can taste the mouth drooling minced beef and yam, savory mozzarella and parmesan, sweet and indulging eggplants and cream sauce in one package. The richness of textures can be found in one dish. really a must try item if you went to Halo Niko!

Bihun Goreng Jawa

My friend ordered this dish. Actually, it looks a little bit plain for me, but when you eat it, it taste so rich! You can taste sweet and sour collaborate beautifully on this dish. The bihun itself were perfectly cooked and the seasoning was spread evenly. It was nice... But I love my mousaka more.

Greece’s world-famous milk cream pie

Bougatsa, (Μπουγάτσα), is a Greek breakfast pastry consisting of either semolina custard, cheese, or minced meat filling between layers of phyllo.

The name comes from the Byzantine Greek: Πογάτσα. It is said to originate in Serres, in the Macedonia region of northern Greece and is especially popular in the northern Greek port of Thessaloniki. The most common filling is a sweet semolina custard. Common savory fillings include mizithra cheese or minced meat. In Iraklion, the most famous is made by shops on Morosini Square, by the descendants of Armenian refugees from Asia Minor.

Really love the textures! You will have a crunchy exterior and moist interior on this dish. The combination of the texture enrich the sweet and creamy taste. With a hint of cinnamon, really makes this dish perfect for you to pampered yourself on a rainy day with a glass of coffee or tea.

Mango Panacota

Actually, when I went to Halo Niko!  I was told that they have the most delicious panacota. So that is why I have to order this sweet and famous dessert!

I really love their panacota. It has beautiful texture and perfect sweetness. The mango itself really give a punch of the taste. so thick and flavorful. Even the looks looked so simple, but the richness in texture and flavor needs to be given 2 thumbs up.

Greek Coffee IDR 23,000
Coffee is one of the ingredients that needs to fulfill my food journey at Halo Niko! One of the most interesting beverage was their Greek Coffee. Really love the presentation of this dish. You can find a rustic pot named briki full of coffee and a cup for serving.

To make Greek Coffee, first you need to have the Briki. Fill the briki with cold water, add the coffee and sugar (if necessary) and stir. For your information, there is 4 types of greek coffee, varying by sweetness and amount of coffee.

Sketos (σκέτος, pronounced SKEH-tohss), you just need to add a teaspoon of coffee to the briki. This will taste bitter or unsweetened. 
Metrios (μέτριος, pronounced MEHT-ree-ohss), add a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of coffee to the briki. It will taste medium sweet. 
Glykos (γλυκός, pronounced ghlee-KOHSS), add 2 teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of coffee to the briki. It will taste sweet. 
Vary glykos (βαρύ γλυκός, pronounced vah-REE ghlee-KOHSS), add 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons of coffee to the briki. It will taste a extra sweet coffee.

After you add the coffee, you put the briki into the stove and use medium low heat. Stir until it blends, and then stop stirring it. After a while, foam will rise before it boiled. This foam is called kaïmaki (καϊμάκι, pronounced kaee-MAH-kee) and the richer the foam, the better Greeks like it.

When the foam touched the very top of the briki, it means it was ready to be served. Just pour the coffee into the cup and enjoy!

I ordered the sketos greek coffee. Indeed, it taste bitter and bold. But to tell you the truth,I really enjoy the coffee, because it was the perfect dose for me.

I really enjoy my visit to this place. I really love the calming and indulging atmosphere and the beautiful decoration here. Can not wait to taste their other dishes.. See you soon Halo Niko!


The Promenade
Jalan Warung Buncit Raya no.98
Pejaten, Jakarta Selatan
T: 021 7919 1227

Instagram: warunghaloniko
Twitter: @warunghaloniko

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