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Avec Moi - Thamrin

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You might already know about Avec Moi, a French restaurant that located at the Office Park Thamrin City, right behind the Thamrin City itself. Avec Moi opened in 4Q 2014, the restaurant meaning "with me". This restaurant looks so humble from the outside, with their huge yet cute logo makes this restaurant is easy to find.

The dining area is set out over two levels, with black tables, comfortable chairs and beautiful lighting. On the third floor, you can find a place where you can indulge yourself with liquors and hang out with your friends. Indeed, when I went here for the first time, the third floor is not opened for public yet. But I can imagine sitting there with my friends and enjoy the time.

I do admire their dining area. Really love the lighting and the giant window to the garden on the first floor, but for some private events, the second floor might be perfect for it.

When I look into their decorations, I just thought that the owner of this place is really into installation art. You can find beautiful collaborations between 2D and 3D artwork on the corners of this place. 

The owner of this place is Chef Romano, a Singaporean guy who find his passion in culinary and fall in love with Indonesia. That is why, with his Indonesian wife, they have decided to bear their brainchild, Avec Moi in Jakarta. Beside that, his 5 years experience at Gunther's, a well known French restaurant at Singapore gave him confidence to bring the French delicacies here.

OK, let's see the dishes

Foie de Poulet IDR 50,000
chicken liver rillettes, caramelised onions, pickled vegetables & grilled baguette.

For a Hors d'Oeuvre, this Foie de Poulet is ridiculously addicting. The chicken liver rillettes itself has an outstanding taste. Indeed, for a chicken liver pâté, the color was not really appetizing. But if you spread the pâté at the baguette and take a bite, you will not stop until it is empty.

Some people don't like the bitter taste and tangy odor of chicken liver, so they often to use a lot of garlic and vinegar to neutralize it. But on this chicken liver pâté you almost couldn't taste that thing. The pâté have a sweet and indulging taste, mild and creamy texture. If you eat the chicken liver pâté with the baguette, it will enrichen the textures.

For those who didn't like chicken liver, I dare you to eat it. Coz I know that you will love it and you will change your mind about this Foie de Poulet. 

Salmon Tartare, 63°C Egg IDR 83,000
Salmon Tartare, Sous Vide Egg and Grilled Baguette.

For salmon lover, I think you better choose this Hors d'Oeuvre. You will be indulged with the freshness of salmon that mixed together with silky egg's yolk. The salmon tartare itself was seasoned wise, the seasoning makes the dish taste so fresh and delish. Served with garlicky grilled baguette will add some textures on the dish.

French Escargots IDR 65,000
de-shelled escargots, fresh pesto & grilled baguette.

I never get bored with the pesto sauce. Pesto often screamed its mild and mellow basil sensation. on this French Escargot from Avec Moi, the pesto sauce was paired with the unique taste and chewy texture from the escargots. 

I really love the grainy texture for the basil when i ate the escargot. The baguette adds some crunchy texture on the dish. 

Foie Gras with Spiced Fruits and Orange Glaze IDR 155,000

Well, for me, this was the biggest foie gras that I have seen in Jakarta, it puts me in awe! The foie gras was served with diced apple and raisins, mini pancakes and orange glaze. It looks very beautiful and mouthwatering. 

The bitter taste of the foie gras was balanced with the sweet and indulging orange glaze. the spiced fruits were complementing the dishes and put the elegance into one stage higher. The foie gras itself was seasoned wise and perfectly cooked. The pancake enrich the textures. Really love the combination and salute for Chef Romano for his skills and ideas.

Salade Avec Moi IDR 65k
fresh mesclun, roasted tomatoes, grilled chicken & Avec Moi house dressing

If you a salad lover, you have to try Salade Avec Moi. I really love the combination of textures and freshness on this salad. The Avec Moi house dressing has an Asian touch, they used peanut on their ingredients. The nutty dressing has well balanced sweet and savory taste. It was really complementing the whole salad. 

The secret ingredient on this salad is the crunchy bawang goreng (deep fried red onions). The crunchy texture and wonderful fragrant from the bawang goreng will lifted up your appetite to the fullest.

Mushroom Cappuccino with Pumpkin Tortellini IDR 55,000
& Mushroom Cappuccino with Foie Gras Tortellini IDR 82,000

For potage, you might get indulged with Avec Moi's mushroom cappuccino. The soup was light and not very thick. Indeed, it was a very indulging dish on this rainy season. Oh, you can choose between pumpkin tortellini and foie gras tortellini. 

If you like sweeter soup, you can choose the pumpkin tortellini. But if you want to add some elegance on your dish, you better choose the foie gras tortellini. But for me, I rather choose the pumpkin tortellini and Foie Gras with Spiced Fruits and Orange Glaze. Haha... 

Prawn Pasta, IDR 88,000
Roasted tiger prawns in garlic, sous vide eggs, chilli flakes and parsley

I really love the idea to use sous vide eggs on their pasta. The yolk makes the pasta creamier and the taste bolder. The pasta has creamy sensation and herby. The prawns adds some sweetness and chewiness on the dish. Love the hint of garlic on its aroma and some heat from the chilli, really arouse the appetite.

Bacon Carbonara, IDR 78,000
Roasted pork bacon, sous vide egg, grated parmigiano, garlic, and fresh ground Sarawak black pepper

On Bacon Carbonara, you can taste the sweet and crisp roasted pork bacon. All of the ingredients become bolder because the sous vide egg. You also can smell a hint of burnt sensation on the dish. Different from the prawn pasta, this bacon carbonara has a little bit of savoriness on the dish. and the heat from the black pepper was flawless.

Seabass Grenobloise IDR 98,000
Pan seared fillet seabass, grenobloise condiment (capers, cherry tomato, croutons), potato mash.

Seabass Grenobloise is one of Chef Romano recommended dish. The seabass was really the king on this dish. Even though it was served with silky and delish mashed potato and full of fragrant and texture grenobloise condiment, but all of them is complementing the seabass.

It was perfectly cooked and seasoned. You can taste the crunchy exterior, combined with the moist interior that will pampering you with the indulging taste. Really a MUST TRY item on Avec Moi.

Fun Fact: Actually I have found it was kinda cute.. Did you know that fish in french was called Poisson? It was pronounced similar with the term of "poison". But seafood in french was called as "fruit de mer" which means fruits of the ocean.... kind a cute right? Haha...

Norwegian Salmon IDR 150,000
Pan seared salmon, blue shell mussels, cream sauce and mash potato.

Another dish for salmon lover. Don't you love the smokey taste on salmon when it was cooked? Served with flavorful mussels and cream sauce really shown the potential deliciousness of the salmon. completed with a diverse texture on the dish, makes this Norwegian Salmon is a must try item for Salmon Lover.

Crevette Geante Tigree IDR 120,000
grilled jumbo tiger prawns, sauce Diablo, bell peppers & mash potato.

Perfection is how you pronounce Chef Romano cooking ability. He cooked this Tiger Prawns flawlessly. It was so soft and moist. Complemented with the black sauce, really makes my tongue danced in joy. Do not forget with Avec Moi's unforgettable mashed potato! 

Oh, for you to be noticed, the portion on this dish was quite small. Well, it was a perfect menu for you who cannot eat a lot or for you who want to save your tummy for desserts.

Kakuni Pork Belly Burger IDR 138,000
Specially crafted minced beef, mixed slice lettuce, caramelised onions, fries 

Savory beef patty was combined beautifully with a crunchy fresh lettuce, sweet pork belly and sweet caramelised onions. When you took a bite you can sense the harmonious orchestra playing on your taste bud. The fatty pork belly enrich the flavor and bind all delicacies on this dish into a pitch perfect. The patty itself was beautifully seasoned. It was juicy and has a hint of heat and gorgeous savoriness. 

The caramelised onion was superb. Sometimes, you can only taste an overly sweetness, but different from the others, Avec Moi's caramelised onion show for its natural sweetness. For me, this kakuni Pork Belly Burger taste heavenly.

Duck Leg Confit IDR 145,000
sous vide duck leg in duck fat, grapes & tomato concasse, mash potato. 

I really admire how Chef Romano combined all of the ingredients. Duck confit was perfectly matched with fresh fruit sauce. for me, orange is the perfect match for duck confit. But on this case, the idea to use grapes and tomato were awesome!

The duck leg was so tender and delish. it was seasoned wise and really delish. The grapes and tomato concasse really compliment the duck with elegance and grace. Served with mashed potatoes will make you eat like a king.

6hrs sous vide Chicken IDR 130,000
Roasted sous vide half chicken, pommery mustard cream sauce, grilled sous vide vegetables, mash potato.

This gigantic portion of half chicken is really suit for those who want to glut your tummy. The portion was equal with the taste, so big and tasty. 

Really love the grilled vegetables, especially the garlic and baby carrot. It has a wonderful texture and fragrant. Served with pommery mustard cream sauce makes this dish taste delish.

Boeuf Bourguignon, IDR 140,000
Sous vide wagyu beef shank, red wine juice, grilled sous vide vegetables and mash potato.

What do you expect from wagyu? Soft, tender, juicy and delicious; You can find it all on this Beouf Bourguignon. Served with sour red wine sauce, sweet vegetables and creamy mashed potato will completes it's scrumptiousness. For a meat lover, this will your perfect dish on Avec Moi.

Valrhona Chocolate Fondant IDR 65,000
Valrhona manjari chocolate and Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

Even though Chocolate Fondant was already an all time favorite and become a common dessert that you can find it almost everywhere, you can tell which one are using high quality ingredients. Just like Avec Moi's Chocolate fondant, you can taste the smooth indulging and silky valrhona chocolate fondant inside. Perfected with an indulging Häagen-Dazs ice cream, made this dessert irresistable.

For me, indeed this chocolate fondant was a sinful dessert! 

Orange Souffle with Rum Raisin Ice Cream IDR 60,000
Candied orange zest, segment orange and Häagen-Dazs ice cream.

For your info, the best time to eat souffle, is the moment when it was fresh from the oven. Souffle can easily shrink within second. The fresh from the oven souffle has crunchy exterior, fluffy and moist on the inside. 

Chef Romano said that it was already too mainstream to serve chocolate souffle. That is why he indulge his customers with a tangy orange souffle. His souffle was nearly perfection. It has a very wonderful texture and delicious taste. The souffle itself scream for freshness. Really a mesmerizing dish to put an end on this food journey at Avec Moi.

What is good meal without good drinks? Well, you can choose from assorted tea collections, wine collections or non alcoholic drinks that you can paired with your awesome dish. If you can paired the good dish with the good drinks, you will have an outstanding dining experience here. For suggestion, you can try to paired your dish with 

This Merlot has a stunning ruby color. With a soft, slightly dry but fruity (berries) aroma and body, you can paired it with the pasta or the wagyu. Oh, this wine consists 12.5% Alc.

Overall, I really admire Chef Romano's skill and palate. Really love everything that he made. I also recommend you to try their full course of dining. On their proposed set menus, you will be served from the appetizer through dessert. You will experienced a wonderful French dining journey there. 

I will be back for sure to have another journey of Frenchs' delicacies here.

have a great day and Godspeed,

Avec Moi Restaurant

Office Park Thamrin City Block AA-01
Jl. Thamrin Boulevard
Jakarta Pusat
INSTAGRAM: @avecmoirestaurant

Opening Hours :
Monday - Sunday : 11:30 am - 02:00 pm
Sunday - Thursday : 06:00 pm - 09:30 pm
Friday - Saturday : 06:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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