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It does'nt need to be a genius to know there was a wonderful place that served delicious food.

I already know about Sophie Authentique since their first outlet at Kemang Selatan. When I heard that they have opened their branch at Jl. Kemang Raya, I just said to myself that I have to go there. Luckily in one bright morning, me and my friends went there to have a little indulgence to start our day.

I really love their clean, bright and welcoming atmosphere. By combining white and grey with wooden element, makes this place look so homey and shady. One thing that really catch my eyes, they use real flower on each tables.

You don't need to concerned with Jakarta's heat outside. Infact, this place really cool and have a wonderful ambience. For smoking guests, you can choose to sit on the outside, that looks like porch. 

Actually Sophie Authentique served scrumptious delicacies that handmade with love and passion. For your information, here is what they put on their menu:



Baguette IDR 25,000
Baguette Tradition IDR 35,000
Sourdough IDR 30,000
Rustique / Multigrain IDR 30,000
Cheese Stick IDR 30,000
Whole Wheat IDR 35,000
Black Bread IDR 40,000
Rye IDR 40,000
Black Multigrain IDR 40,000
Norlander IDR 50,000
Whole Wheat Multigrain IDR 60,000
Walnut & Raisins IDR 60,000


Croissant / Danish /Brioche IDR 15,000
Beignet Vanilla IDR 20,000
Whole Wheat Croissant IDR 15,000
Almond Croissant IDR 25,000
Chocolate Croissant IDR 20,000
Chocolate Almond Croissant IDR 40,000
Family Brioche


Almond Berry Tart IDR 45,000
Slice Cake IDR 40,000
Apricot Almond / Apple / Pear Chocolate / Lemon* IDR 240,000
Blueberry / Raspberry / Coconut* / Chocolate Tart / Swiss Chocolate* / Walnut IDR 260,000
Raspberry IDR 300,000


Petit Four IDR 10,000
Madeleine IDR 10,000
Macaron / Creme Brulee IDR 15,000
Meringue / Congolais IDR 15,000
Financier IDR 20,000
Brownie IDR 20,000
Moelleux Au Chocolat IDR 25,000
Canele* IDR 20,000
Mini Caneles box of 4 IDR 30,000
Caneles box of 6 IDR 100,000



9cm IDR 50,000 | 22cm IDR 240,000
Pumpkin & Feta
9cm IDR 50,000 | 22cm IDR 240,000
Zucchini & Emmental
9cm IDR 50,000 | 22cm IDR 240,000
Salmon & Leeks
9cm IDR 55,000 | 22cm IDR 260,000


Ham Salad IDR 50,000
Ham Salad Cheese IDR 65,000
Toasted Ham Cheese IDR 60,000
Smoked Salmon IDR 120,000
Pate de campagne IDR 75,000

come with salad

Cheese Croissant IDR 50,000
Ham Cheese Croissant IDR 60,000
Croque Monsieur IDR 60,000
Croque Madame* IDR 70,000
Goat Cheese Tartine IDR 120,000


Grated Carrot IDR 20,000
Fresh Tomatoes IDR 25,000
Tomato & Eggs IDR 30,000
Mix Salad IDR 40,000

- EGGS -
Come with side salad, pieces of bread and butter/jam

Boiled / Scrambled / Fried / Plain Omelette IDR 50,00
Cheese Omelette IDR 60,000
Tomato Omelette IDR 55,000
Tomato Ham Omelette IDR 60,000
Tomato Ham Cheese Omelette IDR 70,000
Add Butter or Jam IDR 10,000


Ice Cream IDR 25,000
Sorbet IDR 30,000
Baby cino IDR 15,000
Tea IDR 22,000
(Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile, Jasmine, Peppermint, Green Tea)
Ice Tea IDR 20,000
Ice Lemon Tea IDR 25,000
Espresso IDR 25,000
Double Espresso IDR 35,000
Piccolo / Machiato IDR 25,000
Hot / Ice Cappuccino IDR 35,000
Hot / Ice Latte IDR 35,000
Hot / Ice Long Black IDR 25,000
Affogato IDR 35,000
--> Coffee Extra Shot IDR10,000
Hot / Ice Chocolate IDR 35,000
Hot / Ice Mocha IDR 40,000
Milk IDR 15,000
Milkshake IDR 45,000
Fresh Juices IDR 40,000
(Orange , Apple, Carrot, Lemon)
Evian IDR 20,000

Marked * is Sophie Authentiques recommended items.

Well, without any further, here is what i have tasted there.

Canelé IDR 20,000 / pcs

For your information, canelé is a pastry from French that have a soft and tender custard on the center and a dark, thick caramelized crust at the exterior. The canelé can be consumed for breakfast, snacks, and dessert. 

Canele has a small, striated cylinder shape. It was made from from egg, sugar, milk and flour flavored with rum and vanilla, the custard batter is baked in a mold, giving the canelé a caramelized crust and custard-like inside.

You can taste the beautiful collaboration between sweet and bitter taste and also soft with crunchy textures. I also admire canele's humble shape and color, but they definitely shout for festiveness and deliciousness.

Blueberry Cake IDR 40,000

Sweet and sour, moist and fluffy combined beautifully on  my tastebud. I really admire their moistness. Sophie Authentique were so generous to give the blueberry, so you will be indulged with its freshness and deliciousness.

I also love the sticky and sweet exterior, especially on the top. It was not overwhelming sweet, infact it was perfect for my palate. Really enjoy to eat this blueberry cake with my camomile tea.

Swiss Chocolate IDR 40,000

For chocolate lover, this Swiss Chocolate cake might be suit for you. It has strong and bold chocolate taste. This Swiss Chocolate has a wet and thick texture on the inside and crunch on the outside. Actually, It taste really good, I really love the swiss chocolate taste on my mouth. But for me, The cake itself was a little bit heavy for me.

Well, this is my story from Sophie Authentique. How about yours?

Sophie Authentique

Jl. Kemang 1 - splash
TELEPHONE: (021) 719 22 22
FACEBOOK: Authentique Bakery
TWITTER: @authentiquejkt

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