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Dine with your beloved one on the top of the building really on the trends. Just like FJ on 7 right on the top floor of Colony Kemang. What can I say about this place... hmm... What a great place to waste your money with not so good services and so-so food.

To go to this place, you just go to the elevator and went to the 7th floor or the "Roof Top" on Colony building. For some reason, when the elevator's door were opened, there is no hostess to greet and welcomed us. We walked around the lounge to find our self the best seats for us. 

After a while, finally I call the waiter to give us the menu. He hastily go to our table and give us the menu.

Funny thing happens, my friend asked to the waiter if she can add more hot water for her hot tea. The waiter said yes she can do it. The waiter recommend the french breakfast for my friend (IDR 56,000), so that is why she ordered the French breakfast hot tea for her drink. Surprisingly, when the hot tea was arrived, it doesn't have any tea bag inside the pot. So we cannot know what kind of tea or what kind of brand does FJ on 7 used. For me it taste like cheap local tea brand.

I told another waiter about the situation and I asked how my friend can have another hot water to refill if there is no tea bag inside the pot. The waiter said that you cannot add another hot water to refill. I told him that the other guy tell us that it is ok to add another water, so FJ on 7 better improve their communication and understanding to their menu. After that, they give my friend another pot full of tea.

Oh, I ordered an Ice Tea for myself, and seriously.... it taste like a cheap tea from local brand that packed into small size of paper boxes. You know what, you have to pay IDR 27,000 for it.

OK, For the environment, I think it was quite nice. You can choose whether you want to sit at the balcony or inside the building. Both of them is quite hot though... They have managed to make a rustic and beautiful place to hang out. With colorful cushions and stone tables makes this place has a great ambiance to stay.

Lontong Cap Gomeh IDR 100,000
Traditional Indonesian dish served with classic Indonesian condiments

For a hundred thousand rupiah lontong cap gomeh, the lontong (rice cake) itself is a failure. It was too wet and mushy. The sauce was lack of seasoning and too watery. 

Indeed they have put a lot of ingredients inside the lontong cap gomeh; They have tempeh, boiled egg, potato chips, squash, beans, pete and empal. The empal (a slice of meat that marinated with some spices) is really tender and delish. but the lontong and the soup were destroying the dish. 

For me, a hundred thousand for this lontong cap gomeh was 92,000 too expensive.

Kwee Tiauw IDR 97,000

They do give a lot of shrimp and squids on this dish, but honestly... They just put a thick make up on the ordinary fried kwetiauw that you can find it on the roadside. It taste so-so and it doesn't have any special thing on this dish. For me, it was 77,000 too expensive.

Nasi Goreng Kampung IDR 115,000
with chicken drumstick, mixed skewer and fried egg

Another 100,000 IDR too expensive dish from FJ on 7. The Nasi Goreng Kampung that was tasted so-so. They indeed presenting the nasi goreng with a lot of topping and garnish. 

Another funny thing happened again. My friend asked the waiter to make the half cooked sunny side up egg. But surprisingly they give her a well done sunny side up. I don't know what happened to this place. were they seriously put a very high price for a very low quality of service? Or it is just unfunny joke?

Maybe my critics were too harsh and mean, but for the input, if your food was so-so you better improve your service quality and ambiance. Maybe me and my friends just went here on the wrong place and time. 

Have a great day and Godspeed,

FJ on 7 Rooftop
Colony 6, Rooftop
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 6A
Kemang, Jakarta
Phone: 021-29529912

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