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Located at Ruko Crown Golf, Pantai Indah Kapuk - North Jakarta, Carnivor firmly stand waiting for you to come into their beautiful outlet. Pantai Indah Kapuk is Agung Sedayu's master piece in Jakarta. They have successfully developed a beautiful real estate with complete and diverse facilities. From modern market, hospitals, recreational place, sport facilities to diverse restaurant row will be available on this place. One restaurant that I recommend you to visit is Carnivor.

Carnivor is the best place for you to get indulged with delicious meat and ribs. But Not everyone can eat meat or ribs in the early morning, that is why Carnivor launched their new breakfast (brunch) menus that available everyday between 07.30 and 11.00.

You can find a rustic yet delightful decoration that comply the atmosphere. Wooden floor, red brick walls combined with wooden tables and chairs make this place looks so beautiful and homey. Decorated with candle look-a-like lamps, dangling leaves on the ceiling and scenery pictures on the walls really pampering you to the next stage of gorgeousness.

Egg Benedict | Smoked Ham IDR 45,000
2 poached eggs, hollandaise sauce, fun bread, and sautéed mushroom

Eggs benedict will always be my most favorite dish for breakfast. But it was so hard to find the hollandaise sauce that really fit to my palate. I really Love hollandaise sauce bright color of yellow streamed down on the top of  the white poached eggs. It was really contrast and lifting up my appetite. Another thing that makes these eggs benedict was my favorite dish is the flowing yolk when you cleave the egg poaches. It melts to the bread and the ham.

Eggs Benedict from Carnivor has beautiful look and very appetizing. The hollandaise sauce has light consistency and bright color. It has decent taste of sourness and savory, not too bold but acceptable to Indonesian taste.

The eggs were perfectly cooked, the yolk is superb and the bread was nice and has a wonderful textures. Served with fresh salads makes these eggs benedict is worth to try.

Another presentation of Egg Benedict

For the eggs benedict, you can choose what protein that suits you the most. You can choose between smoked ham, streaky bacon or salmon. But Not only that, you can choose the alternative bread such as Puff Pastry. The puff pastry makes the textures become richer. For you who want to try merrier eggs benedict, you can try this alternative eggs benedict combination.

Carnivor Big Breakfast IDR 69,000
2 eggs to your liking, baked beans, streaky pork bacon, sausage bratwurst, sautéed mushroom, and white toasts

For you who want to have complete breakfast platter, you can choose Carnivor Big Breakfast. Really love the combination of the textures and flavors. I really love the baked beans; it was seasoned well so you can taste the sweetness of beans. The smoky bratwurst fragrance combined beautifully with the sautéed mushroom and toast. All of them were complimenting each other so you will have a full indulgent when you eat this dish.

Croque Monsieur | Mix Cheese IDR 48,000
Tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese and cream cheese

For a simple presented dish, this one is my favorite. I really love the melting cheese that served with fresh vegetables and tomato sauce. It has beautiful collaboration of taste, texture and fragrance that fulfill  your mouth with joy and soul satisfying. You can taste a diverse kind of cheese performs a wonderful orchestra in your mouth. Enlivened with the richness of textures will make your day become brighter.

Shakshouka IDR 68,000
Sizzling pan of homemade tomato, onion, studded with sausage ham, crowned with two eggs, toasted bread, and mesclun salad

This Tunisian breakfast looks so rustic and really appetizing.  The eggs were seasoned and paired wisely with the tomato sauce and onion. It has a sweet taste of onion, savory ham and sour tomato. All of them combined elegantly and generate a fascinating dish. The yolk lifted up all of the flavors and make the dish nearly perfection. A great combination of flavor to starts your day.

Spanish Hash IDR 65,000
poached egg, hollandaise sauce, diced potato, sausage bratwurst, pork ham and toasted bread

For meat lovers, you're gonna love this spanish hash. Bratwurst and ham, both of them have a bold savory and sweetness. But the king of this spanish hash is the egg. It blends all the savory and the boldness into something that can make us enjoy the dishes with fun and laughter. Really love this dish; coz you can taste diverse textures and flavors that will make you smile to start the day.

Chocolate Waffle IDR 35,000

Waffles were the all time favorite dishes for breakfast. That is why Carnivor present you with this irresistible dish. The texture was wonderful; you can taste the crunchy exterior and fluffy interior that combined perfectly with the chocolate sauce and Ice cream. You have to taste the marvelous sensation while you ate the warm waffle with cold ice cream. I will never stop to chew until it is finished.

Bread Pudding IDR 32,000

Carnivor's bread pudding was beautifully presented, accompanied with a scoop of ice cream makes this dish irresistible. Sometimes, bread pudding is a little bit too heavy for dessert. Because the spongy texture from the bread was filled with pudding. But not for Carnivor's bread.

It has a wonderful texture and taste. A hint of raisin fragrant really lifted up the flavor. Accompanied with the ice cream, makes this dish becomes full of indulgent. You can taste the wonderful combination between hot and cold, sweet and savory, and moist and fluffy. For me, it was a perfect dish to cap off the breakfast with someone you love. Yup, this bread pudding was good to share because its huge portion.

Molten Chocolate Lava

I think it was already common and ordinary for a restaurant to serve molten chocolate lava cake. Carnivor presented the dish with a customized container that accommodates two pot for the ice cream and the chocolate lava cake. For me, it was nice and quite delish. But like I have said before, it was common chocolate lava.

Creme Brûlée IDR 35,000
Soft creme brûlée with fresh strawberries on top

The dessert that become my favorite in Carnivor is their creme brûlée. A soft and moist texture from the creme brûlée was complemented with the sweet and indulging flavor. Completed with the caramelized sugar on top makes this dessert become irresistible.

The collaboration between the soft creams with the caramelized sugar lifted up the texture and enjoyment. My recommended dessert if you happened to visit Carnivor.

What a wonderful experience to taste and feel the indulgent from Carnivor. One thing for sure, I really admire their consistency to bring a rustic and homey atmosphere for their guests. You can see it from the decor through the dishes. Salute!

On that opportunity, I am very grateful to have a long conversation with the owner of this place. I have asked the light consistency and light taste of the hollandaise sauce. He said that he adjust the taste for the consumer. The quest might not suit with the authentic taste, so they have conformed the taste and texture so everybody can enjoy it.

Well, have a great day and Godspeed, y'all!

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