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Located at the 23rd floor of GKM Green Tower makes Soupanova Ecosky has a breathtaking view. You can see the beauty of city lights of Jakarta from the distance. You can see the Ancol beach -  Jakarta's Golden Triangle - Mount Salak as your scenery.

Indeed, their location is quite far from the heart of Jakarta. But GKM Green Tower itself was right next to Jakarta Outer Ring Road, so it is quite easy to reach this place.

Soupanova Ecosky is a bar and restaurant that set its root in Berlin. They combined  café, restaurant, bar and club in one location in order to maximize convenience and comfort for the visitor. On each and every location of Soupanova, they have created an unique Berlin-style atmosphere and characters.

Soupanova Ecosky allow their place to be used for all kind of cultural events, arts, as well as private parties for different occasions.

The most interesting part to visit this place is you do not have to concerned about your look. Wear the outfit that comfort you the most, because on this place you are free to express yourself.

I really love their rustic and vintage interior design. Every objects that you can find at Soupanova is an artifact from over the last 50 Decades (especially 50s and 60s). All of it was brought straight from Berlin.

I also love the concept of recycling and re-use the materials. Fact that Soupanova bought few boats at Muara Baru, disassemble and use it as their floors and bar table. They successfully transformed the top floor of GMK Green Tower  into a rustic yet vibrant place to enjoy your Jakarta's traffic escaping moment with your friends and beloved one.

For the murals, some of them were brought straight from Berlin and some of them was made here with the help people of IKJ (Institut Kesenian Jakarta).

GKM Green Tower is the first commercial building in Indonesia that has a platinum certificate of green building. It is designed to meet certain objectives such as protecting occupant health; improving employee productivity; using energy, water, and other resources more efficiently; and reducing pollution impact in our environment. This idea was suit with the concept of Soupanova Ecosky, that is why they decided to take placeon this building. 

IDR 120,000
Gin, Honey, Lime Juice, Cardamon & Kaffir Leaf.

I really love cocktail that use Gin as its base. It gives you a refreshing sensation and relieving fatigueness. The thirst quenching sensation from the gin was uplifted with the lime juice and the kaffir leaf. This cocktail was a medium dry taste and has a strong herbal scent.

To have this cocktail in my hand while watching the beautiful city light.. what a wonderful treat!

Chips and Salsa IDR 30,000

Different from Nachos, this chips and salsa don't use cheese on its topping. I really love the crunchiness of the chips that combined perfectly with Soupanova Ecosky's homemade salsa.

The homemade salsa was seasoned wise and very refreshing. You can taste the tangy citrusy flavor combined with the mild tomatoes. A simple dish that can make you addicted with the texture and taste.

Rougie Foie Gras IDR 95,000
Foie gras with onion puree and apple caramelized with red berry sauce

You can taste the soft texture of foie gras combined with the crunchiness or caramelized apple. The bitterness of foie gras was perfectly blend into the sweetness of caramelized apple and freshness of red berry sauce, they were complimenting each other and make a beautiful symphony on your mouth. The onion puree lift up all the flavor into one knot tighter.

This Rougie Foie Gras is my most recommended dish on Soupanova. You have to try it while you were there!

Mashed and Bangers IDR 90,000

I really love their homemade sausage, you can taste the crunchiness from the exterior when you took a bite. It has a perfect savoriness and sweetness and the aroma... Oh my goodness.. it has a smokey fragrant and it was really indulgently delicious.. Combined perfectly with the gravy, green peas and mashed potato.

The sweet savory gravy really lifted up the sausage taste, and the mashed potato makes the dish nearly perfect. I can sense a very diverse textures. For those who eat pork, do not you ever leave this place before you eat their mashed and bangers.

Rindergulash IDR 80,000
Beef Gulash with onions & homemade spätzle 

Rindergulasch is a beef stew that include red wine and is usually served with potatoes or dumplings. I really love the tenderness and the juicy part of the meat. For the taste, It is the taste of Berlin! It was seasoned well and has its own richness. You can taste sweet, savory and sourness collaborate beautifully on your mouth. The rindergulash was served with spätzle. Spätzle is popular in the southwest region of German. It is usually served in placed of potatoes or other noodles with a roast as part of a larger dinner.

The Spätzle reminds me with macaroni but in a different form. It has soft and moist texture. The buttery taste combine perfectly with the gulash, they were complimenting each other.

The salads completes this dish. They shout for their freshness and brings a diverse texture on this plate.

Mango Ice Cream IDR 60,000

There were 2 kinds of Mango Ice Cream that Soupanova EcoSky served. It was sorbet and the milky one. To finish my dining experience at Soupanova EcoSky, I ordered the milky Mango Ice Cream. It has a bold taste of mango and indulging taste of milk. Served with berry syrup will satisfy your palate.

Their homemade ice cream, indeed doesn't have the smooth and silky textures. But Sometimes I do missed the grainy texture from the ice crystal. Overall, I really enjoyed my visit here and will come back for sure with my friends.

If you happened to be around TB Simatupang, you can go to Soupanova EcoSky at GKM Green Tower. You will be indulged with beautiful scenery and delicacies.

Have a great day and Godspeed!

Soupanova Ecosky
GKM Tower, 23rd fl
Jalan T.B. Simatupang Kav. 89 G
Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan
021 - 2787 8017

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu, Sun: 12 PM - 12 AM
Weekends: 1 PM - 3 AM (Currently open 3 PM)

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