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10/16/2014 Soya Yanagawa 4 Comments

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta will always be my most favorite hotel to have a weekend Getaway in Jakarta. Even though Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta was strategically located in the centre of Jakarta’s Sudirman business district, you will forget all that relates to work as soon as you put your feet into this hotel. Indeed, on this hotel, you are always in holiday. 

Luckily I can arrange my weekend getaway to Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta with my best friends, Yenny and Dedy.

Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta's location is really superb, it just 7 minutes on foot to the nearest busway shelter and 15 minutes by car to the most happening malls in Jakarta. Their easy access makes traveling Jakarta will not be a problem. 

For your information, its location is really near to the Sudirman road, that often to had a "Car Free Day" every Sunday on 06.00 - 11.00. If you happened to stay there on Sunday, do not miss the opportunity to see the car free road. You can exercise or just enjoy the Jakarta's pollution free breeze.

The hotel is stunning! A great hotel was made fantastic by the superb staff who can help with anything you need and Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta's services from the front desk - reception and concierge - was excellent.

The room I had was superb, with a beautiful view over the Jakarta skyscrapers. Yup, the most indulging thing on Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta is the view. Above is the view from my room's window. Me and my friends had late night drinks just sitting out and enjoying it for hours. I feel blessed to be able to see it, it was really breathtaking!

The room was very thoughtful and well done, very comfortable. It was clean and has a nice scent. I really love the goose feather pillows, it really brings the great quality of my sleep.

One more thing about the room, there will always be a beautiful treats from Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta such as a bowl of tropical fruits everyday.

For me, the most important thing in a hotel is their bathroom, the bathroom is comfortably clean and spacious. I really enjoy my bath time there. I can relaxed my body and wash away my tiredness on the bathtub. Oh my goodness.. I really miss the bathtub...

The morning arrive and I spend my morning by enjoying the pool. The service was great, they help us to opened the umbrella on the place where we want to put our belongings.

The tropical island theme makes you want to explore all the area on this pool. The pool have a range of depth around 1 - 3 m. They have put boundaries to go to the deepest pool, and the safety guard always watching during the day. For those who have kids, you can asked your kids to play at the kid's pool.

I really enjoy my swim there. The best time to enjoy the pool was before breakfast or before dinner. The sun was quite friendly during that hours. But if you want to have a sunbathing, you can enjoy the tropical weather all day long. 


Before breakfast, me and my friends went to the pool side garden. You can find a mini garden there. The air was so fresh and indulging. For some moment, you can see a pony there!


Like always, I really enjoy my dining experience at Satoo. I went there for breakfast and really astonished with the diverse kinds of breakfast menu. You can eat cereals, dim sum, pastries sausages even sushi! The most interesting part is, you can find vegetarian sausage, beef sausage, chicken sausage and pork sausage. For the ice cream section, they serve a yoghurt ice cream for breakfast.

At this award-winning restaurant, Satoo, you will be indulged by its sleek, modern and minimalist environment. They successfully bring the calm and wonderful atmosphere with their interior design and decoration.

Ah, They have 12 interactive open kitchen stations featuring various types of cuisines including:

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad, Smoked Salmon, Hummus, Pasta Salad with Roasted Bellpepper, Gado-gado, Karedok

Sushi and Sashimi
Maki Rolls, Sushi (Salmon, Tuna, Snapper), Sashimi (Salmon, Tuna, Octopus), White Soba

Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Samosa, Mushroom Masala, Prawn Briyani, Garlic Naan

Sliced Beef Zurichoise with Mushroom-Roasted Lamb Leg with Herb Gravy, Baked Red Snapper with Caper Butter Sauce

Rendang, Nasi Goreng, Rawon, Sate Padang, Siomay Bandung, Soto Madura, Gudeg Jogja

Traditional Peking Duck with Pancake Szechuan Octopus, Hokkian Noodle with Chicken and Black Mushroom, Sauted Pak Choy

Barbecue and Grill 
Salmon Wrapped in Beef Bacon with Mustard, Various Satay (lamb, beef, chicken), Gala Prawns with Lemon

Soto Mie, Mie Bakso, Mie Aceh, Laksa, Mie Kocok

Potato Gnocchi, Prawn Ravioli, Spinach Tortellini, Spaghetti

Various sliced cakes, Tiramisu, Kolak, Es Campur, Serabi, Choux, Crème Brulee, Chocolate Fountain, Assorted Ice Cream

Wide array of fresh, whole and sliced fruit, traditional seasonal fruits are also available

Jamu are herbal remedies without additive chemical materials with roots in ancient Indonesian medicine. Jamu uses many kinds of natural herbs and spices. There are around twelve types of Jamu which are offered, ranging from Kunyit Asam and Beras Kencur to Jamu Paitan, Cabe Puyang and many more.

- This is a sample menu for reference only.

Sometimes, Satoo had a special celebration. Just like celebrating the Bavarian culture with a range of German cuisines when I went there to have brunch. Well, you can read it HERE


For lunch, I suggest you to go to Shang Palace, it was right across Satoo. You can order Shang Palace's all you can eat dim sum from your table on weekdays, but on weekends, Shang Palace displayed their assorted Asian delights on self service buffets that divided into several criteria like appetizers, steamed dim sums, fried dim sums, chang fens and desserts. You can read my review HERE 

But if you want to taste the delicacies that Shang Palace serve, you can try my recommended dish HERE


One thing for sure, you cannot missed the Lobby Lounge at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. The lobby had a tranquillity that echoed the gardens outside perfectly. It was only separated by giant glass windows between the lobby itself and the garden. The decor was really marvelous with a beautiful chandelier hanging on the ceiling and artfully arranged flower on every table. It has a wonderful vibe to enjoy the tea time.

Me and my friends went there to enjoy the high tea.

Classic High Tea Set IDR 185,000/ set

The Classic High Tea is available from 3 to 6 in the afternoon. It has 3 levels tower of delicacies. The 3 levels represents 3 kinds of snack, which is Hot, Cold and Sweet. Each and every levels consist 3 kinds of delicacies that was made with high quality ingredients. Without any further, here are the delicacies:

HOT on the 1st Level (Bottom)
- Lemongrass Marinated Chicken Lollies with Mango and Sago Dipping 
- Prawn Tempura and Healthy Vegetable Chips
- Mini Beef Fillet Mignon Rosini Burger with Duck Foie Gras

COLD on the 2nd Level (Middle)
- Dill and Yuzu Marinated Prawns with Avocado in Brioche a Tete
- Grilled Baby Vegetables with Pesto Aioli on Rocket Bread
- Beef and Enoki Teriyaki Rolls on Dark Rye Bread with Cornichons.

SWEET on the 3rd Level (Top)
- Chocolate Trilogy Layer
- Vanilla and Fresh Raspberry Creme Brulee
- Pecan and Maple Tarlet 

You can enjoy the high tea with your favorite tea or coffee. One thing that I have to give Lobby Lounge 4 thumbs up is their diverse collection of teas. The high tea set was include 2 piece of Warm Scone & Raisin Scone with Clotted Cream and Strawberry Marmalade. Served fresh from the oven, so it has a soft and fluffy textures.


Do not miss the opportunity to have a romantic dinner with your beloved one at Rosso. Rosso means "RED" in Italian. Red is one of major colors that shout for passion, boldness, excitement, warmth and elegance. That is why I can feel their vibrant and passionate atmosphere in a second I put my feet here.

Rosso's main dining room exudes a colorful, vibrant yet sophisticated ambience. They also provide two semi-private rooms, with one private room attached to a finishing kitchen where guests are able to preview the final touches placed to the preparation of their meal. 

One thing that really makes my jaw drop is the painting on their ceiling, so beautiful and mesmerizing. You can read my full review at Rosso HERE

For me, dine at Rosso with my beloved friends was beyond speech. I really enjoy it until the last drop of my wine. 


Another recommended place to have dinner at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta is B.A.T.S., they were known as a restaurant that serves oversized portions of Western food. 

Bars At The Shangri-La, which is as known as B.A.T.S. will bring you to the underground New York atmosphere. With their exposed brick and wood paneling, you can feel that you came to a different place and atmosphere. This is the place where you can enjoy yourself without disturbance from the outside.

This place is suit for a family dinner. You can read my review HERE

For your information, B.A.T.S. is one of the best nightlifes and the most happening places in Jakarta. This place has become my most favorite place to grab a drink while watching the live band. My most favorite drink will always be their Gin & Tonic.


Let me introduce you with the newest and hottest pop-up lounge at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta named Blu. Located in Satoo Garden, this new restaurant/club/lounge is going to be one of the most happening spot for social people.

You can have the vibrant and zing of the nightlife outdoor! Accompanied with undoubtful talented DJs will make your night unforgettable.  They opened the door from 17.00 until midnight and the DJ plays from 21.00. 

Blu also offers three kinds of seating. You can sit on the dining sofa, customized bed or plush pillow. If you choose to enjoy the moment at the dining sofa or the bed, there will be a minimum charge. But to tell you the truth, IDR 1,200,000 for the minimum charge is still affordable.

Oh, I have said Blu is the hottest pop-up lounge above, it means that this place was only seasonal. Rumor said they only open it until December 2014. So you better go there before its too late.

Well, Actually, it is really hard to say goodbye to this wonderful hotel. But my weekend getaway at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta will always be unforgettable! Thanks to my best friends who accompanying me on this weekend getaway.

 Have a great day folks!

Shangri-La Hotel
Kota BNI, Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1 
JL. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta 10220, Indonesia

T. +62 21 2939 9562
Twitter: @ShangriLaJKT

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  1. Dear Soya,

    Firstly, i'd like to thank you for having me together with Mrs. Yenny in enjoying the unforgetable 3 days 2 nights moment at Shangri La. It was such a perfect place to have both fun and relaxation. Reading your review about Shangri La recalled all the memory and i think we should do it more often for the next.. :) And am waiting for your another invitation dude !

    Godspeed Soya

    1. Yeah.... The fun and the excitement that we have taste still linger on.... Next destination... MALANG!!!

  2. first of all, thanks for inviting us (me and dedy). it's surely a different experience. and reading it again here, remind me of our moments. your pictures are truly amazing. well, like dedy said, we should do it more often. cannot wait to another experience dear.. love u..

    1. Bla bla bla...... See you later dear... Malang will be our next destination..

      Thanks though for your wonderful comment. ;)