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9/11/2014 Soya Yanagawa 0 Comments

What is Zomato? Well, Zomato is an online restaurant discovery guide providing information on home delivery, dining-out, cafés and nightlife in cities of India, Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Chile, Portugal, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. 

With Zomato, you can:
- Search within thousands of restaurants in your city
- Get menus, directions, numbers, ratings, and reviews.
- Browse curated lists of places perfect for your various moods.
- Create and share your personal food blog on Zomato.

Here is one of their advertisement that I have found on youtube:

For your info, I always recommend my friend to install Zomato application on their smartphone. You won't regret it!

You can download Zomato application for free at App Store,  Google PlayBlackberry World and Windows Phone. Indeed, to use this application, you have to register your E-mail first. Just click the sign-up button and drop your name, email and create your password. Voila! youre ready to use Zomato!

My Favorite things on Zomato #1

On their main page, you can see restaurant's classification by Zomato. It really helps me a lot to see, what is on the trend right now, where is the best place to have a romantic dinner, or the best place to enjoy the live music etc. So I will not be bothered to find the right place to dine on the other search engine, and the most important thing, their list can be accounted for!

On their main page, I also learn how to take a wonderful and beautiful pictures. As you can see, Zomato use a wonderful pictures. You will not just have the information there, but also an eye indulging and mouth drooling pictures.

My Favorite things on Zomato #2

I really love the search engine filters at Zomato. Their wide range of classification filters really helps me a lot. I have once meet with these kind of situation:
- Me and my friends do not know where to go on this area
  You can find a hang out place nearby

- Me and my friends still want to hang out at late night
  We can find hang out place that still open until 02.00

- I want to have a cup of coffee while working on my food blog
  I can find a cafe or deli that had Wifi.

- Even when I don't want to go out from my room
  I can find restaurant that served home delivery.

My Favorite things on Zomato #3

I really LOVE their restaurant information page. Really thoroughgoing and informative! You can find their address, telephone, recommended dish, range of price, menu, environment and the dish pictures. You can also read the review from people who already went there. 

The most interesting part is, the map was integrated with google map. You can simply touch the "directions" on the map page, and google map will tell you how to get there. I often to use it to find a restaurant that i have never been there.

I know that I have told you all the good things about Zomato, but actually I have something that quite bother me. First of all, you have to register your email, so it makes Zomato similar with other social media. I don't think it was crucial, but for some people, they already tired to have some kinds of social media. That is why it is a burden for them to have another social media in their life.

Lastly, We often to look for a place where we can have a private party or event with certain amount of guests. But the search engine filter and the restaurant informations did not include that. That is why I have to think harder when my friend asked me where is the recommended restaurant to held an event such as an halal bihalal, birthday party, wedding etc... Hopefully on the next application update, Zomato will have that kind of features including the capacities for the guests on its list.

I think it is enough for me to review this wonderful smartphone application. Oh, don't forget to follow me at Zomato. Hopefully we can meet and be friends!

Have a great day and Godspeed!

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