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Torta Dolce Cake - Pluit, Online Shopping (II)

9/01/2014 Soya Yanagawa 3 Comments

Do you remember with this picture?
Yeah It was taken from my review for Torta Dolce Cake - Pluit, Online Shopping back in 2013.

Torta Dolce Cake is one of my recommended online shopping for patisserie. Their assorted delicacies were really undoubtedly delicious. You can just go to their website: and get ready to have a mouthdrooling foodporn there.

Well, with this page, I just want to tell you that they have a lot of indulging new products. There are new flavors of macarons, New variants of breads and cakes. One of my most favorite cake is...


Hazelnut chocolate brownies topped with banana mango brownies 
and milk chocolate mousse. 
Finished with dark chocolate glaze.

I don't know why, but I really love their simple yet elegant presentation. Torta Dolce Cake decorate their cake with Nutella Macarons and strawberry on the top of their chocolate glaze. Layered with Hazelnut chocolate brownies, chocolate mousse, banana and mango cream and chocolate glaze makes this cake look astonishing. 

Oh, I really admire how Torta Dolce Cake packaged this vulnerable cake. First, They double taped the impraboard to the box. And then, they apply a chocolate paste in the center and then put the cake on the top of all. So, the cake will always be in the center and will not easily shattered. You will have your cake just like in the picture!

This Stella Banana Cake has a very rich textures. The moist and fluffy textures from the brownies, crunchy and delight from the hazelnut, silky and smooth from the moose, sticky and addicting from the chocolate glaze and soft and chewy from the paste, collaborate beautifully on your mouth. 

I really love the flavor too. The hazelnut chocolate brownies and chocolate mousse has a very perfect taste for me. It was not heavy at all. You can also taste the bold taste of Mango with a hint of banana flavor on it. The Hazelnut, chocolate and the tropical fruit taste will make a beautiful symphony on you your mouth. 

Well, Torta Dolce Cake never dissapoint me. If you are looking for something to surprise your beloved one, or you want to celebrate something with sweets or patisserie, do not hesitate to contact Torta Dolce Cake. I bet that your celebration becomes merrier.

Have a great day and Godspeed!


T. +62 21 668 1919
F. +62 21 668 1818 

Facebook : Torta Dolce Cake
Twitter : @tortadolcecake

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