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If you are cravings for Singaporean food, you don't have to go to Singapore. H5 (Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho!) bring some Singaporean delicacies into their outlet at Grand Indonesia on their Singapore Food Festival (SFF). You can taste some of renowned culinary delicacies from Singapore such as Ming Fa Fishball, Yi Kou Wei and Hai’s.

This wonderful events was held between 11 September 2014 and 12 October 2014. So, What are you waiting for?

H5 is one of the brand that OPCO Indonesia made to enliven the culinary travel in Indonesia. For your information, OPCO Indonesia is one of the first and foremost lifestyle concept F&B and operators in Indonesia. Their undoubtedly famous F&B brands are Portico, Domain, Yellow Fin, Koffie Warung Tinggi, Stark, Urbanite Asia, House of Beer, Embassy, Tokio Bowl, Mr. Chuan and also H5 or Howdy Hello Hola Hey Ho!

Nowadays, restaurant is not just serving food, but also environment! H5 really concerned about the details. As you can see, you can see their beautiful trinkets and their beautiful hanging lamps. Do not forget their beautiful and colorful murals, really makes your dining experience will not be easily forgotten.

Howdy Hello Hola
Hey Ho!

Hokkien Prawn Mee IDR 80,000

On this Hokkien Prawn Mee you can find shrimps, squids and pork lards. The sauce is quite delicious, it was seasoned well and lift up the mee into a higher stage of deliciousness. The texture is rich and the fragrant is pampering. You can add some lime juice to add some freshness into the dish and makes more playful and delicious.

Char Kway Teow IDR 58,000

I really love kway teow. It was made from rice and the noodles looks almost transparent and the texture was so soft and moist. But one of the weakness from this kway teow is the noodle was not easily absorb the oil and the seasoning. That is why for some kway teow dish, you might find it a little bit oily than the others. But I really love the H5's char kway teow. It has a harmonious collaboration between sweet and savory from the seasoning and the protein.

Blackpepper Crab IDR 188,000

The Red, black and green contrast colors are decorating the plate. It really makes your mouth non stop drooling. You can enjoy the  spiciness and the black pepper with a hint of burnt fragrant. But for me, it taste a little bit too salty.


Back in 1983, Mdm Elaine Koh wanted to live the life she wanted yet she could bring home income. She decided to set up her own business. With a recipe of her own she opened her first shop, a store in a coffee shop at Chinatown selling “Popiah” or Hand roll Spring Roll. After 5 years of earning and lost, she felt that she could do more, so she went to learn how to make Chinese New Year pastries from different housewife. After numerous unsuccessful tries she successfully created her New Year Cookies branding and started selling Chinese New Year Cookies during the festive seasons on her store in Chinatown. 
So how could a store in Chinatown lead her to such a establishment now? In 1992 due to her neighbor store’s disturbance. She decided to leave Chinatown even thou she knows that the outside world is a tough place. She took one year of planning and to strategize her planning and looking for opportunity. She came up with a decision that she would brand her company to bring in the quality of traditional Chinese delicacy. Finally in 1993 she got an opportunity to open a promotion counter at bugis junction, Seiyu during every Chinese New Year Seasons selling Cookies and other festive seasons selling other products. 
On 1996 Takashimaya Shopping Centre had given her and opportunity that she never imagined. A shop in a shopping centre at Orchard Road. As the business grows. She decide that her business need to expand that is where Yikowei was created along with the central kitchen she has. Bringing on the same mentality later on in 2006 her first restaurant opened at Centrepoint Basement 2. Her latest shop would be at ION Orchard at basement 4.

Pineapple Tarts IDR 135,000
Rich, buttery, tender and melt-in-the-mouth bite-size pastries filled with caramelized pineapple jam.

For some reason, this pineapple tart is similar with Nastar. You can see its similar shape, similar color, and also similar taste. It taste quite addicting; You will taste its buttery taste from its dough and sweet and a hint of freshness from the pineapple jam.

On every box the pineapple tart was lovely-cooked and good quality ingredients. To tell you the truth, if I went back here, I don't need to eat anything else that day...

Popiah IDR 25,000
A Hokkien snack wrapped with paper thin wheat flour skin and assortment of vegetables.

You can taste Yi Kou Wei's famous popiah at H5. Fresh vegetables and nuts were rolled inside the popiah skin. Accompanied with sweet sauce really lift up the freshness and deliciousness.

For your information, Popiah is a Fujian/Chaozhou-style fresh spring roll common in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The popiah skin that used to wrap all the vegetables and nuts is a soft, thin paper-like crepe made from wheat flour.

You can taste a diverse kind of texture on this popiah. The crunchiness from the fresh vegetables was beautifully blend with the nut crumbs. Sweet and savory taste combined harmoniously on your mouth, and the sweet special sauce really lift up all the flavors and make this popiah is worthy to be my recommended appetizer while you are at H5.


Since 1946, We believe only in delivering quality food to our customers, suppliers and you. 
Its goes back to 1946, where our business started on a pushcart along the street of Chinatown. Then our founder Lim Chye Kang insisted that our fishballs were to be made from 100% fish meat and that they were to be made and sold on the spot. 
Building upon the popularity of his handmade fishballs and emphasising on fish quality, he rallied his three sons to expand the food menu and establish more food stalls. It was only in 1973 that our current Director, Lim Gek Meng, took over and semi-automated our business model.Before long more local delights such as minced pork noodles, chicken cutlet noodles, laksa and curry chicken etc were added to the menu. 
Today, our business lies mainly in our manufacturing arm and our retail arm, currently having 7 outlets islandwide. From the traditional food stall in Chinatown to the more upscale Upper Thomson Outlet, MINGFA has enticed his own pool of loyal customers and we would like to thanks them for all their SUPPORT. 

Fishball Noodle IDR 58,000
Handmade Fish Balls served with Mee Pok Noodles.

A bowl of Mee Pok Noodles, completed with fish balls and fish cakes, garnished with lettuce and sprinkled with chopped scallion was served with a bowl a broth and chili sauce. For me, the fishball is absurdly delicious. The chewy texture and the bold taste from the fish makes me want to eat it all.

The mee pok noodles was seasoned wise and not overwhelming. The lettuce add some crunchiness and the scallion add some wonderful fragrant on the dish. Every component on this dish was complement each other, but it still put the fishball into the spotlight. Really love it and craving for more.

Bak Chor Mee IDR 68,000
Minced Pork Noodles served with Beef Meatballs.

A bowl of noodle, completed with pork meat, liver, skin, braised mushroom and beef meatballs, garnished with lettuce, sprinkled with chopped scallion and served with a bowl of broth and chili. The broth was completed with seaweed.

H5 is so generous to give us the topping. For pork lover, you will be indulged with the large size of the meat and liver. But for me, the topping is overshined the meatballs and the noodles. Indeed, you can taste a very rich texture and taste on this dish. Sweet, bitter, savory was collaborate significantly wonderful on your palate.

Laksa IDR 68,000
A Singapore Style curry rice vermicelli dish served with Tau Pok and cockles.

This laksa has a very bold taste and beautiful fragrant. You can taste a very rich flavor combined beautifully on the broth. Sweet, savory, spicy was complementing each other. Accompanied with shrimps, fish cake and fried tofu, this dish had a very rich textures too. One of my recommended dish at SFF.


Imagine reliving the fantastic taste of a world-class fare right at home. Now you don't need to be a chef to make a cuisine so scrumptiously unforgettable yet healthy. With Hai's, even you can easily cook up healthy dishes of gastronomic delight daily to melt palates and taste buds without going through any hassle 
Innovated by a woman and mother of culinary passion, her creation and skills are passed down to what has become famously known today as HAI’s. Now, the family owned a company established in 1984, the authentic flavours of various popular cuisines are sealed in packets of pastes for anyone to enjoy. 
So good, even world-class hotels, restaurants, food courts and cafetarias are getting hooked to our pastes. Also widely available in supermarkets, our products which are also 'Halal' certified, have become a Healthier Choice" for everyone. It's not difficult to savour the goodness of Hai's. Perhaps what you have been enjoying at your favorite restaurant is also made with our products.

Singapore Hainanese Chicken Rice IDR 58,000
Singapore Style Poached Chicken served with Fragrant Rice and Chili.

This Hainanese chicken rice was made with the paste from Hai's. It taste really delicious and quite indulging. The chicken had a very strong aroma from ginger and very delicious sweet savory taste. The chicken was perfectly cooked, but for the rice, it was too wet and it become so mushy.


Ong Lai Punch IDR 42,000
Tempt your tastebud with this seriously fresh Pineapple punch with hints of honey and ginger ale.

This is my favorite mocktail. It taste really delicious yet refreshing. Sweet and sour taste supporting each other and create a refreshing sensation on your body. Really a great mocktail from H5!

Lemongrass Elixir IDR 38,000
The greatness from lemongrass served with aloe vera chunks, perfect companion for spicy food.

The sourness of Lemon was enliven the boredom and the rough aftertaste from the Lemongrass really cleaned up your taste bud. It was indeed a perfect companion for spicy food.

Cucumber Gimlet IDR 110,000
A delicate and comforting drink on your warm days made from freshly muddled cucumber, ice cold gin and rosemary.

Cucumber and gin can fuse together. The dry taste from the gin, combined beautifully with the cucumber. H5 add a fresh rosemary on the cocktail glass to add some fresh fragrant. quite refreshing and delicious.

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