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Located in lower lobby level at Gran Mahakam Hotel, the most stylish dining venue in Jakarta named AOKI Japanese Cuisine is waiting for you to get indulge with their beautiful yet delicious Japanese cuisine. What makes AOKI Japanese Cuisine is different from the other Japanese restaurants? Even thought AOKI Japanese Cuisine was located near with Jakarta’s “Little Tokyo” where Japanese restaurants, bars, hotels and supermarket gathered in one area, AOKI Japanese Cuisine surely bring the authentic flavor of Japanese cuisine from Nagoya. 

I really like their beautiful combination of earthy and natural palette. They use dark wooden walls with green leather chairs. It really makes the atmosphere become warm but elegant at the same time. They also use flower pattern wallpaper with a touch of beautiful cutting bird shaped on the walls.

For me, the most important thing is the lighting; AOKI Japanese Cuisine successfully brings the warmth romantics atmosphere through their lighting effects. With beautiful trinkets and beautifully made laser-cut decorative ornaments as their dividing panel was successfully brings Aoki to the next level of elegance.

For those who need some private dining, AOKI Japanese Cuisine serves rooms that can be use as a private meeting dinner, entertain clients, family gathering etc. 

Fresh Crab Salad IDR 89,000
Crab meat and tofu with sesame dressing

For a starter, you have to try the fresh crab salad. You can taste the freshness of the crab meat that combined with chicory and tofu. I really love the sesame fragrance that combined beautifully with the soft crab meat and the crisp of chicory. It will bring up your appetite because of its freshness and deliciousness.

Special Fresh Crab Handroll IDR 75,000
Crab Meat and Tuna Wrapped in Soy Paper.

It amazed me so much when they serve me the special fresh crab handroll, they use soya paper (soya from soya lecithin, not me OK?). Compared with the usual nori, this soya paper is a little bit tasteless, but AOKI Japanese Cuisine’s soya paper was infused with black sesame that has a beautiful fragrance and unique taste. In fact, AOKI Japanese Cuisine's decision to use soya paper is brilliant! The soya paper complements the fresh tuna and crab meat. The combination between each ingredients were wisely made, so there is no ingredient that overwhelming, in fact, they compliment each other and makes a beautiful symphony on your mouth. 

The tenderness of tuna’s meat and the freshness of crabmeat was unified with the mayo and the soya paper. Beautifully made and served by AOKI Japanese Cuisine that worthy to be their signature hand roll sushi.

Sake Yaki Maki IDR 109,000
Rolled Crab Meat and Salmon on Top

I never get bored with sushi that use avocado on its ingredients. I know avocado has a very smooth and buttery taste. Because of its taste and texture, I just thought that avocado is a very unique tropical ingredient that will lift up the other elements of the dish. For this Sake Yaki Maki, the salmon and crab was brought up to the next level of freshness and deliciousness and combined beautifully with the mayo.

Crunchy Inari Sushi IDR 85,000
Rolled Skin Salmon with Japanese Bean Curd

I really like the sweetness from the fried tofu that combined beautifully with the smoky taste and crunchy texture of skin salmon. AOKI Japanese Cuisine’s idea to infuse mayonnaise into the dish was superb! The sourness of mayo unites the savory salmon with the sweet tofu. Such a pleasant way to pampers your self.

Kaki Age Tempura IDR 95,000
Ebi and vegetables tempura with sweet and sour sauce

The sweet savory yet juicy shrimp was deep-fried with assorted fresh and crisp vegetables. I really love to see the caramelization from the tempura that putted on the middle of the bowl and covering the vegetables with sweet sour sauce. The presentation looks so simple yet stunning. 

Not just the juicy taste that perfectly combined with the sweet sour sauce, you will be indulged with its richness of textures.

Special Gyu Enoki Maki IDR 95,000
Rolled Beef with Enoki Mushroom

This squid look a like dish was actually a deep fried enoki mushroom that rolled by a slice of cheese and beef and then it was dipped with the teriyaki sauce. Teriyaki sauce usually consists of soy sauce, mirin and sugar, that is why it has strong savory and sweetness. It was a perfect ingredient to combined all of the elements on this dish.

You will not find the soft and silky enoki here; in fact, you will wind the crunchy yet indulging texture from the deep fried enoki. The meat still has the tender and juiciness though. The cheese completes the dish with its soft and moist texture.

Oh, the special gyu enoki maki was served with sauteed bean sprouts and sprinkled with deep fried garlic. LOVE IT!!

Spicy Beef Tenderloin – Wagyu IDR 245,000
With Sesame and Sweet Sauce

Have you ever taste a heaven on a fork? Well, wagyu is one of the most resemble that term. It has a silky texture and juicy taste. Indeed, you do not have to over processed the meat; you just need to lift the meat with a perfect sauce. And I have to admit it, the sesame and sweet sauce from AOKI Japanese Cuisine brings the heavenly taste a little bit closer. 

It was indeed a simple dish with premium ingredients.  For a steak lover, you have to try it even once in your lifetime. Seriously, for me… It was a heavenly made.

Dry Sukiyaki – USA (Sirloin) IDR 399,000

Ok, this was the signature dish from AOKI Japanese Cuisine. The sukiyaki was served moist; not drown on the sukiyaki soup. I really love the idea that it was served in front of us. They showed us the ingredients and then they start to cook. It really amazed me to see the skillful hands dancing with the ingredients on the sukiyaki pot. 

Firstly they cooked the meat, and then after the meat was cooked, they start to cook the vegetables. Lastly they put an egg onto the pot to make it dry. It always cooked on that order, so the sukiyaki sauce will has the beef broth.

The vegetables that they use were shitake mushroom, chinese cabbage, tofu, bean curd, onion and shirataki noodles. 

It really makes my day to eat those wonderful dishes. I cannot describe the gratefulness when I start to eat it. It was wonderful and beautiful experience. The sukiyaki and the broth really absorbed to the ingredients. I really amazed with the special sukiyaki sauce and the cooking method that AOKI Japanese Cuisine served. Really undoubtedly amazing!

Mochi Ice Cream (Matcha & Vanilla) IDR 50,000

For the dessert, you should try the mochi ice cream. You will be indulged with the chewy texture on the exterior and smooth and silky texture on the inside. AOKI Japanese Cuisine served two kinds of Mochi Ice Cream, which are Matcha and vanilla.

For the beverages list, you can choose a simple drink such as Hot/Cold Ocha or a very refreshing juices from AOKI Japanese Cuisine, such as:

Soursoup Juice - IDR 65.000

Healthy Juice - IDR 65.000
One of the signature beverages on Aoki, it was mixture of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables. 

Mixed Juice - IDR 65.000
A combination of strawberry and orange juice. I really love the appearance, for me it was very sexy.

Overall, my experience to visit AOKI Japanese Cuisine at Gran Mahakam Hotel was overly grateful. I feel so blessed to have the chance to taste their delicacies and indulgement. 

Have a great day and Godspeed!

Open Hours:
Lunch: 11:30 a.m. – 03:00 p.m. (daily)
Dinner: 06:00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. (daily)

Aoki Japanese Cuisine
Hotel Gran Mahakam Jakarta
JL. Mahakam I No.6
Blok M - South Jakarta
Ph: +6221 7258382 (direct line to restaurant)

FACEBOOK: Gran Mahakam
TWITTER: @granmahakam

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