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5/04/2014 Soya Yanagawa 7 Comments

Good day! I just want to give you a quick review about ediblewish.com

Have you ever find a difficult situation where you have to find "The Perfect" gift for your love one? Well, not to worry, you can add Edible Wish into your list.

Edible Wish is not just ordinary online shopping, they are professional fruit artists who were inspired to create a new healthy way of giving. yup, professional fruit artist! With their hands, they can change, carve, arrange and present a beautiful yet edible fruit arrangement that ready to be eaten.

Without too much talk, lets see some of Edible Wish's products:

- Drizzled Berries Mix -

IDR 175,000
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

I really love how Edible Wish packaged their drizzled berries mix. The strawberries were puted on the light blue and orange paper wrappers and placed on the colorful yet beautiful box.

The fresh and chubby strawberries were dipped into a chocolate melt and drizzle with the white chocolate. Looks so simple but so mouth-drooling.

The strawberry has a juicy texture. You will taste a wonderful sweet sensation into your mouth on the first bite. Indeed the strawberry has a sweet sour taste, but the chocolate gave one level higher to the sweetness. That makes the chocolate dipped strawberry has a perfect taste for my palate.

Once you have eat the strawberry, you cannot stop until it is empty.

- Soccer Star -

IDR 350,000
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry, Cantaloupe, Grape, Melon, Starfruit, Strawberry

One thing for sure, I really love the arrangement. It looks so fresh and beautiful. All of the fruit was so fresh and delicious. It really put a smile on my face when I received this bouquet.

Every one of the fruits shouts for its freshness. And you know what, every fruits, compliments each others. Edible Wish know that they are not just arrange the fruits into a beautiful bouquet, but they also combined the fruits that suits to each other.

The sweet and sour explode into your mouth and they will make your eyes closed and smile with joyfulness once you take a bite.

Well, Edible Wish separate their products into two kinds, which are dipped fruits (and marshmallows) and boquete. Well, I hope that this review can helps you to choose the perfect gift for your love one on their special moments in life.

“Send more than a gift, send an experience.” 
– Edible Wish –

Jl. Tanjung Duren Timur 2, Grogol - West Jakarta
Call / Whatsapp : 0878 80 5000 20 
BBM : 24BF02C1

Facebook: Edible Wish
Twitter: @ediblewish

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