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LIN Artisan Ice Cream - Kemang ( II )

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Located at Taman Kemang 1 No. 6, you will find a humble yet cool place to hang out. LIN Artisan Ice Cream is the initial place in Jakarta that served Ice cream that made by liquid nitrogen immediately after you have ordered.

Why LIN?
Just like what i have said above, this is the first place in Jakarta that served ice cream that use a liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen is nitrogen in a liquid state at an extremely low temperature. Liquid nitrogen is a colorless clear liquid that often referred to by the abbreviation, LN2 or "LIN" or LN. 

Why Artisan?
An artisan (from French: artisan, Italian: artigiano) is a skilled manual worker who makes items that may be functional or strictly decorative, including furniture, sculpture, clothing, jewellery, household items and tools or even machines such as the handmade devices of a watchmaker. Artisans practice a craft and may through experience and aptitude reach the expressive levels of an artist.

The adjective "artisanal" is sometimes used in describing hand-processing in what is usually viewed as an industrial process, such as in the phrase artisanal mining. Thus, "artisanal" is sometimes used in marketing and advertising as a buzz word to describe or imply some relation with the crafting of handmade food products, such as bread, beverages or cheese. Many of these have traditionally been handmade, rural or pastoral goods but are also now commonly made on a larger scale with automated mechanization in factories and other industrial areas.

So, LIN Artisan Ice Cream is a place where the ice cream was hand made by skilled and professional guys using liquid nitrogen.

I really love LIN Artisan Ice Cream's raw modern architecture. They use white as their dominant color. combined with wooden element, the environment looks so beautiful and comfortable. They have divided the environment into two areas. Indoor area for non smoking customers, and outdoor area for smoker customers.

Because they use a lot of white, LIN Artisan Ice Cream put a cute and colorful trinkets to make their place lovelier. I also admire their chic looks, it is because that they use real flower to embellish their place.

I am really happy that I can finally able to meet with Astrid H. W., the charming and beautiful owner and chief conceptor of LIN Artisan Ice Cream. Undoubtedly, she is so kind, humble and caring gal. I really admire her dedication, not only she went to Italy to learn about ice cream, but she also maintain the fresh and natural ingredients. She will not use to preservatives, additives or colourings. She also tell us that LIN Artisan Ice Cream will not serve an alcoholic ice cream to youngster underage customers.

We talked a lot that day, and you know what? All of our gelatos were made by her. Her face became serious when she go to the kitchen area. Because she know that to make ice cream using liquid nitrogen is not easy. You should not be careless and always put safety above of all.

Well, Here is the dish!

The Nutella Gelato with Crunchy Biscuits

You might already know what is the difference between ordinary gelato and liquid nitrogen's gelato. Yup, the texture is way smoother from the ordinary one. For this silky nutella gelato, LIN Artisan Ice cream paired it with a regal's crumbs, so you can have a wonderful and rich texture on it.

The nutella gelato taste so delicious. Beautiful collaboration between chocolate and hazelnut will make your mouth drooling. The sweetness is really fit for my taste, it is not overwhelming.

Pure Vanilla Gelato with Mocha Roti Jadoel

What makes Vanilla Gelato from LIN artisan Ice Cream is so different from the other? Beside they use liquid nitrogen for the gelato, LIN artisan Ice Cream use fresh and natural ingredients, or without preservatives, additives or colourings. If you watch it carefully, you will find black dots on silky broken white gelato. Yup, it was natural vanilla.

For this menu, vanilla gelato was paired with Mocha Roti Jadoel. LIN Artisan Ice Cream use Mocha Roti Jadoel to add some textures and flavor on this dish. The texture from roti jadoel is a little bit rough, but after combined with the silky vanilla gelato it becomes so unique and rich. The vanilla flavor was a little bit dominant, it was creamy and sweet. But you still can taste a hint of Mocha flavor from the Roti Jadoel. Overall, this pure vanilla gelato with Mocha Roti Jadoel was so creamy, and a little bit too sweet for me, but for you who have sweet tooth, this gelato might satisfied your taste.

Cookies and Cream

The third newest gelato that LIN Artisan Ice Cream serve is this Cookies and Cream. It taste a little bit too sweet for me, it has milky base gelato with crumbs from oreo. Indeed the texture is so rich and diverse. You can taste the sweet sensation on every spoon, combined with a hint of bitterness from the dark chocolate cookies.

Tangy Mandarin Orange

To be honest, the color from this sorbet is a little bit pale. But when you taste it, you will be surprised with its bold taste of mandarin orange. Another things that makes me surprise are the smoothest texture of sorbet and the sweet of the orange. If you love mandarin orange or sweet sorbet, this Tangy Mandarin Orange might be suit for you.

Milo Dinosaurs

One of the typical from Liquid Nitrogen's Gelato was easily melt. Yup, because they do not have ice crystal so they were easily melt on room temperature. The Liquid Nitrogen will not give the opportunity of water crystal to be exist.

I love the bitterness from the Milo, and I really enjoyed the smooth silky texture that LIN Artisan Ice Cream serve. For this Milo Dinosaur, LIN Artisan Ice Cream also adds some chocolate chips. They give it generously, so you can taste the surprise on every spoon.

Oh, LIN Artisan Ice Cream also has a diverse savory dishes that will makes your hang out time become merrier. You can try their Chicken and Fish nuggets, french fries and waffles. It taste so good that makes you scream for more.

Overall, I am really happy that I can finally met with Astrid H. W. and get indulged with their wonderful indulgement. Thank you LIN Artisan Ice Cream and Godspeed!

LIN Artisan Ice Cream
Jl. Taman Kemang 1 No. 6
Jakarta Selatan, 12730

T. +62 21 7179 4393

Facebook: linartisanicecream
Twitter: @linicecream

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