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Genji Shoppe - Street Gallery - Pondok Indah Mall (Pop Up Store) [CLOSED]

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Do you know that Monde Biscuit Indonesia has opened their Pop-up store at Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall? Located at the outdoor area between street gallery and Pondok Indah Mall 1, Genji Shoppe is waiting for you to taste their artistic and distinctive delicacies that made from Genji Pie, that is why they named the pop-up store with GENJI SHOPPE.

What is Pop-up Store?
Pop-up store is a trend of opening short-term sales spaces.

A pop-up retail space is a venue that is temporary. The trend involves "popping up" one day, then disappearing anywhere from one day to several weeks later. These shops, while small and temporary, can build up interest by consumer exposure. Pop-up shop allows a company to create a unique environment that engages their customers and generates a feeling of relevance and interactivity. 

There are different benefits to popups, marketing, testing products, locations, or markets, and as a low cost way to start a business. Some are seasonal, others go on to sign long term leases, and some use it as creative engagement.

The videos above are the TV Commercials from Genji Pie. Well, Genji Pie is The one and the only biscuits with heart-shaped pie texture that sold in packs and can be enjoyed by all family members. Genji Pie actually have 5 different kinds of pie, there are Raisin Pie, Soft Pie, Strawberry Pie and Lemon Pie, and Original Pie, their famous heart shaped pie.

Genji Pie was produced by Monde Biscuit Indonesia, a subsidiaries of Khong Guan Biscuits that has existed since 1970. Because of its success, in 1981 Monde biscuits has spread their wings to many countries in Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America and Pacific Islands.

They did not stop at that point, they always attempt to make innovations and breaking the limit. That is why Genji Shoppe is here.

When I went to Genji Shoppe, I instantly fell in love with their outlet. Indeed, their outlet was not very spacious, but they have successfully made the outlet become so jaw droppingly beautiful.

White is their dominant color, combined with frame and cute trinkets makes the outlet look so chic and beautiful. Inside the outlet, you can see their food display and trinkets. Yup trinkets! They sell unique trinkets such as mugs with heart shaped pie cookie, tin containers, t-shirt, gadget's casing etc. But you HAVE to SEE their mural! I has beautifully done by 5 artists!


The mural was drawn by 5 talented people. So, if you went to genji Shoppe, you will be amazed with their jaw breaking art. You can see their artwork on Genji Shoppe's walls, so I just think that the outlet itself was an art gallery.

The 5 people with artistic hands were:


Ykha Amelz & Rukmunal Hakim
( The picture was taken from )

For Rukmunal Hakim, colorblind is not an obstacle to become an artist. His passion for art was poured into his beautiful and soul gaping black and white illustrations. You can see his artwork at


Lala Bohang is a multitalented gal who quits her job as an architect and become an illustrator and writer. Her series of works has been shown in numerous exhibitions including ARTE 2014 and her solo exhibition titled " Gendis ". You can see her blog at


Ykha Amlez is a young illustrator that has been very close to music, drawing specialization, website illustrator, and murals design. She is also become a top of mind in various international brands, musicians, magazines, hotels through fashion designers. You can see her artwork at and

Muhammad Taufiq ( EmTe )

Muhammad Taufiq (EmTe) learned to become an artist by himself. He has worked over than 10 years and specialize his artwork in watercolor techniques. He also has shown his artwork through gallery exhibitions and advertising. From a line drawing, watercolor painting through computer illustration, he is done it with detailed and beautiful. You can see his drawing at

Monica Hapsari

Monica Hapsari is an illustrator, painter, stylist and visual artist that specialized into hand-crafted paintings that has been well-known worldwide. You can see her portfolio at

Genji Shoppe makes young people as their market target. That is why the choose 5 talented young artist to collaborate and become inspiration for youngster. 

Genji Shoppe will be waiting for you at Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall only for one month from 12 April 2014. Oh, Genji Shoppe provides cute tables and chairs for those who want to stay there and enjoy the artistic murals and getting indulged by their delicious treats.

Sweet Sweet Love IDR 35,000
Heart shaped melting brownies in between original Genji Pie, balancing the sweetness with raspberry tartness

For the presentation, this Sweet Sweet Love is very cute and pretty. When you bite or cut the sweet sweet love, you will be surprised when you find a delicious chocolate brownies inside. I really love the richness of the textures; Crunchy texture from the pie, the moist from the melting chocolate brownies and the soft raspberry blends perfectly and make you want to try it again and again.

Chocolate and raspberries have bold taste, but both of them are complementing each other and makes a beautiful sensation in your mouth. The size and the portion for the melting brownies and raspberry is perfect and not overwhelming the dish, so the Genji Pie is still the winner. 

Magic Cinnamon Pie IDR 28,000
Crispy Genji pastry with assorted spiced fruit

This crispy Genji Pastry was served with assorted fruit such as pineapple, apple and strawberry. Genji Shoppe marinates the fruit with syrup, cinnamon and spice star anise or "bunga lawang". The most important part is the star anise. It has an unique scent and taste. Combined with a sweet syrup and sourness from the fruits, makes this Magic Cinnamon Pie is so refreshing and addicting.

For your information, you can see how Genji Shoppe made the fruit salad. They use fresh fruits! that is why the sweetness is not overwhelming and has a perfect sourness. 

Ratatouille Goes Berry IDR 25,000
A sweet combination of cream cheese and fresh blueberries, with genji base crust.

Another pretty dish from Genji Shoppe! Heart shaped Genji pie's crumbs as its base and topped with sweet sour cream cheese and garnished with strawberry, blueberry and mint leaves. The textures for the base is a little bit funny for me, maybe because it has lost its crunchiness. But seriously, it has a wonderful taste! I really like the combination from sweet-savory-sour taste. You can taste the sweetness from the genji pie, a hint of savory taste from the cream cheese and refreshingly sour from the blueberry. 

Sleeping Beauty IDR 25,000
Mini genji Pie hidden inside a moist, a la minute, strawberry pinkish sponge cake. Made fresh when ordered.

For me, this Sleeping Beauty is a little bit nostalgic. You can taste the old time sponge cake with some surprises on the body, with thick and delicious chocolate sauce on the side. For your information, this sponge cake was made when you ordered. It means prepared to order, not prepared in advance. The texture from the sponge cake is a little bit dense, because they have put mini genji pies inside. I really enjoyed the sweet sensation from the sponge cake and the wonderful taste of chocolate sauce that combined harmoniously in my mouth.

This Is Not A Martini IDR 25,000
layered of white and chocolate mousse, a perfect combination to share with love ones. Dipped your original Genji Pie inside.

Actually on bartender world, sometimes a drink can be called as martini when they use martini glass. Well, Genji Shoppe have creatively make this beautifully garnished and Elegantly served dish. 

This is not a martini is a white and chocolate mousse that served in martini glass and mini genji pies on the side. To enjoy the dish, you should dipped the mini genjie pie and eat it. I really love the smooth and silky texture that the mousse had, combined with the crisp and crunchy textures from the mini genji pie will make you scream for more. The most undoubtedly important from this dish is; The sweetness was really fit to my palate, not overwhelming the genji pie

When Sour Meets Choco IDR 32,000
Sweet lovers addict, layered of Genji with Chocolate malet enriched with hazelnut, finished with chocolate ganache blanked and springs fruit salad.

Well, this three layered Genji Pie with choco-hazelnut in between, covered with mouth drooling chocolate ganache and served with fruit salad is my most favorite dish on Genji Shoppe. You can taste the mild and relaxing hazelnut, passionate yet indulging chocolate and refreshingly fruit salads. The Fruit salad  and the choco ganache compliments each other, enlivened with the crunchy texture of Genji Pie, this dish has made into my number one favorite!

A Bag of Love IDR 20,000 / 100gr
Salted caramel or chili chocolate.

I really love the mini genji pie. Genji Shoppe made this mini genji pie less sweeter than the normal size one. They combined the mini genji with salted caramel and chili chocolate. 

For the chili chocolate, You will be indulge with the unique flavor of chocolate. But you will got an aftertaste surprise! There is a little heat after you ate it. The heat is not overpowering the dish, but it was definitely shout for its presence.

For the salted caramel  one, for me is a perfect friend to accompanying your hang out time as a snack. Its sweet-savory taste is not overwhelming. In fact, it was addicting!

One menu that I have not try is : "Make your own Genji Pie". You can combined Genji Pie with your choice of flavor and topping. Too bad my stomach is already full. Maybe next time i will try my creativity to make my super delicious own Genji Pie.

Genji Shoppe Pop-Up Store

North Entrance Lobby Street Gallery
Pondok Indah Mall 1 extension
Jakarta Selatan

Facebook: Genji Shoppe
Twitter: @genjipieid

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