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You might already know about soya milk. Yup, it is a beverage made from soybeans. A traditional staple of Asian cuisine that produced by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water. But have you know about Almond Milk?

Almond milk, just like its name is a beverage made from ground almonds, often used as a substitute for dairy milk.

Unlike animal milk, almond milk contains neither cholesterol nor lactose. As it does not contain any animal products, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians who abstain from dairy products or for someone who have lactose intolerant like me. 

Well, I want to introduce you to MILKYNUTTY!

MILKYNUTTY is a homemade and freshly made almond milk by Lorent. I haven't meet her in person, but after a long chat with her, I can sense that she is a very kind and friendly gal. 

This young and supple girl patiently answered all of my questions. She told me that all of her ingredients are organic and sugar free. She didn't use any chemicals such as preservative, that is why this almond milk has a very short expiration date. Her Almond milk can only hold for 3 days in refrigerator and only 1 hour in open air.

MILKYNUTTY have 6 kinds of flavor, which are Plain / Original, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Matcha and Spirulina.

To tell you the truth, Almond milk have a similar taste with soya milk. But if Soya milk has a bold taste and scent, Almond milk is more benign than the soya milk. Almond milk has a silky texture and soft scent. But one thing that makes Almond milk is different from soya milk were its aftertaste. Almond Milk have a  delicate and soft aftertaste. So almond milk won't make you nauseated easily.

Why Almond Milk?
Almonds are rich in nutrients including fiber, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium,
manganese, zinc, potassium, iron, phosphorus, tryptophan, copper, and calcium.

One thing that I love MILKYNUTTY is their flavor is not overwhelming. It just give you the smooth aftertaste. You can taste the smooth and indulging vanilla. 

Do you know that Cinnamon have a lot of health benefits? Well, here it is:
  1. Blood Sugar Control – Cinnamon has properties that help those with insulin resistance. It is therefore very popular with Type 2 diabetics who take it to control their blood sugar variations.
  2. Candida Yeast Infections - Cinnamon has shown an amazing ability to stop medication-resistant yeast infections. This applies to Escherichia coli bacteria and Candida albicans fungus. 
  3. Stomach Bug/Flu - By far and away the best remedy for a horrible stomach bug is Cinnamon. It make sense because Cinnamon is a powerful anti-bacterial. Research has shown Cinnamon is one of the most effective substances against (click the links for the research) Escherichia coli,  Salmonella., Campylobacter . 
  4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) – As a digestive cinnamon dramatically reduces the uncomfortable feelings associated with IBS especially the bloating. It does this by killing bacteria and healing infections in the GI tract and enabling the gastric juices to work normally. 
  5. Cancer Preventer – Research shows that Cinnamon oil is a promising solution in the treatment of Tumors, Gastric Cancers and Melanomas. 
  6. Anti-Bacterial/Anti Microbial - Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil is a powerful anti-bacterial and makes a great natural disinfectant. Cinnamon oil had the best anti microbial activity among three oils against Escherichia coli , Staphylococcus aureus , Aspergillus oryzae , and Penicillium digitatum according to this abstract.
  7. Food Preservative – Cinnamon is effective in inhibiting bacterial growth.
  8. Odor Neutralizer – Pure Cinnamon Leaf oil not only smells great but is an effective odor neutralizer as it kills bacteria that creates bad odors and not just mask odors. 
  9. Alertness, Memory & Cognitive Development – Cinnamon may keep you more alert and decrease your frustration when you are behind the wheel.
  10. Anti-oxidant – With an ORAC value of 267536 μmol TE/100g (USDA 2007) cinnamon is one of the top seven anti-oxidants in the world. The suggestion is that Anti-oxidants reduce the formation of " Free Radicals " that cause cancer. 
  11. Weight Reducer – Cinnamon apparently has the effect of thinning your blood thereby increasing blood circulation. Increased blood flow generally boosts your metabolism which is why it may be helpful in weight loss. 
  12. Massage Therapy – Cinnamon is a well known warming agent. Combined with a carrier oil it is highly effective in relaxing and relieving muscle pain. Some put a few drops in their bath to relax and to sooth tired and aching muscles.
  13. Anti-Fungal – Got a bad case of athletes foot? Perhaps a toe nail fungus? Cinnamon's powerful anti fungal properties are the perfect natural alternative to killing the athletes foot fungus. 
  14. E-coli Fighter/Salmonella – One of the most effective E-coli fighters because of its anti microbial properties. 
  15. Tooth Decay and Gum Disease – Again the anti-bacterial properties of Cinnamon play a crucial role in getting rid of harmful bacteria without damaging your teeth or gums.
  16. Nutrients –  One teaspoon of Cinnamon Powder (a realistic dose) has 0.33mg (16% DV) Manganese, 0.76 mg (4% DV) Iron, 24.56 mg (2% DV) Calcium. 
  17. Insect Repellant – The anti microbial qualities of Cinnamon Leaf oil is often used for head lice treatment, black ant control, bed bugs, dust mites, and roaches. 
  18. Cold, Sore Throat and Cough –Again this is related to the anti bacterial properties and warming properties of Cinnamon and its propensity to increase blood flow and thereby improve blood oxygen levels to fight illness. Chinese traditional medicine commonly recommends Cinnamon for phlegm coughs.
  19. Alzheimer’s Disease –  Cinnamon can delay the effects of five aggressive strains of Alzheimer's inducing genes. 
  20. PMS - Again because of the high levels of Manganese Cinnamon may be an excellent candidate to mitigate the effects of PMS. 
  21. Depression/Reduced irritability/Mood Enhancer Ancient folklore says the smell of Cinnamon is the best cure for the winter blues. The scent of Cinnamon reduced driver irritability.

So... Do you need another explanation?

Yup, Chocolate is one of my favorite flavor. It is unique and very addicting. Once i finished empty the bottle, my hand reach to the other bottle. Really love the taste and the soft scent.

Honestly, I never like matcha or green tea drinks. It always come to my mind that matcha is identical with oversweet drinks. But not with this Matcha flavoured Almond Milk. 

The matcha is not overpowering the almond milk. It only give you a smooth and silky aftertaste. I really love the scent and the texture. My #3 Favorite drink from MILKYNUTTY 

The youngest, the newest, the Super one, the healthiest and the most delicious one for me. This spirulina flavour Almond Milk is my number one favorite. It has a beautiful green pastel color and it taste wonderfully delicious. 

Spirulina is a freshwater blue green algae that was the first plant life on earth billions of years ago. It has a complex nutrition that was really good for your body. this one is a must try item!

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Or Line : scholasticaloren

have a great day and Godspeed!

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