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What is the difference between Maru Mori Ramen & Korokke with the others ramen restaurant? Well, Maru Mori is the first ramen restaurant that uses tuna as their protein. Located at UG Floor, Supermall Karawaci right next to Bank Mandiri, Maru Mori with humble interior design is waiting to be visited.

Why Maru Mori? Mr. Surjandi, the owner said that Maru Mori is actually come from a popular children's song in 2011 “Maru Maru Mori Mori”. He said that maru means round, and mori means big and bigger. So maru mori is a round that goes big and bigger. Once I know that it was come from a song, I googled it and found it in youtube. Well, Here is the video...

It is so cute right? I fall in love with their video clip since the first time I saw it. OK, back to Maru Mori Ramen & Korokke

Yes, I said that Maru Mori's interior design was very humble. They use lantern for the lighting and wooden table and chair. I really like how the set the lanterns. They arranged them with a different heights, so it looks so beautiful and mesmerizing.

They also put a simple yet beautiful mural on their wall. Just like its name, they use round shape with different sizes. I also found an interesting spot where they put few dolls on their shelf. I know that the dolls have a different shape and characteristic, but if you look a little closer, you can understand that the dolls symbolize a happy family. Yup Maru Mori is a family restaurant that serves ramen and korokke (コロッケ: is the Japanese name for a deep-fried dish originally related to a Portuguese dish, the croquette).

Fun Fact #1:Mr. Surjandi is the boat owner. His boat usually catches tunas and exports it to Japan. That is why he fluently explains about tuna’s grade. For your information, the highest grade for tuna is AA followed with A+, A, B+, B, C, D. Usually C or D grades are used for canned tuna meat, and high ranked tuna will be exported to Japan. The most important part is, Maru Mori’s Tuna was AA grade! It is the export quality!

On January 25, right on the food and nutrition day, Maru Mori held a Tuna Cutting Ceremony. I am so lucky to see the cutting ceremony. Mr. Surjandi said that the fish was freshly caught this morning. This 25 kg AA grade Tuna is quite small compared with the others.

Fun Fact #2:The most expensive tuna sold for USD 1.67 Million. A single 489-pound Pacific bluefin tuna sold for a record $1.76 million at Japan’s famous Tsukiji fish market on January 2013. It is almost IDR 18,000,000,000!!

To cut a tuna from scratch, it is not easy. For the unprofessional, if you cut tuna carelessly the meat will be crumbled. It will be such a waste, especially if the one that you cut is AA grade Tuna. That is why Mr. Surjandi bring the professional chef.

It is quite surprising when I saw Mr. Surjandi starts to cutting the meat into edible pieces. I do admire his frisky hand dancing on the cutting board. Both of them cut the tuna so neat and clean!

Do you know how to find the difference between Maru Mori's AA grade Tuna with the other? The Tuna's meat looks transparent with blood red color and the texture is so glisten, fresh and delicious. The tuna's meat that we often to find in common sushi restaurants were usually had a spongy texture. 

For your information, Maru Mori know that flavor and taste every person is different. So, if you feel that the soup less savory, you can add soy sauce until it is fit with your taste. But if you find that your soup is too savory, you can asked their waitress to add your soup with their special soup.

Oh, I almost forgot, Maru Mori also serve bottomless ocha (hot/cold) that you can take it by yourself.

Tuna Korokke ( The triangle one) IDR 9,000
Since I was a child, my mom often to make korokke for me. So I do believe that my mom's koroke is the best korokke so far. But after i tried Maru Mori's korokke... It is hardly to say, but I am so sorry mom, their korokke is far more delicious than yours. I really like their crisp from the outside and moist and fluffy on the inside.

Kani Cream Korokke (the round one) IDR 9,000
This Kani Cream Korokke is a little bit soggy on the inside. It is because the cream that Maru Mori add to compliment the crab. It taste sweeter than the other korokke, and you know what? this korokke is Maru Mori's best seller Korokke! Children loves its sweetness and cute texture.

Sakana Fry IDR 9,000
This deep fried swordfish has an unique texture. I really like its crunchiness! Swordfish meat texture is also different from the other fish, it is firmer and crunchier. Added with Maru Mori's tempura sauce, will make your mouth scream for more!

Maru Mori Ramen IDR 42,000
I really like Maru Mori's homemade ramen. Its texture is perfect and cooked perfectly. Added with charsiu, mushroom, scallion, sesame, and aji tamago, will satisfy your dining experience. For you who don't like thick soup, Maru Mori ramen's soup is so light and delicious!

Maguro Tan Tan IDR 46,500
This spicy soup was added with pieces of tuna meat. To be honest, I really like this hot and spicy ramen. The tuna was not fishy at all! For me, this Maguro Tan Tan ramen is so special. Because you can eat the AA grade tuna meat with affordable price. The must try menu on Maru Mori Ramen & Korokke!

I really enjoy my visit to Karawaci Supermal. I can experienced wonderful moments at Maru Mori Ramen & Korokke. I will come back for sure to try their other menu. Wait for me Maru Mori!

Maru Mori Ramen & Korokke
Supermal Karawaci
UG Floor No. 75
Lippo Karawaci, Tangerang

Phone: +62 21 5421 1558
Twitter: @Marumoriramen

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