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Located on the 5th Floor Plaza Indonesia, Elicxir Artisan Gelato brings the coolest thing to produce gelatos. Yup, they use Liquid Nitrogen! So your gelato will be freshly made once you order it.

You only have 3 months left to visit their outlet on Plaza Indonesia. But do not be afraid, because they will spread their wings on other locations.

you will be amazed and hypnotized with Elicxir Artisan Gelato's atmosphere. You can feel the alchemist vibe once you put your feet into this place. I really love their mural, all of their mural was hand drawn! Once I know that Elicxir Artisan Gelato will be moved into somewhere else, I immediately asked Jenifer about their mural. Because it was so cute and beautiful.  But Jenifer told me that it can easily removed to the new place. Well, I feel relieved. 

What makes Elicxir Artisan Gelato is different with the others? Just like what i have said above, your gelato will be freshly made once you order it. Yup, Elicxir Artisan Gelato use Liquid Nitrogen to make your gelato.

Liquid Nitrogen can dropped the temperature into -197° C. That is why it can instantly freeze everything it touch! One thing for sure, it makes the gelato become silky smooth. Liquid nitrogen wont make water crystals got the opportunity to exist. So you will taste the smoothest gelato you've ever taste! But you have to eat it directly. Cos, without water crystals, the gelato was easily melt.

From Ambon to Netherlands

From Ambon to Netherlands is a mixture gelato from Ambon's banana and Hollands' ginger bread. I never thought that banana and gingerbread can be a very great couple to be paired. Both of them compliments each other, so it will make a beautiful harmony on your mouth. Garnished with cinnamon cookie will add more diverse texture on this gelato. This "From Ambon to Netherlands"gelato is the perfect choice for those who love banana / gingerbread / cinnamon cookie.

Everything About Marie

My heart fell for this gelato. I really admire how Elicxir Artisan Gelato has an idea to make a Marie Regal gelato. It taste so unique yet mesmerizing. Garnished with whole marie regal cookie, compliments the gelato with great textures.

I really like this gelato because its sweetness is fit with my taste. The sweetness is not overpowering the gelato, in fact it has a perfect sweetness. I told Jenifer that this "Everything About Marie" is so nostalgic. I really admire their creativities!

Toast My Jam (Only Available until 14 March 2014) IDR 45.000

I asked Jenifer how to make this french toast gelato. Jenifer told me that they add real toast into the mixture. That is why you still can taste the hint of toast on this gelato.

The most unique thing on this gelato is they put same injection filled with Elicxir Artisan Gelato's house blend kaya jam. It taste so unique, you can enjoy the kaya toast sensation with different texture and temperature.

Love on Top  (Only Available until 14 March 2014) IDR 60.000

Valentine has past, but it will never be too late to spread some love right? This "Love on Top" might be the most chick and beautiful Elicxir gelato's presentation. They infuse this gelato with Red Rum and Strawberry Milk, topped with cream cheese foam, love shaped red velvet cookie and crumbs added some unique texture on this gelato.

It taste as sweet as it looks. The texture is so diverse, you can taste the silky gelato, smooth cream cheese and crunchy cookie on this dish. For those who love to eat something cute and sweet, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Eclairs & Choux

Sneak peek for Elicxir Artisan Gelato upcoming menu is their Eclairs and Choux. They served us with 2 different filling, the first and second picture was eclairs and choux with Milo Dinosaur gelato, and the third picture was with banana nutella gelato.

I really like the crunchy texture and the caramelized exterior on the top. It has some really deicious sweetness and textures. Combined with their gelato makes the eclairs and the choux are something that you cannot resist.

For an ice cream freak like me, I was really indulged by their beautiful treats. I feel so blessed when I taste the smoothest and delicious gelato that Elicxir Artisan Gelato served. I will come back to this place for sure!

Have a great day and Godspeed!

ELICXIR Artisan Gelato

Plaza Indonesia 5th Floor #019
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav 28-30
Jakarta 15350

Telephone : +62 21 2992 3717
Facebook : Elicxir Gelato
Twitter : @ElicxirGelato
Instagram : ElicxirGelato

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