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On the 1st December 2013, I was invited by Omar Niode Foundation for their Charity Brunch. The event was held on The Cook Shop at Senayan area. This Charity Brunch was a fundraising event to support Omar Niode Foundation’s Scholarship Funds for Agriculture, Food and Culinary Arts. The event was also expected to raise awareness that the vast land of Indonesia has a lot of potentials and the country needs skilled human resources to boost its agriculture, food and culinary diversity.

On this special event, I have met a lot of great people. Amanda Niode with her warmth smile greet me and asked me to join mingle with the others. She also introduces me with Firmansyah RahimDirector General for Tourism Destination Development Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. 

I feel so blessed when Daniel Pranoto, Head of Marketing PT David Roy Indonesia. Just by talk with him, I already know that he is so smart, humble and kind. Patiently he answered my entire question about PT. David Roy's products.

A glimpse about Omar Niode Foundation

The Omar Niode Foundation was officially formed in 2009 in memory of Omar Taraki Niode (1984-2009), and is dedicated to social and educational purposes. This nonprofit organization works to raise awareness about quality of education and human resources in the field of agriculture, food, and culinary arts. Since its establishment the Foundation has provided scholarships and awards for 50 (fifty) individuals. Omar Niode Foundation is involved with the International Association of Culinary Professionals; International and Indonesian Food Bloggers Association; International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association; Food Tank, the Food Think Tank; and Slow Food International.

This non profit organization began its work with an endowment fund from Omar’s hard earned savings and aimed at generating and providing resources for programs and activities in agriculture, food, and culinary arts. It holds as it’s vision, “An organization that plays a role in increasing the quality of learning tools as well as the quantity of competent and qualified Indonesian human resources in agriculture, food, and culinary arts.”

Who is Omar Taraki Niode?
(taken from http://ifwtwa.org
Omar Taraki Niode, the oldest of three children, was born in Washington D.C on 1 April 1984. Omar  graduated from Ojai Valley Middle School, California in 1998; and from Robert Louis Stevenson High School, Pebble Beach California, in 2002. 
Omar continued his education at the Department of Food Science and Technology, University of California Davis, paid his way through school by earning 9 scholarships and grants and working as a maintenance mechanic then as a teaching assistant and graduate student assistant.
Omar  Taraki Niode received a B.Sc. Degree in 2006 and an M.Sc. Degree in 2008, both in Food Science and Technology with a master’s thesis Insight into Asian and Hispanic Restaurant Manager’s Needs for Safe Food Handling.
In 2008 he took an instensive course on  Mastering Culinary Techniques at the Culinary Center of Monterey  in California where he learned about the state of the arts and hands on training on the fundamentals of cooking for food research and development. 
Omar was a world traveler and has visited many countries including Australia, Japan, Russia and most European countries, but was mostly proud of his solo one month backpacking journey across Northern India after his undergraduate commencement.
For 3 weeks Omar visited cities and hamlets in Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Jhansi, Sanchi, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Bodhgaya and Kolkata. A collection of his photos in India was curated, exhibited and published by ANTARA Journalistic Photo Gallery as Omar's Visual Journey, and received huge media coverage.
Omar dreamed of playing a significant role in the field of food science and technology in Indonesia. When asked what he wished to do, Omar said, “I would like to work in food safety, if I could make people safe I would be very happy and satisfied.”
Sadly, Omar Taraki Niode passed away on 10 February 2009 at a young age of 24 due to medical complications.
His friends and family felt that there would be no better way to honor and celebrate his wonderful life than by supporting programs for Omar Taraki Niode M.Sc. Scholarships & Awards to assist those with interests similar to Omar's. The fund being set up is intended to be used for an Endowed Scholarship, meaning that the earnings from investments made with the money will sustain the scholarship well into the future.
Initial investment came from Omar’s hard earned savings and all donations from colleagues, friends and families. Inspired by the assistance that Omar received while he was a student in Davis, we have programs in Omar's name that will go on and on. Each year, his name and short biography will be distributed amongst faculty, staff, students, and individuals who are the recipients of scholarships, awards, and donations from Omar Niode Foundation. 

You can find out more about this fascinating foundation and the life journey of Omar Niode by visiting http://omarniode.org/.

JAPFA & The Cook Shop

PT JAPFA COMFEED INDONESIA Tbk is one of the largest and most integrated agri-food companies in the country. Its core business activities include animal feed manufacturing, chicken breeding, poultry processing and aquaculture farming.

The company’s outstanding competitive advantages are vertical integration and economies of scale. By linking its upstream and downstream operations, it is able to guarantee superior quality outputs at every level - from feed to value-added food products.

Integration brings the benefits of protection against price volatility, a high degree of biosecurity and enhanced customer-driven practices. Its economies of scale have made Japfa one of the lowest cost food producers in Indonesia.

Japfa already commands a significant share of the domestic poultry market and has successfully achieved strong market positions in many of its business lines. Leveraging on its solid foundation as an agri-based company, Japfa is looking to make new inroads into value added and consumer branded foods with a view to establishing Japfa as a leading integrated food company.

The Cook Shop is a store that sells Japfa's products. But if you went inside, you will find a spacious place with a rustic and wonderful interior design for the venue of events or gatherings. They also provide a cooking place that can be used for cooking demo.

PT. David Roy Indonesia

PT David Roy Indonesia was established in September 2002 and a subsidiary of PT Pulau Jaya Mandiri has been specializing in the distribution of industrial food ingredients.

On this charity brunch, PT. David Roy presented their wonderful collection of Dilmah Tea and Indonesian series of Coffésso™. For your info, Dilmah present an unmatched selection of teas, each tasted and selected with the benefit of decades of experience in tea, and most importantly with passion and care; as well as their Coffésso™.

For the Dilmah Tea selection, we can order a cup of tea that suits with our mood. But the most interesting part for me is, they provide their four legends of Indonesian coffee from Coffésso™ There were Mandailing, Kintamani, Celebes and Papua. Each offers a unique profile that brings a unique coffee journey in every single cup from the jewel of the equator.

The Charity Brunch

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Charity Brunch

in support of
Omar Niode Foundation’s
Scholarship Funds
for Agriculture, Food and Culinary Arts

10.00 – 10.30
Guests arrival

10.30 – 10.35
Welcoming Remarks
Introduction to Event Sponsors

10.35 – 10.45
Remarks by Omar Niode Foundation
Testimony of Thesis Scholarship Recipient

10.45 – 11.00
Indonesian Traditional Culinary Icons
Remarks by special guests

11.00 – 13.30
Brunch and Cooking Demo
Raffle drawing & Door Prize

13.30 – 14.00

Even though that there were a lot of great people, they welcomed me with open arms. They give introduction about Omar Niode Foundation and testimonial from the thesis scholarship recipient. On this event,  Mr. Firmansyah Rahim introduce us about the 30 Indonesian Traditional Culinary Icons.

On this charity brunch, from the appetizer through the desserts, all the ingredients were made from Japfa's products. That is why we were indulged by their freshness, #1 quality and healthy products.

Tomato Soup

I really love the Cook Shop's tomato soup. The soup scream for their freshness. You can taste the sourness and the sweetness from their wonderful quality tomatoes; that wonderfully collaborate on the thick creamy soup. I do not even leave a single drop on my bowl, which shows how much I love the tomato soup.

Beef Panini Sandwich

This beef panini bread was also made from the freshest ingredients from Japfa. It taste so delicious. Well, actually I really love the beef, it was so tender and juicy, the arugula and tomato were so fresh. This beef panini sandwich was served with scrambled eggs and french fries on its side.

We are not just indulged by the dishes that The Cook Shop serves, but we can also see how this Sandwich panini made.

Kue Perahu

For the dessert, we were served with Kue Perahu from Gorontalo. I really love it! It has a beautiful silky texture and wonderful taste that melts on your mouth. Mrs. Amanda Niode said that it looks and tastes like a pana cotta, so this Kue Perahu is Indonesian traditional pana cotta. Shamefully I admitted that I ate 3 pcs.... Coz it was so delicious!!

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing on this event. To help with the fundraising efforts, Panasonic Gobel Indonesia donated home entertainment and kitchen appliances for raffle drawings. More nice surprises for the charity brunch were door prizes ranged from meatballs from Japfa, cherry tomatoes from Highland Vegetables and coffee machine from Coffesso.

December 1 is my best day in 2013. I went to charity Bazaar in the morning, have a strengthening faith chat with the taxi driver, met with great peoples in Omar Niode Foundation's Charity Brunch, won a television, and many more. I feel so blessed.

For the closure, I just want to give a phrase that my Vice President once told me:

"I am happy when I can eat my favorite dish, 
but it gives me joy when I can give it to someone that needs."

The Omar Niode Foundation is made up of people like you who give generously to support programs for the benefit of agriculture, food and culinary education.

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    1. No, I am the one who should say thank you.... Thank you very much for welcoming me to your wonderful event. I feel so honored. Godspeed.