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12/19/2013 Soya Yanagawa 1 Comments

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. No matter what's going on, I always so happy during Christmas time. Christmas is not just for the beautiful Christmas tree or breathtaking decoration; not just all the presents and the festive events. Christmas is time to share; to share happiness to others.

I know by give love, care and kindness can make the others really happy. Just like when I have got a beautiful package from Lasagna Lasagne I feel so happy and blessed. Virra Vinsenssa really surprised me with her kind and care that she shared with a this package.

This lovely hamper consist of one personal size lasagna and one set of macaroons. With simple yet elegant and beautiful packaging this small gift really makes my heart soar.

Virra said that she personally cooked this new menu lasagna. It was a bratwurst lasagna.

Just Like what I have said before, Lasagna is the sexiest dish of pasta. It has layers of ribbony pasta, interspersed with layers of various ingredients and sauces. But for this new lasagna, Virra put bratwurst sausage  for the protein.

FUN FACT: The name is derived from Old High German Brätwurst, from brät-, which is finely chopped meat and Wurst, or sausage. Though the brat in bratwurst described the way the sausages are made, modern Germans associate it with the German verb “braten”, which means to pan fry or roast.
I am amazed with this dish. I really love the sweet and smoky taste from the bratwurst. It was combined perfectly with the savory cheese and sweet tomato sauce. I also love their textures. You can taste the delicate texture from the pasta, soft yet chewable texture from the bratwurst and crisp from the caramelized cheese. All of it gave me a wonderful and indulging sensation.

Oh, when I said thank you to Virra, she said that this bratwurst lasagna is available on the menu on January 2014. I will order it for more!

Lasagna Lasagne didn't only give me their Bratwurst Lasagna, but also one pack of macaroons. Actually I am not a biggest fan of macaroons. I just thought that their sweetness is too overwhelming. But not for Lasagna Lasagne's macaroons... Their sweetness is quite fit to my taste.

The green tea flavor macaroons have a beautiful shape and color. I really like their crunchiness and taste. I always admire how Virra put her love into every dish that she made.

When I want to say Thanks to Virra, I also asked her about what will Lasagna Lasagne do on Christmas. She said that Lasagna Lasagne provide hampers that we can bought and give it to someone special. I really love how she package her products. I can feel her warmth and kindness when she wrap the hampers.

Well, have you considered what to give someone special on this jolly season? I hope that Lasagna Lasagne can be your alternative to spread the Joyfulness of Christmas spirits.

Have a wonderful day and Godspeed.

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  1. wah aku tinggal di Hannover, Jerman tapi belum pernah nyobain bratwurst lasagna. Jadi kepikiran buat bikin, udah kebayang rasa Bratwurstnya yang kenyal-kenyal asin + pasta + crispy Parmagiano-nya nyaam :-D