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12/13/2013 Soya Yanagawa 2 Comments

You might already see the cake that my friends gave it to me for my 27th (its a lie) birthday. Well, its from an online shop named Guilty Pleasures. Yenny told me that the owner is a gym freak, so everything that they serve must be healthy yet delicious. When she said Rudi Chainago is the marketing, it rang my bell, I know this guy. I have once heard that Fajar Kusumaputera and Rudi Chainago want to try some business in patisserie. Indeed, Fajar and Rudi are the best duo in baking, teaching and doing business. 

The most interesting part from Guilty Pleasures is, Fajar and Rudy didn't have any culinary background. They put all of their passion and hard work to bring joy to everyone. That is why Guilty Pleasure is quite famous among sweet tooth. 

Short story, Just because I am easily tempted when I saw their instagram, makes me want to try the delicacies that they serve. I contacted Rudi and order something from Guilty Pleasures.

Toffee Nut Latte
Coffee infused cupcakes dipped in chocolate ganache and sprinkled with nut crumble, frosted with caramel buttercream and drizzled with homemade toffee sauce.

To welcome Christmas, Guilty Pleasures pronounce their new cupcake flavor named Toffee Nut Latte. This cupcake said to be inspired from a famous Christmas beverage. 

To tell you the truth, This is the most delicious cupcake that i have ever tried. I am not bluffing, I gave 1 cupcake for my friend and she said that this cupcake was superb! (That is why I only gave her 1). I really like the moist and fluffy texture from the cupcake, it was combined beautifully with the chocolate ganache and nut crumbs.

The buttercream has a wonderful taste. The sweetness is not overpowering the cupcake. Too bad this cupcake is a seasonal flavor, I really hope that they will make this cupcake into a regular menu.

Ow, Guilty Pleasures also serve their cupcakes on jar, and they named it as Jarcake. Each jarcake, Guilty Pleasures named them based on the character of the flavor. You can find Crunchy, Temptation, Desire, Sexy, Coffee, Happiness, Nutty, Fresh, Calm, Attitude and Surprise on a jar.

The price is @ IDR 30,000/jar, exclude courier fee. To order, they open the purchase order 2 days in a week.

| Red Velvet Sexy | Salted Caramel Surprise | Strawberry Vanilla Happiness | Peanut Butter Jelly Nutty |
| Blueberry Happiness | Triple Chocolate Temptation |

| Black Velvet Desire | Caramel Machiatto Coffee | Strawberry Chocolate Attitude |
| Triple Chocolate Temptation | Death by Oreo Crunchy |
| Green Tea Matcha Calm | Lemon Vanilla Fresh |

Happiness in a Jar - Strawberry

Indeed, you can taste a happiness in a jar! Look at its color.. Looks tempting right? This vanilla cake with strawberry frosting taste really delicious. The most indulging part is, you can taste the sweet sour from the strawberry. The sweetness is really fit with my palate. I barely like strawberry, but this strawberry cupcake in a jar is really hard to resist.

Desire in a jar - Black Velvet

I really love chocolate.. Black velvet is the most perfect for my savor. The bittersweet from dark chocolate is still ringing on my head. I really enjoy this Jarcake. My most favorite cup cake in a jar from Guilty Pleasures.

Temptation in a jar - Triple Chocolate

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting and chocolate chips really indulging my palate. I really love jarcakes from Guilty Pleasures, because the sweetness is not overwhelming. I enjoy every bite until it was empty.

Coffee in a jar - Caramel Machiato

Beside chocolate, I really love coffee. This caramel machiato jarcake is something that can make me feel vibrant. You can taste the moist cake texture with soft buttercream and drifting caramel on your mouth. Every component on this jarcake compliments one and another.

Fresh in a jar - Lemon Cello

This is also one of my favorite. This refreshing jarcake have a sour taste that can make your eyes pop. I really love their sweet sour taste with lemony fragrance and wonderful texture. 

Crunchy in a jar - Death by Oreo

I always love Guilty Pleasure's chocolate cake. You can taste the wonderful sensation of chocolate on its cake and also a crunchy texture from the oreo's crumbs. It really surprised me when I eat it, I barely love oreo because its sweetness. But Guilty Pleasure's death by oreo is also something that you should not pass!

Overall.... for someone from a computer science graduate, an ex computer programmer, and an ex Advertising manager to make this kind of delicacies.... It makes me realize to never stop dreaming. You just need a cup of courage, a glass of faith, a box of hard work and a teaspoon of luck to make your dream come true.

Well, I have grabbed my own happiness... how about you??

Have a wonderful day and Godspeed.

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